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Chapter 789 - Half-Baked Alchemist

Chapter 789: Half-Baked Alchemist

“What happened to Lingyin College? Lingyin College has always been the undisputed leader, but why has the situation changed?”

The people of Qing Country were somewhat disappointed after knowing this result. According to their thoughts, Lingyin College should always be the first.

After all, for many years, the performance of Lingyin College has been outstanding, and it was the pride of the entire Qing Dynasty. However, this time the reality was somewhat disappointing.

“The Canglan college has been suppressed for too long, and in this year’s Inter-college competition, they seem to be breaking out of the suppression.”

“What are you worried about? This is just the first round of assessment. The final result is not necessarily the case.”

The vast majority of people in the Qing Dynasty believed that Lingyin College will surely win the final victory. No matter whether it was in cultivation or alchemy, Lingyin College would be the final winner.

Wei Hanyun’s gaze fell on Baili Hongzhuang, and there was strong dissatisfaction in his eyes. This defeat was really too embarrassing.

“There is no one capable in the Canglan college except for Liu Qinyue. Even a cultivator has been sent up to make up the numbers. It seems that Liu Qinyue’s burden is not small.”

Wei Hanyun’s gaze fell on Liu Qinyue, but his words were obviously mocking Baili Hongzhuang.

He really didn’t understand, the cultivators should just focus on cultivating, but instead of doing that, he didn’t know what she was doing here.

Baili Hongzhuang looked at Wei Hanyun indifferently. Now she was immune to such provocative remarks, and it didn’t cause any emotional fluctuations.

However, Wei Hanyun was someone she had never seen before, Therefore, she thought that it was a bit strange.

Previously, Beihai College never had this character, and Wei Hanyun’s age was also not small. How could the Beihai college have such a person?

Liu Qinyue’s brows furrowed, and by instinct she disliked this Wei Hanyun. She indifferently said, “Hongzhuang’s alchemy is level is very high, and she is a very good Alchemist.”

She didn’t know who Wei Hanyun was, but since he used her name to mock Hongzhuang, she couldn’t let Wei Hanyun smear Hongzhuang’s name.

Listening to Liu Qinyue’s words, Wei Hanyun even ridiculed her with a smile, “Liu Qinyue, I did not expect that your ability to spout nonsense is getting more and more powerful.”

The two Alchemists of Lingyin College were men, called Qi Junnan and Ye Ruyu.

When they saw Wei Hanyun taunting Baili Hongzhuang, they both could not help but join.

“It’s no secret that there are not many alchemy talents in the Canglan College… Even a half- baked alchemist is better than nothing.” Ye Ruyu chuckled.

Wei Hanyun and Ye Ruyu looked at each other. Compared with Canglan College, Lingyin College and Beihai College were allies, so they can be described as a united front.

Baili Hongzhuang’s cold eyes swept through Wei Hanyun and others, and her lips slowly evoked a charming and enchanting smile, but it was unusual under such circumstances.

“It seems like the few of you are excellent alchemists?”

Wei Hanyun and others looked proudly at Baili Hongzhuang. “Of course.”

They put all their thoughts on the refining medicinal herbs, and they were obviously not in the same level as ordinary alchemists.

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