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Chapter 791 - The Second Round

Chapter 791: The Second Round

Their master has always been extremely admired for her ability to deceive others.

Obviously, their master was strong, but she didn’t reveal it, just waiting for the right moment to suppress the others. They could now imagine the wonderful expression that Gu Yaoyi and others would have at last.

Actually, Baili Hongzhuang was not specifically pretending; this time she was innocent and Little White and Little Black has accused her of something that she didn’t do.

Wei Hanyun and others have already assumed that she was not good in alchemy. Even if she insists that her alchemy was good, they would not believe it.

In that case, why should she waste her energy?

What’s more, she has always explained only to the people she cares about. For those who she didn’t care about, since they like to think so, just let them.

Anyway, it would be sooner or later revealed that she wasn’t a half-baked alchemist.

“Hongzhuang, we won the first round and gave them pressure. So, they are deliberately saying something like this to disturb our mood.”

Liu Qinyue had a good understanding of Wei Hanyun’s thoughts. For the alchemists, the most important thing was the peace of mind.

Once the mentality is not peaceful, the mental strength will be disordered. As a result, it would be very easy to have problems in alchemy.

Baili Hongzhuang nodded slightly and smiled and said: “Do not worry, this little trick has no effect on me.”

Seeing that Baili Hongzhuang was not affected, Liu Qinyue also showed a smile. In fact, these ridicules have no meaning at all.

After a short break, Cang Hongxi took out the scroll of the second question under the watchful eyes of everyone.

“The second round of the Alchemy Contest: refining the Black Rock wood! Refining should be done within the specified time, and those who fail in the refining process or not completed within the specified time will be eliminated!”

As Cang Hongxi spoke, the look of everyone changed a bit.

Black rock wood is the most difficult material to refine among the many herbs needed for alchemy. Just like its name, its outer shell is as hard as a rock. The flame needs to burn for a long time to burn its shell.

However, the essence wrapped in its shell was extremely delicate. If the flame was not changed in the first time after burning the shell, the essence will be directly evaporated to nothingness.

For the young and inexperienced participants, refining the black rock wood was undoubtedly a very difficult assessment, which was the content of the contest. And no one liked doing it for a contest.

The content of the second round was much harder than the first round. Baili Hongzhuang believed that at their age, most refiners can’t easily extract it.

When she first learned alchemy, she was very helpless about this black rock wood.

It’s just that the old guys in the family seemed to like to find these difficult things to give her, so she worked hard with Black Rock wood for a while, and finally improved the extraction efficiency of black rock wood.

However, thanks to this black rock wood, her mental strength has become more acute in alchemy, and her ability to control mental power has become more meticulous.

Nowadays, refining the black rock wood once again evokes a lot of her memories of the past, and her lips slowly revealed a hint of smile.

Wei Hanyun and others are face became slightly ugly, and it was obviously not a simple matter to pass this level.

However, when they saw that Baili Hongzhuang was also participating, the depression of their hearts dissipated a bit…

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