Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 1005 - Are We Really Fated?

Chapter 1005: Are We Really Fated?

“Jiaojiao, I have an idea. Do you think Bai Jiao’er and Little Jue are our previous lives? Although I can’t prove this conjecture, I keep having this feeling,” Quan Jue suddenly said.

His words made Chi Jiao’s heart flutter.

It felt as if someone had suddenly pointed out the exact same thought that she had been hiding in her heart.

And that someone was Quan Jue. They actually thought of the same thing.

Chi Jiao didn’t know how to describe this tacit understanding between them. She increasingly felt that Quan Jue’s words made sense.

However, she was still rational. After taking a deep breath, she asked, “Are we really that fated?”

“She Qi can live for so many years. Xu Ye still has Bai Wanxi’s remnant consciousness in his body. Jiaojiao, nothing is impossible in this world,” Quan Jue said.

Chi Jiao’s heart was in turmoil.

“Brother Quan makes sense, but there’s nothing we can do even if we suspect it now. Let’s continue to follow the plot in the diary,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

Quan Jue nodded and continued to watch patiently with her.


After Bai Jiao’er and Little Jue made tea, they immediately went to look for Bai Wanxi.

However, they were just halfway there when they saw that Baili Yu had already left Bai Wanxi’s room.

Although they loved each other deeply, Baili Yu never overstepped his boundaries. He would go to Bai Wanxi’s room to let her treat his injuries, but he never had any inappropriate intentions. He respected Bai Wanxi very much.

Therefore, today was the same as usual. After Bai Wanxi treated Baili Yu’s injuries, he left her room and walked to the long corridor.

When Bai Jiao’er saw this, she couldn’t help shaking her head and sighing. “Brother-in-law is good at everything, but he’s too gentlemanly. If you like someone, you have to seize every opportunity! I wonder when Brother-in-law will learn this.”

“Miss Jiao’er, it’s She Qi.” Little Jue sensed something amiss and pointed at She Qi, who was at the other end of the corridor.

She Qi’s face was gloomy as if he had been waiting there for a while. Seeing Baili Yu, his gaze stayed on him. He looked like he wanted to shoot a hole in Baili Yu with his eyes.

“No, we must go to Brother-in-law.” Bai Jiao’er became nervous when she saw this and wanted to help.

Fortunately, Little Jue stopped her in time. “Don’t be so hasty.”

Bai Jiao’er was no match for Little Jue and was held back by him. “What if that bastard bullies my brother-in-law?!”

“You can’t help him forever.” It was rare for Little Jue to speak to her so seriously. He continued, “In terms of status, Young Master Baili and Miss Wanxi are not suitable. He will definitely encounter similar difficulties in the future. He has to learn to face it himself. If he can’t, he and Miss Wanxi won’t be able to last for long.”

Chi Jiao’s gaze trembled slightly as she understood what he meant.

Bai Wanxi was so outstanding. There would only be more and more suitors like She Qi in the future.

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