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Compared with the happy Huan Chuyou, Jian Qingqiu and Lin Yinghao’s faces were very


Originally based on Nangong Xiujie’s strength, it was impossible for him to lose this

battle. But now, he has not only lost the battle but also got humiliated in public.

On the contrary, with the fact that Nangong Xiujie had previously humiliated Dongfang

Yu, this scene was taken for granted. (T/N: It means that, ifNXJ hadn’t humiliated DFY before,

they could have accused BHZ for going too far in bullying and for not giving face for the Qing

Imperial Family. But now they can only keep their mouth shut.)

The most important thing is that this was Lingyin College’s territory. Not only they had

lost the battle in their own territory, but even the students of Lingyin College were

applauding Baili Hongzhuang. This was simply nonsensical!

Now, because of the overall situation, they can’t stop their students from cheering. If this

matter was spread, it would only bring shame to the history of Lingyin College.

Cang Hongxi was equally astonished. He looked at Huan Chuyou with a hint of envy in his

eyes. It was a great blessing for Canglan College to have a student like Baili Hongzhuang.

So far, all the limelight of the inter-college tournament had been robbed by Baili

Hongzhuang, and the entire Beihai College seems to have become a foil.

Regardless of the final result of this tournament, no one will forget the amazing

performance of the Canglan College.

Nangong Yujin’s face was ugly to the extreme. Although they represent Lingyin College,

as Qing’s Princes, they also represented the face of the Qing’s Imperial Family.

Now all the people who represented College have been wiped out. This was not

only the shame for Lingyin College but also the shame for their imperial family!

As of now, there was only one person remaining, and that was Nangong Aochen.

Although Nangong Aochen was strong enough to win first place in the inter-college

tournament, they have lost in the first few elimination rounds. This reality made the

Qing’s Royal family unsatisfactory.

Nangong Yujin quickly jumped onto the platform, and immediately carried back

Nangong Xiu_iie who was unable to move.

Nangong Xiujie had already been ridiculed. If he still stayed here, it would just be a joke

in the eyes of everyone. He was even more worried that his second brother couldn’t

stand such a big blow.

On normal days, only his second brother humiliates others. When was the situation of

others humiliating his second brother? It had never happened before.

What’s more, when it happened, it still happened in the eyes of the public. With his

second brother’s temper, he (NYJ) was afraid that he (NXJ) would completely collapse.

Xia Yuqing and others immediately came to Baili Hongzhuang’s side. In this battle,

though Baili Hongzhuang was not hurt that much, it was necessary to go back to rest.

When Mo Yunjue saw such a proud Baili Hongzhuang, and the touch of appreciation in

his eyes deepened. It seems that he was not mistaken, and Baili Hongzhuang was really

different from nary women.

Even he had to admire today’s performance of Baili Hongzhuang.

Xiao Lanying looked at Baili Hongzhuang and others, and his indifferent eyes flashed

with a trace of interest. He hadn’t felt like this in a long time.

Beihai College was a place where everyone only pays attention to their own interests. But

to go this level in order to help their friends take revenge, he was afraid that there had

never been such a case in the history of Beihai College.

Perhaps this move of Baili Hongzhuang was stupid in the eyes of many people, but this

kind of rare friendship was very valuable.

“Hongzhuang, how are you?”

Xia Yuqing held Baili Hongzhuang, and her smart eyes were full of worry.

Although this battle made her very happy, Baili Hongzhuang’s injuries were the most


Baili Hongzhuang waved slightly. “The ioiury is not very serious, don’t worry. ”

Most of her sufferings were superficial and did not hurt her vitals, so the impact was not

that great.

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