Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 2

Baili Huangzhuang sneered in her heart, but acted just as before, pretending to be blind as she called out in a weak voice, “Sister, I……”

Xuanyuan Huan pulled Baili Yuyan back, his eyes flashing with wanton lewdness as he smiled. His hands roamed her body wildly.

“Yuyan, that trash is free to die, so why do you care so much about what she did?”

If it wasn’t for Yuyan shouting at him to come and see her together, he never would’ve wanted to even glance at such trash.

For he, the dignified Crown Prince to have such a fiancee, who knew how many people had silently ridiculed him behind his back!

When the marriage was absolved, he had thought that he finally had no need to see that trash. But he didn’t think that this woman would’ve actually tried to commit suicide!

Regarding this kind of woman who cries first, cause trouble second, and hangs oneself third, he loathes the most, women who try to use this method to steal his love!

Baili Yuyan face held a happy smile as she let Xuanyuan Huan run amok on her body, but her mouth continued to speak hypocritical words, “Your Majesty, the Crown Prince, Huangzhuang is still my sister. How could I let her do such a foolish thing?”

“Yuyan, you’re so kind. I really do love you.”

Xuanyuan Huan smiled brightly, playing so wantonly right in front of the blind Baili Huangzhuang face really gives an indescribable sense of pleasure!

Baili Yuyan chuckled in her heart, moving with Xuanyuan Huan’s hands as she continued to play the role of a good older sister.

“Crown Prince, if you say that, Huangzhuang will be sad!”

“Why do you have so many worries!” Xuanyuan Huan looked disdainfully at Baili Huangzhuang, “If it wasn’t for the fact that Baili Huangzhuang was the General Household’s young miss, I never would’ve had an arranged marriage with her! I like you, Yuyan, ah!”

Baili Huangzhuang looked at the filthy drama playing out in front of her as her heart sneered unceasingly, this Baili Yuyan really has no face!

Doing such in front of someone suicidal, and to even be shameless enough to make up such a play, these two people really are amazing, ah!

Fortunately the real Baili Huangzhuang is dead, otherwise if she were to see such a drama, afraid that she might attempt suicide again!

Baili Huangzhuang inspected the present Xuanyuan Huan before sighing in her heart- ah, the original Baili Huangzhuang really adored him in vain!

In her opinion, this guy is simply like a lecherous bag of hay, making one feel sick to their stomachs!

If it wasn’t for the fact that this body still hasn’t recovered, she would let this pair of adolescent f****** know why the flowers are so red!

Xuanyuan Huan smiled lasciviously, and hoisted Baili Yuyan up as they continued to kiss, walking towards Baili Huangzhuang.

Obviously, he wanted to let Baili Huangzhuang sense everything closely!

Baili Huangzhuang’s eyes gleamed with ridicule and loathing as she easily picked up a nearby pearl from a hair decoration, throwing it under Xuanyuan Huan’s feet, leaving no trace.


Xuanyuan Huan stepped on the pearl, his whole body falling to the floor as he pushed Baili Yuyan away from him!


Baili Yuyan screamed as her face directly hit the bed. Blood flowed freely from her nose as her pretty face turned into an ugly bruised purple.

Xuanyuan Huan fell flat on his face, his whole body splayed out as he twitched. Now, how could he ever be so arrogant like before?

“Sister, are you okay?”

Baili Huangzhuang sneered, but her voice was panicked as she stared out blankly.

Xuanyuan Huan quickly stood up, embarrassed before reaching out a hand to help Baili Yuyan.

But just as he stepped forward, at the foot of the bed, he tripped and fell forward!

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