Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: This Is the Gift You’ve Meticulously Prepared for Your Grandfather?

Chi Jiao planned to leave the old residence early after giving her present to Grandpa.

When she returned to the living room, Chi Jiao realized that Chi Yan and Zhu Limin had returned as well. They were talking to Old Master Chi with her eldest aunt and second aunt.

Her two aunts got along quite well with Zhu Limin. Chi Jiao greeted them out of courtesy. The two of them first sized her up with scrutinizing eyes before greeting her faintly.

“Jiaojiao, we’ve already given Grandfather our presents. Where’s yours?” Chi Yan asked as she looked at Chi Jiao with a sharp gaze.

She was already aware that Lan Yunhan and Chi Jiao had gone to the back garden together.

Although she knew very well that Lan Yunhan wouldn’t fall for a young girl like Chi Jiao, who had just walked out from the mountains, Chi Yan still felt uncomfortable in her heart.

Lan Yunhan was hers, and Chi Jiao wasn’t even worthy to fight with her for him.

Just as Chi Yan said that, everyone turned their gazes to Chi Jiao.

Their eyes were filled with malicious contempt.

What could she offer?

“Grandfather, Jiaojiao wishes you the best of luck and longevity. This is the present I’ve prepared for you.” Chi Jiao ignored the malicious gazes as she calmly took out a transparent plastic carrier from her furry little white bag and handed it to Old Master Chi.

All of their gazes landed on the plastic bag.

All they saw in the transparent plastic bag were dried flowers. It was just that the dried flowers looked unique. They were about the size of a fingernail and had eight petals. Inside the red petals were strange, bizarre lines.

But no matter how exotic they were, they were still just dried flowers.

Just this?

Zhu Limin couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Jiaojiao, this is the gift you’ve meticulously prepared for your grandfather?”

She deliberately emphasized the word “meticulously”, making it seem particularly ironic.

“These dried flowers don’t look any different from those ten yuan bouquets of Baby’s Breath on the streets, right?” Chi Yan covered her mouth and laughed, her mocking gaze landing on Chi Jiao. “Sister Jiaojiao, you’re really cute.”

It was worse than she had imagined. This country bumpkin had actually used dried flowers as a birthday gift. It was really too embarrassing.

Chi Jiao’s eldest aunt and second aunt, sitting next to Zhu Limin, couldn’t help but laugh.

“Haha, that’s right. Jiaojiao is so cute. She actually thought of giving dried flowers to Grandfather.”

“Although this gift is indeed a little casual, it’s a token of appreciation from a child.”

However, Old Master Chi liked Chi Jiao’s gift very much. In fact, he would receive all sorts of birthday gifts from her every year.

The gifts that Chi Jiao would send him were either strange herbs or dried flowers used to make tea. Old Master Chi was already used to it.

Chi Jiao had asked him to boil the herbs and consume them. The dried flowers were used to make tea, but because they were given by Chi Jiao, he couldn’t bear to use them, so he would keep them instead.

“Preparing these dried flowers, you must have worked hard for quite a while,” Old Master Chi said as he looked at Chi Jiao with heartache before taking the dried flowers from her hands.

He had previously heard from Jiaojiao’s god grandfather that the dried flowers Jiaojiao gave him were all very precious. She’d have to carefully prepare them for a long time every time she made them for him.

“It’s alright. It’s not difficult. Does Grandpa like it?” Chi Jiao looked at Old Master Chi with sparkling eyes.

Old Master Chi raised the dried flowers in front of his eyes. These dried flowers were even more beautiful than the ones she gave him in the past. He smiled and nodded.

“Uncle Chi.” A middle-aged man dressed in a suit with his shiny hair greased with hair oil walked over and greeted Old Master Chi with a smile.

Chi Yan’s eyes lit up when she saw the middle-aged man.

This man was Shen Yin. He was the secretary of the president of Fuhua, the biggest pharmaceutical company in China.

The Chi family was also in the pharmaceutical business and often came into contact with Fuhua. Therefore, Chi Yan recognized Shen Yin.

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