Berserk of Gluttony (LN)

Volume 1 Chapter 13

Roxy’s inspection

A few days had passed by since then. I was still a servant of the Heart Family during the day while continuing my other life of goblin hunting in the evenings to feed my Gluttony skill with souls.

Apart from that, I was still worried about the movements of Rafal and his siblings. I revisited the VIP store many times after that initial incident to observe them. However, they never once re-appeared there. It was possible that they were constantly changing meeting places. Without knowing what they were planning, time had simply flown by.

I could have informed Roxy-sama about these events, yet simply telling her that they were acting suspicious would be worthless information. She was already aware that Rafal was plotting something bad. The contents of their plans were the important details.

Speculation without information would not generate answers. If I wanted to know, it would be quicker to find out directly from the people who were involved. I had reached such a conclusion in the past few days.

The second son of the Breric Family was about to head out on a raid investigation in the Goblin Meadow and Forest of Hobgob where I had set off on a rampage before. So, putting on a black hood and my skull mask, I decided to become the stray demon that all the warriors of the Royal Capital were starting to fear. Among them, there may be a few who would start to give me a name. While thinking about these future plans, I worked hard as a gardener’s apprentice.

The weather was great so it was perfect for mowing the lawn. I could not do anything yesterday since it had been rainy. So today, I will make up for the lost time and cut enough grass for both shifts. Having received instructions from the master gardeners in the morning, I turned towards the grass. The Heart Family’s garden was massive, so we worked by rotating through sections of the lawn, south this week, east next week, north the week after… The vitality of the turf was quite strong so by the time we completed one rotation, the grass had already regrown, so this was an endless task.

It seemed that my path to reaching the garden tree would be a long one. The garden masters returned to their own work and I began trimming the grass alone when,

“That…could it be…”

Yes. No matter how I looked, it was Roxy-sama. She was sneaking out of the back door of the mansion, however, her outfit was different to her usual style. As if she was in disguise, she had dressed like a town girl. Roxy-sama’s appearance was normally that of a Holy Knight. What made her wear a commoner’s clothing? I called out to her as she tried to leave through the back gate.

“Safe safe! Roxy-sama!”

Like a servant, I simply intended on calling out to my master.

“Kyaa… Geez, you surprised me!”

Squealing in a cute voice, she jumped in surprise. Turning around, she seemed relieved that it was just me. This time, I asked the question I had been thinking of while she pouted.

“What is Roxy-sama up to? You seem to be dressed differently…”

“Uh… This is, I’m taking a breather… No, this is a top secret trip. Dressing up as a town girl, mingling with the citizens and finding out how they are living.”

Ohh! As expected of Roxy-sama. Other Holy Knights would never have done this. She really was different after all.

“I think that is a wonderful idea. Well then, I will return to my duties so that I won’t be in your way!”

As I turned to leave, Roxy-sama waited a bit. To be more precise, she approached from behind and grabbed at my collar.

“Fay, wait. I came up with a good idea.”

I wondered what it was… I guess it would be a good thing, yet Roxy-sama’s expression was like that of a mischievous child. Was it really going to be good? I felt uneasy.

“W-what is it?”

“Fufufu… A secret mission. I’m giving Fay a secret mission.”


A secret mission from a Holy Knight?! Would someone like me who was only able to mow the lawn be capable of doing this? As I was feeling indebted to her, Roxy-sama declared this while striking a mysteriously decisive pose. Putting aside the fact that she looked adorable in this new pose, I was struck dumb from surprise. Seeing me like that, Roxy-sama carefully posed again and said,

“Come with me to observe the citizens! Using Fay’s knowledge, escort me!”

Once again, my reaction was, “Eeeeeh!”, although internally this time. Would I be able to do this…? Never once in my life so far had I escorted a lady. Moreover, to escort Roxy-sama… The level was too high. If I could not meet her expectations and instead disappointed her, I would not be able to live with myself. Frozen and unable to reply, Roxy-sama took my hand and dragged me along against my will.

