Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 851 - You Actually Managed to Hurt Her

Chapter 851 You Actually Managed to Hurt Her

The deeper they went into the cave, the darker and damper it became. The cave was filled with poisonous bugs, centipedes, spiders, and scorpions. The creepy scene made one’s hair stand on end.

“It’s inside. I can feel the red woman’s aura,” Bai Jiao’er said in a low voice.

Little Jue nodded. The two of them reached the deepest part of the cave and finally saw some light.

At the end of the cave was a huge and spacious space. There were numerous light green fluorescent stones, illuminating the entire cave, making it look even more sinister and terrifying.

At the center of the cave was a huge lotus platform. On the platform was a cocoon made of spider silk. The red woman’s figure could be vaguely seen. She seemed to be quite seriously injured as she curled up in the cocoon to treat her injuries.

Everything was silent. Bai Jiao’er looked around and realized that many people in white were lying on the ground. The first of them was a middle-aged man. He was Bai Jiao’er’s father, the head of the Bai family!

Coincidentally, this man looked exactly like Chi Mingwei!

Both Chi Jiao and Bai Jiao’er’s hearts leaped to their throats. They instinctively rushed over with Little Jue.


However, just as they did, a figure suddenly flashed past behind them.

A pair of hands grabbed the two of them and pulled them back into the darkness.

Their hearts tightened, and they instinctively wanted to attack the person behind them.

“Quiet. It’s me.” Bai Wanxi’s gentle voice suddenly sounded. They immediately stopped struggling

Delighted, Bai Jiao’er jumped into her arms without hesitation. “Sister!”

However, Bai Wanxi did not hug her sister back as usual. Instead, she gasped as if she had been injured.

Bai Jiao’er quickly let go of her and asked worriedly, “Sister, what’s wrong?”

“Sigh, it’s embarrassing to talk about. We discovered the cave of this demon and rushed in. In the end, we didn’t save anyone but fell into a trap instead. This demon can transform into a spider-like monster that can release poisonous substances. Our men fell into a trap, and only I managed to escape. Daddy and the rest were poisoned.” Bai Wanxi lit a match and showed them the wound on her abdomen. “I’m injured, too. The two of you, leave this place quickly. I’ll fight this monster to the death!”

“Sister! What nonsense are you spouting? That monster is quite powerful. You definitely can’t do it alone. Little Jue and I will help you. Besides, Little Jue and I injured her just now. We will definitely win!” Bai Jiao’er raised her eyebrows proudly.

Bai Wanxi asked in surprise, “This monster is so strong. You actually managed to hurt her?”

The red woman was incomparably cunning, far more cunning than any monster they had seen before. She also knew how to use poison. Otherwise, the rest of the Bai family wouldn’t be lying on the ground right now.

“That’s right. I pretended to be a young man for her to seduce, and she fell for it. I stabbed her, and Little Jue gave her a big kick!” Bai Jiao’er said excitedly with a happy expression.

Bai Wanxi looked at her younger sister speechlessly.

Only Bai Jiao’er could come up with such an idea.

However, it was quite a coincidence. Although the methods she came up with were all very strange, they would always end up playing a critical role.

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