Berserk of Gluttony (LN)

Volume 1 Chapter 18

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Gluttony Caused from Gluttony

Keeping an eye on the Kobolts' movements, I began to take action.

"Fate, do you have something on your mind?"

Greed asked this with an amused tone. However, it seemed like he understood that I was trying to figure out the strategy for this fight.

"I'll just fight and eat like a glutton."

"You finally understand. It's about time you graduate from a fighting style that anyone is capable of, otherwise it'll be troublesome even for me. Fighting while tottering along isn't very voracious."

Careful to remain downwind, I held the Black Bow firmly. My target was just one Kobolt Junior. With unparalleled accuracy, the magic arrow pierced the Kobolt Junior's left eye.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +880, Strength +890, MP +350, Spirit +400, Agility +780>

The robotic voice in my mind signalled the start of the hunt. I continued shooting arrows at a second Kobolt Junior, then a third. My status continued to climb up.

Being attacked in a place they thought was safe, the Kobolts' formation began to crumble. Despite this, the Crown Kobolt raised its voice and calmed down the others. Then, it determined the direction from which the arrows flew from and gave the Kobolts a series of instructions.

It was just as I had thought. Although this Crown Kobolt was strong, it had a cautious personality. This was also indicated by how it had sent scouts both yesterday and today, only appearing after confirming the safety of the valley.

The Crown Kobolt did not move from its spot, however, it directed two Assault Kobolts and ten Kobolt Juniors towards where I was lurking.

"They're coming. Retreat for now."


Quietly, I withdrew deeper into the forest. Now then, trace my scent and follow me. After I had travelled a reasonable distance, I hid behind some large rocks that I had found. Now then, I had left a trail up to this hidden spot. The Kobolts should be able to find me without any issue. If they could not even do that, it would be troublesome for me even though I had invited them.

"They're here, Fate."

I peeked out from behind the rock and used my <Appraisal> skill on one of the muscular Assault Kobolts.

Assault Kobolt Lv40

HP: 50000

Strength: 50000

MP: 27000

Spirit: 28000

Agility: 45000

Skills: Agility enhancement (medium)

Right now, I had slightly higher HP and strength. In that case, I will devour the small fry first. I preemptively attacked the Kobolts who were trying to encircle me in my hiding area behind the rocks. Leaping over the rocks, I fired with my Black Bow. There were around six to seven Kobolt Juniors… I would not let any of them escape. Even if they dodged, these magic arrows would track them down without exception.

I wiped out the ten Kobolt Juniors that had surrounded me. Hearing the robotic voice that appeared in my mind, a smile spread across my face before I could help it. Despite being small fry, eating them still gave me decent power. This was what I had learned from hunting Goblins. Only the two Assault Kobolts remained. Although their status was even higher, the difference was no longer overwhelming.

Regardless, if they lost a friend in the twinkling of an eye, the remaining one would be easy to defeat. I leapt out from the large rock and changed Greed's formation from the bow into the black sword. One of the Assault Kobolts turned to me and swung its right arm, trying to claw me with its sharp nails.

However, its movements were too slow. I pierced its chest easily and sliced across its stomach like cutting down a tree trunk. As the blood sprayed everywhere, the Assault Kobolt's upper body toppled downward.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +50000, Strength +50000, MP +27000, Spirit +28000, Agility +45000>

<Agility enhancement (medium) has been added>

With this, the remaining Assault Kobolt was no longer a problem. To me, it was just like a Kobolt Junior. It would be an easy kill. Perhaps the Assault Kobolt instinctively sensed that my killing aura had changed and it slowly began to back away. As soon as it could, it ran away like a dog on all fours. I was sure it went to ask the Crown Kobolt for help.

"Don't let it escape."

"You don't have to tell me that."

I changed Greed's form into the Black Bow and shot a few magic arrows towards the Assault Kobolt that was running away with its tail between its legs. They all hit the back of its head, not even allowing a scream to escape as it died.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +50000, Strength +50000, MP +27000, Spirit +28000, Agility +45000>

Tremendous momentum filled me. What was this… This uplifting feeling was just like the Gluttony skill inside me was delighted. As I suppressed a sense of exuberance unlike anything I had felt before, I checked my status with the <Appraisal> skill.

Fate Graphite Lv1

HP: 161641

Strength: 161621

MP: 82051

Spirit: 84701

Agility: 136041

Skills: Gluttony, Appraisal, Mind-reading, Concealment, Night Vision, One-handed Sword Technique, Two-handed Sword Technique, HP enhancement (small), HP enhancement (medium), Strength enhancement (small), Strength enhancement (medium), Agility enhancement (medium), Auto-recovery

I had gotten quite close to the Crown Kobolt's status. If I ate just one more Assault Kobolt, it would be almost equal.