“Come on, let’s go. If we stay here, other people will find out.”

“Please wait a moment. My duties in the garden… I will make the master gardeners angry.”

“It’s not an issue. Later, I will provide them with a reason. Yes, problem solved!”

So pushy?! The Roxy-sama who was dressed as a town girl was more stubborn than usual, and was simply twisting me around her finger. Really?! Was she this determined to understand the townspeople? If it came down to this, I had no choice but to do my best. I would tell Roxy-sama more about the lifestyles of these people so that she can use this information in the future.

“I understand, Roxy-sama. I will do my best!”

“Really?! This will be fun. Then let’s go!”


Following Roxy-sama in her town girl disguise, we headed out of the mansion’s back gate. She was quite familiar with her surroundings as she moved vigilantly. It seemed like this was not the first time she had done this. Perhaps I should ask her about it.

“Does Roxy-sama do this often?”

“Eh, um, I don’t do this that much.”


Speaking of observing, what would the other servants think if they knew of us hiding our identity and walking around the city? Besides, Roxy-sama was the head of the Heart Family. From a standpoint, this may be problematic. Looking unconcerned with such worries, she spoke with a composed expression.

“This is a secret to others so don’t tell anyone. Especially that person.”

“That person is… Ah, I understand.”

The person that Roxy-sama was referring to was the superior in charge of the housekeepers. She also acted as Roxy-sama’s secretary. Due to her serious personality, there was no excuse for Roxy-sama to dress up as a commoner and head to town on a tour. This must have been what she meant.

“That’s right. If she found out, she would likely say, “Act as the master of the Heart Family would.””

As I said this, I imitated the superior’s characteristic gesture of adjusting her glasses. At this, Roxy-sama covered her mouth with her hand and laughed.

“Hahahaha… geez. Please stop impersonating her. She’ll hear my laughter.”

“Apologies. It’s a condition that I have.”

“All right. Let’s get out of the Holy Knights District first!”

As we moved forward stealthily, Roxy-sama suddenly pulled me into a narrow side path. Why?! What was happening?! I was forcibly pressed against her. Due to her overwhelming status as a Holy Knight, I was rendered immobile. Since we were touching, the <Mind-reading> skill activated.

(Still… he seems flustered… I need to be more firm…)

What is she planning to do to me in the shadows? As I was thinking of stupid things like this,

“Shh, quiet. Our maids are walking over there.”

Hearing this, I looked over to where Roxy-sama was pointing. Two young maids were walking closer while talking cheerfully. I had not noticed this at all. See, right now, my spirits were flying high. This was a secret inspection where I was alone with the idol Roxy-sama. There was no man in this position who would not have high spirits.

However, this was an important mission. Watching the maids walk past, I refocused my mind. I would not be able to complete this task without discarding these immoral intentions. First of all…

“Roxy-sama, could you please let go soon?”

“Eh, already?”

Once again, the <Mind-reading> skill activated and Roxy-sama’s thoughts flowed into my mind.

(…That’s a pity. Then finally, I’ll pat him.)

Eh?! For some reason, she patted my head. No no, more importantly, the maids had already entered the Heart Family mansion so I did not think that there was any further need for us to be holding each other so closely. In response to this, Roxy-sama seemed to pout.

“Fine then. Hmph.”

Roxy-sama released me somewhat angrily. Huh~? Have I done something wrong? I chased after her as she began walking ahead. Somehow, Roxy-sama was different from usual today.

“Please wait, Roxy-sama!”


“W-why?! Roxy-sama! Roxy-sama!!”

“Like I said, stoppp!! If you call me Roxy, we’ll be discovered.”

“Ah, right.”

What a big mistake I was making. After all, Roxy-sama had taken great pains to disguise herself as a town girl and calling her name would render all this meaningless. However, what should I address her as then?

“Geez, don’t look at me with such a puppy-like expression. Okay I get it. About my name… Please call me Roki. Also don’t add -sama. Because I’m a town girl right now.”

