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Chapter 802 - Third Round

Chapter 802: Third Round

After Bai Jingtian heard Chen Yiyu’s words, he decided that their previous guess was not wrong.

Baili Hongzhuang turned out to be an alchemist?

This girl simply has talent that goes against the sky!

“According to the news I got, Baili Hongzhuang is a practitioner. How can she suddenly become an alchemist?”

Ji Yano couldn’t understand it. It is reasonable to say that the news he got should not go wrong.

“Stop focusing on the wrong thing!”

(T/N: Well, the actual translation here was : “ Noisy ”. It didn’t quite match the context correctly. So I changed it.)

Bai Jingtian blew his beard. “This girl is a rare genius inscriptionist. Now she wastes time on alchemy. It is a mess!”

Although the alchemists are also very promising, but the number of alchemists is much more than that of the inscriptionists, the inscriptionists are respected more than them!

As if being a good inscriptionist is not enough, she even runs to be an alchemist. Wasn’t that a waste of talent?

Ji Yanmo and Qin Qingwu also agreed with Bai Jingtian’s words. Baili Hongzhuang’s talent in inscription art to study inscriptions inadvertently was really good!

“It seems that we have to talk to Baili girl, his talent in inscriptions would be wasted with her practicing alchemy.” Qin Qingwu said seriously.

“Now start the third round!”

With Jian Qingqi’s words, everyone’s eyes fell on him, and Jian Qingqi’s also announced the topic.

“The third round of competition, participants should refine the highest level of pill that they can refine!”

When the words came out, everyone in the audience was excited.

From the previous two trials, they couldn’t understand who was the best, but this third round allowed everyone to clearly see their level in alchemy. This was what everyone expected!

Xia Zhiqing and others were also somewhat uncertain. So far, they never knew Baili Hongzhuang’s level in alchemy.

Lin Hao slowly stood up and said: “The current score is as follows, Baili Hongzhuang 6 points, Liu Qinyue 5 points, Wei Hanyun 4 points, Qi Junnan 2 points! The points obtained in the third round would be doubled, the highest score is the first, the third round commences!”

Hearing the scores, the Lingyin College practitioners’ face were somewhat ugly. At present, Qi Junnan’s score was the lowest, and Lingyin College was at the bottom.

Although there is still a third round of competition, they have realized that it is impossible for Qi Junnan to get this first place.

Wei Hanyun’s face was also ugly. He already guessed about the topic of the third round, so he was well prepared for this third round.

However, due to Baili Hongzhuang the situation changed. He got this much low score. It was not easy to make up for this gap through the third round.

Now he regretted it. He knew it before. At that time, he should have plotted against Baili Hongzhuang along with Liu Qinyue. The current situation will not become so difficult.

Liu Qinyue was faintly smiling. Now, the Canglan college was the most likely to win the first place. As long as the Canglan college can get the first place, she was happy. At least, this time, they will not be called as the laughing stock by the Lingyin College and Beihai College students.

“Baili Hongzhuang, can you refine 2nd grade Pills?”

Liu Qinyue was worried about Baili Hongzhuang. The Pill formula would be different with each Alchemist. She has a teacher. And she had gotten many pill formulas from him.

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