Taking a route different from the one I had came from, I went back to the valley where the Crown Kobolt was and quietly peeked through the space between the trees. They were still there. The other Kobolts were standing in formation, surrounding and protecting the Crown Kobolt. It really was careful.

Well, no matter how much it waited for its subordinate Kobolts, they would not be coming back. I had devoured their souls and gained their power in order to defeat it. As a return gift, I sent it a magic arrow. For me to gain more power, I drew the magic bow and released the arrow. It flew in a complex trajectory, avoiding the Kobolt Juniors and approaching the Assault Kobolt behind them.

However, just before the arrow pierced its neck, it was deflected. The Crown Kobolt had sensed it and grabbed the magic arrow with its bare hands. That… so that's how it is. I took a deep breath, sweat rolling down my forehead. Immediately, I hid in the grass and held my breath.


Even though I could not see, the howl had probably come from the Crown Kobolt. Did I just give away my position? I stealthily looked through the gaps in the grass only to see the Crown Kobolt moving at a leisurely pace, keeping its ears alert. Facing my direction, it stopped. Crap. I really was discovered.

The Crown Kobolt was once again watching me from a distance while it howled. Its subordinate Kobolts appeared to recognise me and began growling as an intimidation tactic. This was… bad. My status was not yet close to the Crown Kobolt's. To confront 35 Kobolt Juniors, two Assault Kobolts, and a Crown Kobolt directly was very disadvantageous.

However, I could not back down here. If I did that, these Kobolts would ride the momentum of having stood me down and invade the Heart Family's territory. The faces of the people I had picked grapes with today appeared in my mind, grinning warmly. As a newcomer… they had all accepted me kindly even though I was unfamiliar to them. Each of their faces flashed pass. Then, in the midst of them all, Roxy-sama was there smiling and reaching out to me.

I clutched Greed in his Black Bow form. I never wanted to lose that. With this thought, strength surged forth.

"Let's do this, Greed!"

"I knew you would say that. Avoid the Crown Kobolt and cut down the pack!"

I had not said anything about running away. It seemed that Greed had sensed my intentions. Now then, let's go win this!

The Assault Kobolts flanking the Crown Kobolt would be difficult to kill. Firstly, I had no choice but to raise my status further by devouring more Kobolt Junior souls. Since my position had already been discovered, there was no need to continue hiding. I stood up from the grass and drew back the Black Bow, firing continuously as much as I could. Of course, my target was the Kobolt Juniors.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +10560, Strength +10680, MP +4200, Spirit +4800, Agility +9360>

I only managed to kill 12 of them. It was still not enough. More!

Tsk, the Crown Kobolt was starting to be wary of the attacks from the Black Bow. From a rocky outcrop with a good range of visibility, it ordered the Kobolt Juniors to evacuate into the surrounding forest.

A rustling sound approached. They were closing on me while remaining hidden in the trees and bushes. If I spaced out, I would find myself surrounded. I had no choice but to go over there. I set off towards the imposing Crown Kobolt with its arms crossed, an Assault Kobolt on either side of it. In a way, this could be a good chance now that the hindering small fry had been scattered. Even if it was a trap so to speak, it would be better than being taken out here.

Greed seemed to agree with me. From the <Mind-reading> skill, I heard his authoritative voice.

"Fate, approach and make a feint with the Black Bow, then slash with the black sword!"

"Don't say it so easily. I'm the one who has to do it."

"Hahaha, yet you have to do it, no?"

"…Of course."

Drawing the Black Bow, I dashed forward. Without stopping my footsteps, I released a magic arrow in place of a greeting and aimed for the Crown Kobolt's forehead. Then without a moment's delay, I shot towards the neck of the Assault Kobolt on the right.

Oi oi, what kind of reflex is that? Both of the magic arrows I had released were stopped by the Crown Kobolt. Its left hand had deflected the arrow aimed between its own eyebrows, while its right hand had plucked the arrow flying towards the Assault Kobolt out of the air. Smiling thinly, the Crown Kobolt crushed the black magic arrows in its grip. Unable to keep their shape, the arrows composed from magic powers splintered into particles of light and faded away.