Roxy-sama said this while puffing up with pride. I had never seen such a dignified town girl before… Would it be better to let her know? I guess I should keep quiet after all.

Recently, she had been working hard since becoming the head of the Heart Family in her father’s place. I had not seen her show such a lively expression for a long time. About her naivety, it should be manageable if I support her well. Thinking about this, Roxy-sama looked at me expectantly. Maybe she wanted me to call her by her false name… Yes, it was definitely that.

“Um… Roki. Let’s go.”


Was this the type of escort that Roxy-sama wanted? We were still inside the premises, yet I already had a bad premonition. I worried if I would be able to make it back alive… Even with such an anxious mind, my footsteps continued. First, we should pass through the Holy Knights District gate into the Commercial District.

“Show your passes.”

The gatekeepers looked at our faces as they spoke. Oops. I had left my pass inside my room at the mansion. Should I go and bring it back? As I was thinking about this, Roxy-sama pulled out a piece of paper from her pouch. The minute they saw it, the gatekeepers knelt down. What was this?! It was seriously efficient though?! Perhaps what she showed was more than just a pass. I mean, my pass would not have such an effect.

“Come, let’s go. Fay, hurry!”

“Ah, yes.”

Just like that, I was able to go through without even carrying a pass. After we went through the gate, I asked Roxy-sama about what she had showed the keepers. At this, she answered proudly.

“This thing is the highest grade pass certificate. Those who carry it are treated like Holy Knights. Isn’t it amazing?!”

It certainly was amazing, however… like this, she just revealed that she was someone with a high rank in society. How was this still a secret mission? Oh well. Roxy-sama looked really happy so I should not throw a damper on things. Besides, it was thanks to her that I was able to pass through even after forgetting the certificate.

“Yeah, Roki is amazing. I didn’t bring it so you really saved me.”

“That’s right, mhmm.”

Soon, we were out in the commercial area.

“Fay. Can you start your escort right away?”

“Of course. For now, let’s head to the middle of the Commercial District.”

In truth, I had not considered this yet. Well, I did not think it was a bad idea to walk around there. If Roxy-sama was interested in things wherever we went, all I needed to do was escort her. This was a better method for an inspection instead of if I blabbered on about everything.

Even though we were the ones who decided to head out, Roxy-sama did not walk ahead as I had thought she would. There was a heavy increase in foot traffic in the Commercial District during this time of the day. On the main road, it was necessary to have a strong enough willpower to separate the crowds. Despite this, Roxy-sama moved forward like a Holy Knight, so it was likely that she would be hit by others.

Holy Knights had the highest positions in the Royal Capital. For that reason, if they were walking down the road, people naturally gave way. Since this was habit that she had learned over many years, it was hard to remove and so Roxy-sama was heading forward with confidence.

“No matter how many times I go through this main road, I can’t get used to it. There’s such a huge amount of people today… I can’t go any further.”

“In that case, stay behind me.”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course, I’m Roki’s escort today.”

“Well, that’s reliable.”

Now then, since I said that, I had to do it. My status had also risen to some extent so I will not be defeated. Even if I could not send them flying, I will still push on through the crowd. Roxy-sama put her hand on my shoulder and the <Mind-reading> skill sent her thoughts flowing into my mind.

(Go! Go! Easy-peasy… Now, open up the way!)

More than anything, she seemed to like this, passing through the most crowded place. Whew~, it was difficult to move forward while minding Roxy-sama behind me. In any case, she seemed delighted. I could also hear her happiness through her thoughts from the <Mind-reading> skill.

(Hmm. Ah, what’s that?!)

At the end of that sentence, I could not hear Roxy-sama’s voice clearly. She had found something interesting and moved towards it, letting go of me. I had not wanted to continue intruding on her private thoughts, so this had saved me from wondering what to do.

“Fay, look at this please. Hurry!”


