Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 5

The palace hall was carved with mysterious and exquisite designs. It gave off profound and mythical feelings, deserted like a small square.

2 bold colors, black and white blended together to create an unspeakable sense of harmony. Both sides of the palace hall had two separate passages that led to the rear area.

At that time, the familiar young and delicate voice rang out, “Master! Master!”

Baili Huangzhuang looked up in the direction of the sound, only to see two unidentifiable fluffy objects, one black, and the other white, rolling towards her.

That’s right! They rolled towards her!

Baili Huangzhuang’s eyes widened as she examined the two boys carefully, her expression suddenly turning brilliant.

2 balls of fluff appeared in front of Baili Huangzhuang, one black and the other white. Their whole bodies were made of soft fur, making one think that it was a mere fur ornament or decoration at first glance.

But if they were to look closer, they’d be able to discover that it actually had 2 eyes and a nose. It was in fact, a living creature!

Currently, 2 pairs of eyes, each huge like a grape’s peered up at her, blinking curiously.

“Master!” The white ball cried while affectionately rubbing against Baili Huangzhuang’s leg.

The black fluff ball, not wanting to be outdone, immediately started rubbing against her other leg, calling, “Master!”

The white fluff eyed the black one disapprovingly. “It’s my master!”

“My master!” The black one cried.

Watching the two fluff balls argue, Baili Huangzhuang decided to interrupt. “Can’t one of you guys tell me what exactly this Primordial Chaos ring is and what it does?”

“I can!” The white fluff gave a little jump, saying, “The Primordial Chaos ring is an ancient artifact that appeared when the Shengxue continent was first created, and can make the owner unrivaled in the world!”

“Then what happened with me passing through time then? Is it related to the Primordial Chaos Ring?”

The black fluff jumped a little too, saying, “By the time the owner obtains the Primordial Chaos ring, the owner’s blood has been remembered. However, after a long period of time, the ring may no longer remember the owner. When there are too many energy fluctuations, it may cause a rift through space and time, and only then may the owner pass through.”

As the two fluffballs struggled to one up each other in their answers, Baili Huangzhuang gradually began to discover the roots of why she’d passed through time and space.

She did not expect to find, that this Primordial Chaos Ring was actually such a great benefit to her!

Whoever becomes the master of the Primordial Chaos Ring can become peerless in this world. She had just so happened to find the Primordial Chaos Ring, and with the blood that accidentally fell on the ring, she had been recognized as the master of the Primordial Chaos Ring. By chance, a rift had randomly opened and she was transported through space and time to become the young miss of the General’s household.

She had heard legends of those powerful experts at the world’s apex leaving behind their precious heritage or artifacts, but she’d never expected that one day, an artifact would suddenly appear in front of her.

Under the leadership of the black fluffball and white fluff ball, Baili Huangzhuang walked through the channel from the palace hall, into a stone room in the rear area.

It’s said that there was a very powerful cultivation technique here.

The stone room was empty with nothing but a raised platform in the middle of the room, blooming with hazy black and white light.

The two colored lights constantly mingled and entwined, emitting a mysterious aura that unwittingly attracted one’s heart.

Baili Huangzhaung slowly approached the raised platform. Brilliant rays of light flashed inside the hazy glow, surrounding a single merit law scripture. It’s cover was black, the body thick and heavy. It emitted dense magical energy.

“Demonic Calling Scripture!”

It was 3 simple words, commonly found everywhere. But here, they seemed to contain boundless power and strength, making people not dare to look at it!

With just a glance, Baili Huangzhuang could easily tell that this was a treasure, a real treasure!

With both hands, Baili Huangzhuang immediately seized the Demonic Calling Scripture. The second she took the Demonic Calling Scripture away from the stand, the radiant black and white rays that sparkled immediately faded away, no longer flashing vividly.

Just by opening the Demonic Calling Scripture, Baili Huangzhuang could feel her head tingle violently. Bursts of information flooded into her mind, and the terribly painful headache from earlier returned.

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