Just as I thought, it would be impossible to attack from the front using the Black Bow. It would be better if it was a lower ranked opponent, yet this was the Crown Kobolt with a higher status. It easily saw through the magic arrows and warded them off. Even when I suddenly attacked earlier, the arrow was stopped. Attacking from the front in such a direct manner would be even easier to defend against. Even so, I did not want to quit. I will continue shooting magic arrows endlessly. The Crown Kobolt fended them all off. It was quite a dexterous fellow despite its large frame.

Either way, this attack was just a diversion. When I came close enough, I changed Greed's form from the Black Bow into the sword. My target was one of the Assault Kobolts on either side of the Crown Kobolt. If I killed and devoured just one of them, my status would become equal to that of the Crown Kobolt's. This was the only way to quickly balance out the situation. Otherwise ─


The Crown Kobolt suddenly began to howl. At this, 23 Kobolt Juniors who had been hiding in the forest appeared and encircled me. This situation was as I had expected. The difference lay in whether I was hunted and cornered, or if I had laid a trap to be cornered like this. In this case, it was much better to be in my state of offence.

Besides, it was perfect timing for the Kobolt Juniors to appear because I could make good use of them. As a Kobolt Junior leapt towards me, I pierced its chest with the black sword and continued advancing towards the Crown Kobolt, slashing my way forward.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +880, Strength +890, MP +350, Spirit +400, Agility +780>

A pair of crescent shaped pupils shone in front of me, staring back as I slowly approached it. With those eyes as my target, I swung the black sword and sliced the body of a Kobolt Junior. Hiding behind it, I proceeded forward. The Crown Kobolt roared resentfully and slashed through the discarded corpse with its sharp claws. Then it stepped closer and attacked me.


A sharp pain tore through my left shoulder from my flesh being ripped by the Crown Kobolt's left claw. However, in exchange for this pain, I managed to evade the Crown Kobolt, slipping past to strike the Assault Kobolt on the right. I will devour its soul.

The Assault Kobolt pounced while baring its fangs, yet it was no match for me. With the black sword, I sliced off its right arm just as it swung down.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +50000, Strength +50000, MP +27000, Spirit +28000, Agility +45000>

I felt a rise in my status as I heard the inorganic voice. Now, I should be able to parry the Crown Kobolt's blow. From behind, I defended his attack with the black sword.

Strong… It seemed like there was not much of a difference after having raised my status a little. Currently, the Crown Kobolt was taking advantage of the fact that it had a far larger build and was pushing its weight against me. Despite my intentions to stop it, I was forced backwards and slammed against a huge rock.

Cough. Unable to breathe from the sudden shock, I almost lost consciousness for a moment. Using the <Mind-reading> skill, Greed sounded an alarm.

"Open your eyes, Fate!"

Facing forward from his voice, I saw the Crown Kobolt and Assault Kobolt closing in. They halted only to deliver a final blow. In the nick of time, I managed to avoid the Crown Kobolt's attack and rolled onto the ground. The curled up fist pummeled into the large rock… No, it was not as simple as that. The rock was turned into a fine dust that blew away with a murmur. What a destructive power. If I had been hit, I would definitely be dead already.

As I rolled away in astonishment, I was suddenly kicked by the waiting Assault Kobolt. It kicked me so many times, it felt like my spine was about to shatter.

Hahaha… Times like this reminded me of Rafal from the Breric Family and how he had beaten me countless times as I worked as a gatekeeper in their stead. In comparison to that, this was nothing!

I took hold of the Assault Kobolt's foot and using every bit of strength that I had, I tore it off. Then, I immediately grabbed the black sword lying on the ground and stabbed it.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +50000, Strength +50000, MP +27000, Spirit +28000, Agility +45000>

Finally, I caught up and overtook its status. With the Auto-recovery skill, the wound on my shoulder quickly healed. Such an efficient skill.

I had devoured like a glutton ─ I confirmed this endlessly overflowing power with the <Appraisal> skill.

Fate Graphite Lv1

HP: 272 201

Strength: 272 301

MP: 140 251

Spirit: 145 501

Agility: 235 401

Skills: Gluttony, Appraisal, Mind-reading, Concealment, Night Vision, One-handed Sword Technique, Two-handed Sword Technique, HP enhancement (small), HP enhancement (medium), Strength enhancement (small), Strength enhancement (medium), Agility enhancement (medium), Auto-recovery

With all of the Assault Kobolts killed, the lower ranked Kobolt Juniors were distressed and afraid. Their formation had broken into a chaotic mess. After all, dogs could not resist their instincts.

The Crown Kobolt and I faced each other while keeping a distance between us. As the Kobolt Juniors fled, the Crown Kobolt stood alone and glared at me ominously.

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