It was a beautiful stone. And there were many of them. It seemed like this jewellery shop opened a display booth at the storefront. Unlike the higher grade items inside the shop, these prices were affordable and could be purchased by the lower class commoners. Even so, the cheapest price was one silver coin, so it was still expensive for me.

When Roxy-sama saw them, her eyes sparkled. Speaking of which, I had never seen her wear jewellery. Her image in my mind was always one where she wore light, white armour, carrying a Holy Knight sword. It was a Roxy-sama who did not adorn herself with decorations. However, this did not seem to hold true. When I was looking at her while thinking that, she said,

“I’m a female after all. I have interest in these things!”

Roxy-sama said that in an embarrassed manner, as if worried about the look in my eyes. Glancing at the jewellery in her hands, I felt like this was a new side of her that I had not seen before. I had thought that she was a person who devoted herself single-mindedly to the life of a Holy Knight, yet right now, she looked no different to an ordinary town girl.

If this was the case, then maybe she had been living a facade everyday. It was good to be worried, although… In spite of my concerns, Roxy-sama was smiling.

“I was shown something good. Let’s go to the next place.”

“Eh, you’re not going to buy it?”

“Because I don’t need it.”

Was that really what she thought? Calling out, I stopped her from leaving. I only had ten copper coins in my pocket. Squeezing my hand, I tried to ask the seller for a deal since I had nothing to lose.

“Is there anything I can buy with this?”

The shop assistant had a troubled expression at first, then she clapped her hands as if she remembered something. Hm?! What was it? The assistant went into the back before returning with a crate containing about ten stones. The size of these stones were about as large as a fist.

“These are gemstone ores. There may or may not be gemstones inside them. One of these costs ten coins. Do you want it?”

Even though they looked well-maintained, they seemed like a useless thing to give Roxy-sama. After all, if it was empty inside, it would mean that I simply gave her a rock. I felt horrible for troubling her up until this point, however, I should refuse. Just as I opened my mouth, I noticed Roxy-sama was looking happy.

“Could it be, you’re buying that for me?”

“As gratitude for helping me last time during that problem with Rafal. Although, it’s something like this.”

“No, I’m very happy. Which one would be good… Ah, it’s better if Fay chooses.”

…This was a serious responsibility. Out of these ten stones, I must choose one with a gem! That said, there was no guarantee that one of these would be a hit. Well, I could only believe in luck. Hmm, this one!! I chose a stone that was neither large nor small compared to the others.

“This one please.”

“Are you really sure? You can still choose again.”

Please stop that. Even though I finally chose, did this salesperson find it funny to sway my mind like that?

Ah, that’s right. Having high spirits because of being alone with Roxy-sama, I had completely forgotten about my Appraisal skill. If I used it, the problem will be solved instantly! I quickly appraised the rough stone that I had handed to the seller. Apparently, luck was on my side.

“That one will be fine.”

“I see. It’ll be ten copper coins. I hope it’s a win.”

Paying the money, I took the stone. What should I do, wrap it with a ribbon and give it like this to Roxy-sama? While thinking this, Roxy-sama was already waiting with her hands held out. I will have to give to this her right away. I put the stone I had just bought into her hands.

“Here, thank you for last time. It’s not anything much, but it’s a token of gratitude.”

“No no, likewise, thank you very much.”

Having received the stone, Roxy-sama looked pleased. And then, she immediately tried to break it open.

“Then, let’s look inside.”

“You’ll do that here?!”

“Yes, I can’t wait until after getting home.”

Having said that, she crushed the ore with her bare hands. A Holy Knight status was not impressive for no reason. It was also taking the shop assistant for granted. It definitely seemed like that.

This kind of thing usually required tools, yet it was being done with bare hands by a girl who looked like an ordinary commoner. Only a Holy Knight was capable of something like this. Crap, will Roxy-sama’s identity be revealed?

As I watched over her anxiously, she said,

“Fay, it’s a gem! A blue gem came out!”

