Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 31

Ning Hong was completely shocked. No one had thought that this little girl who was only deliberately creating trouble, would make such a reckless bet!

One hundred thousand gold coins!

Almost nobody on the scene would choose to make such an huge bet, but when Baili Hongzhuang asked Pang Tangping to apologize to everybody, they all felt a trace of warmth in their hearts.

“Little girl, betting a hundred thousand gold coins isn’t a joke. Don’t be impulsive!” Ning Hong quickly advised her.

In his view, Baili Hongzhuang was young and impetuous. She was angry from Pang Tangping’s words, so she made such a spur of the moment bet.

If the other party was your ordinary, lenient elder, then it would be nothing. But Pang Tangping wasn’t!

As long as Baili Hongzhuang lost here today, then he would definitely force her to bankruptcy!

Noticing the concern on Ning Hong’s face, Baili Hongzhuang smiled. This physician had a good heart, reminding her to possibly prevent her from making serious mistake.

“Elder, this is my own discretion.”

The sound had just fallen when Baili Hongzhuang turned to face Pang Tangping, taunting him, “What’s wrong? You don’t dare to accept the bet?”

“How could I not dare to!”

Pang Tangping’s tone was hard. This girl was only about 15, what kind of medical skills could she have?

He had never heard of such a girl in the whole country, so since she is willing to lose, then he’ll help her!

“If you lose, then you must not only give me a hundred thousand gold coins, but also kneel down and call me grandpa!”

Pang Tangping’s oily face grinned, he simply couldn’t wait to see Baili Hongzhuang’s appearence as she begs him for mercy!

“Pang Tangping, don’t go too far!”

Ning Hong’s face was indignant. This guy was actually treating a junior so seriously, just disgraceful, ah!

“Ning Hong, this matter has nothing to do with you. Instead of chirping here, it would be better to think about how you can keep your position!” Pang Tangping mocked coldly.

“No problem, I can promise you!” Baili Hongzhuang’s face didn’t change as she replied indifferently.

Watching Baili Hongzhuang’s confident approval, everybody’s faces couldn’t help but change slightly. Although they still believed that Baili Hongzhuang would lose, they were still curious whether or not Pang Tangping would be able to cure the Crown Prince.

“Prepare to kowtow and call me grandpa!”

Pang Tangping smiled arrogantly before walking directly into the room. He had specifically waited until the group of doctors and physicians were helpless before he entered, in order to truly show off his skill.

Since having the guidance of that medicinal expert, his skill in medicine had improved greatly and was now quite well known in Feng Bo country as a famous doctor. His self-confidence had been improved greatly. Ning Hong and the others, they were all no match for him!

Baili Hongzhuang followed, entering Xuanyuan Huan’s room.

“Master, will this guy really be unable to cure Xuanyuan Huan?”

Little Black’s voice was worried. If this Pang Tangping’s skills were really as good as he claims, then wouldn’t that mean…

The corners of Baili Hongzhuang’s lips rippled with a faint smile, “This is my personal recipe. Besides me, nobody else can cure it!”

It wasn’t because she was conceited, but due to her long and meticulous research on the misama poisoning powder. This was the powder that she used every mean to develop. Even the elders back then had tried to detoxify it, but not one was successful.

Since then, she had fallen dangerously ill a few times. But she was very interested in poisons, investing much of her time to it and had a certain degree of confidence with this.

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