Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 849 - Rascal, I’ll Kill You!

Chapter 849 Rascal, I’ll Kill You!

However, upon closer inspection, one could tell that this elegant young man’s eyes were not filled with despair. Instead, they were filled with craftiness.

That’s right, this “young man” was none other than Bai Jiao’er.

At this moment, Bai Jiao’er was pretending to be a young man and using herself as bait in an attempt to attract the female Esper who was targeting handsome men.

Bai Jiao’er was born good-looking. Coupled with her drunken state, she looked like an especially good opportunity.

Soon, a cold wind surged in the air, and the surrounding magnetic field changed drastically.

Bai Jiao’er’s eyes flickered as she clearly saw a woman in red standing not far away. This woman’s clothes were loose and looked rather improper. Her entire body emitted a lazy aura. At this moment, she was smiling faintly as her alluring gaze landed on Bai Jiao’er. “Young Master, which heartless woman betrayed you? Why don’t you tell me? I can comfort you.”

Bai Jiao’er gave a bitter laugh. Her strong acting skills could win the Oscar. She looked heartbroken. “You can’t help me. My love left me. I feel like I have no interest in living anymore…”

The red woman laughed coquettishly. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that as enchanting as her eyes were, there was also a bloodthirsty killing intent in them!

“What kind of matter needs death to be resolved? It’s not easy for a person to live. Why do you have to take things too hard? In my opinion, Young Master, you don’t understand the pleasures of the world, that’s why you’re saying such sad words.” The red woman approached Bai Jiao’er, her voice flowing with a bewitching charm. “Come, let me bring you to that paradise and enjoy it…”

Bai Jiao’er stood rooted to the ground in a daze as if she had lost all her senses. Her silly expression made the red woman feel that she would succeed very soon.

And just as the red woman’s arms were already wrapped around Bai Jiao’er’s shoulder, a glint suddenly flashed across her turbid eyes.

“You’re treating me so kindly. I have to thank you properly.” With that, the dagger that Bai Jiao’er had been hiding in her sleeve was driven into the red woman’s abdomen.


A sharp pain swept over, causing the red woman to scream like a pig being slaughtered. “Ah! Rascal, you dare to trick


With that, the red woman’s nails suddenly lengthened by half an inch, and she attacked Bai Jiao’er with them like they were sharp blades.

However, before the red woman could touch a single hair on Bai Jiao’er, Little Jue teleported over. He pulled out the soft sword at his waist and faced the red woman.

The sound of metal clashing could be heard. Little Jue’s long sword collided with the red woman’s nails. With a whoosh, her nails were cut off.

The red woman let out a shrill cry as she suffered another kick to her stomach.

The red woman flew out. Her hair was loose, and she was like a female ghost with disheveled hair. She kept screaming, “Rascal, I’ll kill you all!”

Bai Jiao’er returned her voice to its usual pitch. In a playful tone, she mocked her. “Old witch, you’ve miscalculated. I’m not a man!”

“You’re from the Bai family…!” The red woman finally realized who her opponent was. Her eyes were filled with fear. Without hesitation, she turned around and flew straight out of the city.

The red woman was extremely fast and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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