It was about the size of a thumb. A clear, blue gem had come out. According to the Appraisal skill, this was a big hit! Without thinking, I high-fived Roxy-sama. From the <Mind-reading> skill, I felt the happiness from her heart.

“I will cherish it.”

Roxy-sama pulled out a handkerchief, wrapped it up carefully and put it inside her pouch. I was glad that she was happy. Bless the Appraisal skill. Looking cheerful, Roxy-sama suggested to me,

“Since you gave me a great present, this time I’ll do something for Fay. What would be good…”

Roxy-sama stared up at me while waiting for inspiration to hit. As she did so, my stomach growled. Hearing this, she laughed hard, seeming to come up with a good idea. I could pretty much guess what it was.

“Fay gets hungry easily, don’t you? Then, let’s go eat something delicious.”

What an irresistible offer! There was no way I could refuse! Roxy-sama looked like an angel as she asked me what we should eat. What would be good… meat? No no, I should not decide based on my own preference.

If I recall, at our last tea party, she mentioned that she liked fish. If so, then that would be a good choice… Speaking of which, the only place I know of that serves delicious fish dishes was that bar.

“I can guide you to my favourite bar. They serve delicious fish dishes there.”

“Well, that sounds good!”

“However, because it’s a bar that people like me visit… it’s noisy and not elegant at all.”

“That’s good.”


Roxy-sama seemed pleased, clasping her hands together in front of her chest. I felt a bit confused from this unexpected reaction.

“Did Fay forget? This tour also doubles as a way of showing me how the people live.”

“Ah, that’s right. Huh… a double purpose?”


Since I was with Roxy-sama, my spirits had soared up and completely blew away my original purpose. Even so, why did Roxy-sama call the tour an additional purpose? It should be the main focus.

Clearing her throat, she leaned towards my neck and said,

“More importantly, can you lead the way to that bar? Come on, come on!”

“Please don’t push me. I will guide you there.”

“Good! Let’s go then.”

And then instead of following my lead, Roxy-sama went on ahead.

“Roki, the other way. This way!”

“Oh, please say that earlier.”

Why was she in such a rush? The pub would not fill up during the day, even if we took our time. Perhaps Roxy-sama also felt hungry and wanted to hurry so that she could eat fish. Or maybe she could not help but be curious about the type of bar that commoners went to. Well, I could understand that since I was her guide.

“This way. Let’s go.”


This time, she followed behind me while smiling. She seemed to be very excited about going to that bar. Then, I should ask the shopkeeper of the bar to cook up a good dish with fresh fish. To be honest, I was really looking forward to it. When I thought about such delicious food, my stomach growled again. Ah, I could hear Roxy-sama laughing behind me as she walked.

“Hahaha, it seems like Fay can’t endure it any longer. Shall we run?”

“No no, I can still make do until we get there. It’s alright, I can endure it!”

However, right after I said that, I could hear my stomach rumbling. Damn! Gluttony skill, behave for a bit. Please do not embarrass me in front of Roxy-sama anymore!


It did not stop. Roxy-sama looked at me with a smile and took my hand.

“Actually, let’s run! It’s fine here, right?”

“I agree, but please don’t pull so hard.”

“It’s fine isn’t it? Come on.”

So pushy… I could not tell if I was leading or if I was being lead anymore. As if to make matters even worse, my stomach sent out another groooooooowl… Rumbling like this, it was as if it was saying to hurry up and reach the bar as soon as possible. I hung my head.

Roxy-sama held onto her sides, laughing loudly. Seemed like she was having fun above anything else… Her inner voice that transmitted from her hand due to the <Mind-reading> skill spoke similarly. If that was the case, whenever I wanted to make Roxy-sama laugh, I should just make my stomach rumble. As I made a mental note on this, we reached the bar with Roxy-sama laughing the whole way.

“Ahh, that was funny.”

“My stomach simply rumbled…”

“I’m sorry. It was the first time I had seen someone get hungry as fast as Fay, so I couldn’t help but laugh. Come, don’t hesitate so much, let’s have a meal.”

