Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 847 - Brother Quan, Why Are You Here Too?

Chapter 847 Brother Quan, Why Are You Here Too?

Little Jue?

When Chi Jiao heard this name, a sense of expectancy arose in her heart.

Chi Jiao looked behind her. Indeed, a young man who looked to be seventeen or eighteen was behind her.

The young man was dressed in black and looked very dashing. His handsome facial features exuded a bone-chilling coldness as if nothing could enter his eyes.

Chi Jiao was shocked.

“Brother Quan? Why are you here too?” Chi Jiao asked. Unfortunately, she could only speak in her own mind. Her voice couldn’t come out of her body, so Quan Jue naturally didn’t hear her.

Chi Jiao was very sure that Little Jue was Brother Quan Jue. Not only did they look the same, but the aura they emitted was also the same.

However, Little Jue wasn’t as enthusiastic about Chi Jiao as Quan Jue was. In comparison, his attitude was very cold. He kept his mouth shut as if he was mute.

Now, Chi Jiao was certain that she was related to Bai Wanxi’s younger sister. Otherwise, she wouldn’t find everything before her so familiar and find Bai Wanxi such a comforting presence.

But she couldn’t understand how she was sisters with She Qi’s beloved?

Bai Wanxi didn’t know what Chi Jiao was thinking and continued to advise her gently. “I know you’re unhappy, but monsters are running amok in White Cloud City now. Up until this morning, there have already been five to six victims. You and I are the White Witches, so we’re easily targeted by monsters. Daddy is worried about you, that’s why he reprimanded you. Don’t be too angry.”

Chi Jiao was bewildered.

She was utterly stunned by this information overload.

However, the owner of this body was quite obedient and nodded compliantly.

“Alright. I’ll listen to you, okay? Sister, I heard that the monster this time is very powerful. You have to be careful,” Chi Jiao, no, Bai Wanxi’s younger sister, said.

Bai Wanxi nodded. After instructing Little Jue to protect Bai Jiao’er, she finally left the ancestral hall in peace.

Through Bai Jiao’er’s eyes, Chi Jiao watched her leave.

Looking at her back view as she left, Chi Jiao felt heartbroken.

How did such a beautiful girl become so blind as to fall for She Qi?!

Chi Jiao was unbelievably puzzled. She was a silent spectator as Bai Jiao’er ate the roasted chicken and chatted with Little Jue.

Little Jue seemed to be really mute. No matter what Bai Jiao’er said, he just listened quietly without interrupting.

Chi Jiao was very quick. She finally understood from their conversation… or rather, from Bai Jiao’er’s words, more about the body whom she was currently occupying.

The city she was in now was called White Cloud City. Bai Wanxi and Bai Jiao’er belonged to the Bai Family. Everyone in the Bai family was the reincarnation of an immortal spirit. Over the generations, they had been able to use all kinds of immortal skills.

Chi Jiao was speechless.

Actually, the Bai family didn’t have any immortal techniques. They had Esper superpowers.

However, it was difficult for ancient people to understand what Esper supernatural powers were. They treated them as immortals descending to the mortal world. Everyone in the Bai family was chosen by the gods.

The most powerful person in the Bai family was the witch of every generation.

The witches were all direct descendants. They were extremely talented and were admired by all the citizens in White Cloud City.

Bai Jiao’er’s generation of witches was the most special.

Logically speaking, the Bai family could only have one witch. It was just that in their generation, the mistress of the family had given birth to twins, Bai Wanxi and Bai Jiao’er.

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