Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 20

All of a sudden, the situation in Godly Doctor Square changed. Although nobody left, no one entered either.

They were all waiting for somebody to become a sacrificial sheep, but still, nobody appeared.

But Baili Huangzhuang was not the least bit surprised as she watched the scene in front of her . In fact, she had already thought that something like this would happen when she first chose to open up Godly Doctor Square.

Ji Wenbei had already finished their first business transaction before Godly Doctor Square opened and had long since left for Ten-thousand Medicine Lane.

“The first three patients get their medical examinations free, so why isn’t anyone coming forward?”

Amongst the crowd, a man who had just arrived at Godly Doctor Square saw how nobody moved, and couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“This so-called doctor is only a 15-year old girl with no elders supervising her, so who’d let her diagnosis and treat them? What if her diagnosis and treatments were incorrect?”

“Ai, this looks like it’s no more than a rich little missie’s farce, it’s better to go, ah.”

Everybody shook their heads as the crowd in front of Godly Doctor Square gradually dispersed. After all, nobody would want to accompany a little missie’s farce.

Looking at this scene, Baili Huangzhuang was still indifferent. Her original target customers for her hospital were big shots like ministers, officials, and royalty. Only they could give her a good profit.

She didn’t have so much free time that she would practice medicine freely for the public. This hospital was no more than to pave a way for her own cultivation, so whether the common people entered or not, it was of no concern to her.

However, a figure in the crowd stared deeply at Baili Huangzhuang, and only when he was completely certain of her identity, did he leave.


Chen Imperial Mansion.

“You said Baili Huangzhuang opened a hospital called Godly Doctor Square?” Dibei Chen’s handsome face was filled with interest as he twiddled with a ring on his thumb, staring at Hei Mu.

Hei Mu nodded earnestly, “Right, but the girl’s age was too young so nobody believed her or went into her hospital.”

Dibei Chen’s air was relaxed, not the least bit surprised as he continued to ask, “And how did she respond?”

“Awfully calm.” Hei Mu pondered and examined Dibei Chen, “Her reaction was rather similar to how little lord would’ve reacted.”

Dibei Chen’s deep, ocean like eyes glowed with brilliant blue and purple light as he muttered, “The current Baili Huangzhuang is many times different compared to the past. What happened in the past few years to make her change like this?”

“According to the information I found, this change occurred after Baili Huangzhuang attempted to commit suicide, as if she had been swapped with a different person.” Hei Mu’s voice was doubtful as he reported back to Dibei Chen.

“If she wasn’t swapped with a different person, then it can only mean that she was hiding all along.” Dibei Chen’s eyes narrowed, “Has she hid her true self all along just to cancel her marriage with Xuanyuan Huan?”

Something like replacing someone with a different person was something that could only happen in theory, the possibility was too low. Therefore, the only possible way was hiding herself.

Baili Huangzhuang’s sudden change after the marriage was annulled, other than this reason, there were none.

Hei Mu was shocked. He knew that Xuanyuan Huan had always been unhappy with the marriage, but why would Baili Huangzhuang have such an intense hatred with it as well?

“Hei Mu, come and visit Godly Doctor Square with me later.” Dibei Chen chuckled, “I should also visit my wife occasionally.”

Hei Mu was stunned when he heard Dibei Chen’s words. His eyes widened as he stared at him disbelievingly, almost wanting to slap himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Was this really his little lord speaking?


“Master, not a single patient came, ah.” Little Black sat on the table, his big, round eyes filled with distress.

She used to look forward to watching Godly Doctor Square’s business bloom to follow Master to eat, but now she’s afraid that Master herself might starve to death first.

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