Pulling myself together, we entered the shop. There were not that many people inside since it was only just after noon. Travellers and merchants who had finished eating, and warriors ─ there were only a few groups talking.

Well then, where should we sit? The corner at the counter had always been my spot. However, this time Roxy-sama was with me, so a table would be good. I tried to find an empty table. Hm… just one was empty.

“Roki, let’s sit over there.”

“What should we do… Where does Fay usually sit?”

“At the corner of the counter over there.”

“Then, let’s go there. Besides, we can see the store owner and other staff from the counter seat.”

I see. She wanted to observe the staff as well, not just the customers. If so, then the counter seat would be perfect. Certain of this, I guided Roxy-sama to the counter. Then, she took a seat where I had always sat. She took the place that I had protected for five years!

“What’s wrong? Come, sit next to me Fay.”


As Roxy-sama watched with delight in her eyes, I reluctantly sat down in the stool next to her. Somehow, I could not settle down in this unfamiliar seat.

“Hmm. When Fay comes here, do you always sit here to eat? …This is a must, isn’t it?”

Eh, why a must?! When I came to this bar the next day, there would be no chance of Roxy-sama sitting here. If that happened, I would be nervous and not be able to eat while feeling carefree.

“For me, it’s not really a must.”

“That’s no good. Since Fay is a servant of the Heart Family, it would be better to know. Probably…”

The “probably” at the end was said in such a quiet voice that only I was able to hear it. It might be better to persist here. However, we were interrupted by the barkeeper.

“Welcome. Huh?! Seems like you’re not alone today. This beautiful lady here, could she be your lover?”

Just what was this shop owner saying? Although she was in disguise, she was a Holy Knight. Moreover, she was a member of one of the five noble families of the Royal Capital. For the noble Roxy-sama and a commoner like me to be lovers?! Impossible.

If Roxy-sama became offended by this statement, I would not complain about being sentenced to death for deception. That sentence was a bombshell. Glancing over nervously, I saw Roxy-sama gripping the wooden cup so tightly that it smashed into smithereens.

Seeing this, my jaw dropped. She might be angry… was what I was thought.

“Oh dear, my hand slipped and I destroyed the cup. I’m very sorry.”

“It’s fine. Young lady, you are much stronger than you look. Every now and then a warrior loses control of his status and breaks a cup, so I don’t mind. I’ll just charge it to his bill.”

Whew~, Roxy-sama was not angry and her mood lifted too. Also, the storekeeper did not blame her for breaking the cup. Since this was a bar, it was common for drunken warriors to destroy things in the shop, so it was not a big deal for one wooden cup to be broken. In order to stop the storekeeper from saying anymore unnecessary things, I decided to order quickly..

“Master, a dish with the freshest fish you have in your shop please. And also, bread.”

“What’s this? Ordering so hastily, you really want me to get out of your way that much?”

“Come on, enough with that already. Please make and bring the food over quickly.”

“What’s it going to be… no wine today? You seem nervous, wouldn’t it be better to drink?”

“Like I said, enough already!”

After bullying me as he pleased, the shop owner disappeared into the back of the store. He would probably ask about every little detail on some other day. Not that I would ever tell him though.

Speaking of which, Roxy-sama was smiling faintly as she sat next to me, the smashed wooden cup still in her hand, forgotten. Also, she was muttering incessantly.

“He saw that huh… This is a problem. …It’s problematic.”

There was now a pile of wood chips from the destroyed cup sitting on the counter. The usual Roxy-sama had full control over her status as a Holy Knight, so why was she so powerful today?

For now, let’s replace her cup.

“Master! One more cup! No, two spares please!”

Just as I predicted, Roxy-sama broke another cup after our food arrived. With this, I could no longer tell if we came here for a meal or to break cups. The shopkeeper also smiled bitterly as he brought another replacement cup.

