Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 23

As Baili Huangzhuang found a diagnosis from Dibei Chen’s pulse, a trace of alarm finally appeared in her eyes.

A curse!

If her diagnosis was correct, then Dibei Chen’s body was cursed!

She had never thought that she’d encounter such a rare situation!

In her past life, she had the chance to meet another cursed cultivator. However, that man was from an earth-shaking aristocratic family, far from the dethroned, abandoned Dibei Chen.

A cursed body was a rather special constitution.

In such a huge world full of extraordinary things, some cultivators had unique physiques that stood out from the masses.

Some physiques can greatly speed up a cultivator’s cultivating speed, and this kind of cultivator often had great achievements. They almost always held a grand reputation since young.

In addition to that, there are also some physiques that are the direct opposite of that, like the waste material physique. Not only was it useless to cultivation, but it would even slow cultivation speed dramatically, until the cultivator can no longer cultivate.

Previously, it had been determined that she possessed a waste material physique, and was unable to cultivate. Now, she knew that it due to her dantian being destroyed, but why it was destroyed, she still had no clue.

A cursed body was classified as a rather odd physique, because it had both amazing benefits and terrible faults.

A cultivator with the cursed physique usually shines near the start of cultivation, and are unrivalled by others. But when their cultivation exceeds a certain level, the effects of the word “curse” will finally manifest.

The cultivator would gradually grow paralyzed starting from the soles of his feet, lose their instinct, and if they aren’t cured, then they would end up as complete trash.

But on the contrary, if they managed to survive this disaster then the cultivator would be like a phoenix rising from the flames. Their cursed physique would turn into a physique known as the Mandate of Heaven, to become the son of heaven!

This constitution was very rare, but in her past life, she just so happened to have known a strong person that also had the cursed physique, so she had more understanding than others about this. But even so, she never expected that she would see another one here!

From Dibei Chen’s current condition, Baili Huangzhuang could tell that he was using every method to his disposal in order to stop paralyzation from spreading. However, the effects weren’t very good and the two forces were evenly matched.

Since the beginning, Dibei Chen had closely observed Baili Huangzhuang and didn’t miss her stunned expression. Her face was clearly displayed surprise, she was surprised!

An incredible thought suddenly appeared in Dibei Chen’s mind. This mysterious illness that even Godly Doctor Feng Lian couldn’t diagnose, could Baili Huangzhuang possibly know?

“Huangzhuang lady, can you treat the illness in Prince’s leg?” Hei Mu asked probingly, his brows taut with anxiety.

Baili Huangzhuang did not immediately answer, but instead started to pinch Dibei Chen’s leg as she questioned, “Which parts of your legs are numb?”

Such words, Hei Mu couldn’t help but be suprised.

He had always thought that Baili Huangzhuang was just barely passable, but to have the skill to help unclog little lord’s arteries and veins as well as tell that little lord’s legs had no feeling, Baili Huangzhuang really wasn’t simple.

Dibei Chen was also quite surprised. Earlier he had just wanted to tease Baili Huangzhuang, but had never expected that she would actually give him results ah.

“It’s numb from after the knee.”

Dibei Chen’s voice was low, a resolute light flickering past his jet-black pupils.

Hearing this, Baili Huangzhuang nodded as she pinched his calf. His leg was as hard as steel, and felt nothing like flesh and blood.

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