The fish dish was very delicious and we ate heartily. I felt relieved to see Roxy-sama eating properly. This was because I had heard from the worried maids that her meals had been small due to her exhausting schedule. Seeing that she had a good appetite, I felt that it should be fine.

“What’s wrong? Staring at me all this time.”

“I’m relieved. I mean, you’ve been working hard all along.”

“Ah, I guess… everyone found out, didn’t they?.”

“Everyone adores Roki, so we’re always concerned.”

After I said that, Roxy-sama began fidgeting with the fork in her hand. Huh?! Surely metal should not be as soft as clay, right?!

“Fay too… That is… About me…”

When Roxy-sama tried to continue, the shopkeeper appeared with a new cup.

“Thank you for waiting. Really though, please don’t break any more cups.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you.”

Since the flow of the conversation was interrupted, Roxy-sama dropped the topic. I was curious. However, when I saw her face flush as she started to silently eat again, it no longer mattered.

Time passed quickly as we had a fun meal. Occasionally, the shopkeeper came over to fill the breaks in my conversation with Roxy-sama, sticking his nose into our business. He was good at being talkative and sharing stories. Things like how a child had recently been born in the shop across the street or how an acquainted merchant from the east was attacked by a goblin and almost died. Just like the stories he usually told me.

However, the town girl disguised Roxy-sama listened curiously. Maybe these sorts of silly stories were what she had wanted to hear. As a Holy Knight, it was not often that she had the opportunity to directly hear what the people of the Royal Capital thought or did regularly. After all, the people of the Royal Capital regarded Holy Knights as god-like existences so they would never be so foolish as to talk casually with them.

Even us servants worshipped Roxy-sama regularly. We would not chat idly to her about trivial things. Although Roxy-sama did not mind, our superior would not allow it. If we did something like that, a tough lecture would await us.

“What’s wrong, Fay? Should we leave the shop soon?”

“I think so. We should return before dusk.”

Well, somehow… only I did this, having ordinary conversations… Speaking of this, the tea parties that we had alone in the mansion were also like this. I think I understood somehow. For Roxy-sama in her position, there was no one else in the same age group who she could talk to so casually. So, it may be that the choice fell onto me being one year younger. When I had asked about this, she seemed troubled in reply. Although, if Roxy-sama was fine with it, I should not question it any further. Besides, I also had a lot of fun when spending time with Roxy-sama.

As we paid, the shopkeeper’s voice rang out behind us as we started to leave.

“Come back with her again.”

If another chance like this arose, we would not need someone like him with his enthusiasm. I was thinking about changing to a different shop when Roxy-sama waved her hand and said,

“Yes, by all means. When that time comes, please tell us more stories.”

“Hahahahaha, the young lady understands. I’ll be sure to save them up.”

Since Roxy-sama said what he liked to hear, the shopkeeper was in high spirits. I will tell him off when I come back tomorrow. The shopkeeper saw us off as we left feeling satisfied with full stomachs. We probably stayed for more than four hours in the bar. Too long.

“Roki, what are we doing now?”

“Let’s see. It would be better to return to the mansion before nightfall, right? After all, we left without saying anything to that person.”

The person Roxy-sama was referring to was definitely the superior who oversaw all the servants. Since she was also Roxy-sama’s secretary, she would most certainly be looking for the head of the house who had suddenly disappeared. It was likely that she was searching for her right this moment. The face of an annoyed superior wearing glasses appeared in my mind.

“Ahh, I don’t know anymore.”

“It’s mean if Fay runs off on his own… When she finds us, please suffer her wrath with me okay?”

“Eeeeh… I, just yesterday… I made a mistake at work and was seriously told off. I don’t want to go through it again.”

“It’s fine isn’t it?”

“I don’t want it!”

“I think it’s okay if it’s just for a little bit.”

“It’s the same whether it’s a little or not.”


Roxy-sama smiled while pretending to be angry. As we continued to banter, we headed to the Holy Knights District, back to the Heart Family’s mansion.

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