Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 876 - What Distant Planet?

Chapter 876 What Distant Planet?

“Yes. Actually, you don’t have to talk to me out loud. You can communicate with me through your consciousness.” The little heart’s voice was soft. Her attitude towards Chi Jiao was not as tough as before.

Chi Jiao tried it and realized that she could indeed communicate telepathically with the little heart. She mentally explained the delicious food that strawberry cake was.

After hearing her explanation, the little heart had a clear understanding of strawberry cakes. Then, under Chi Jiao’s recommendation, it ate bread and drank milk tea.

Of course, the little heart didn’t really eat or drink the food. Instead, it filled its stomach with just the smell of food.

After the little heart finished sucking the fragrance, it didn’t affect the food at all. Chi Jiao ended up eating all the food.

After the meal, the little heart became less guarded against her. Chi Jiao continued to ask questions, and the little heart told her that it especially liked to sun-tan. Moreover, sunlight could accelerate the replenishment of its energy.

Knowing this, Chi Jiao immediately brought the little heart to the garden to bask in the


After letting the little heart bathe in the sunlight, Chi Jiao asked it with concern, “How is it? Are you happy now?”

“Yes! I’m happy. You’re really good to me. It’s been a long time since I’ve met someone who treats me so well.” The little heart sighed pitifully.

Chi Jiao asked tentatively, “What on earth are


“I… I’m a princess from a distant planet. My spirit is attached to this crystal. I slept for too long before waking up. My memories are still very fuzzy. I don’t remember many things…” The little heart lowered its head, its voice filled with frustration.

“Are you serious?” Chi Jiao felt that the little heart’s words were like a fairytale.

What distant planet?

A princess from a distant planet. It all sounded very cliche.

The little heart was a little angry. It said angrily, “You’re bad! You were the one who asked me. Now that I’ve told you, you don’t believe me. I… I don’t want to talk to you anymore!”

Chi Jiao quickly changed the topic and coaxed it. “Alright, alright. I was in the wrong, okay? Please continue, I won’t laugh at you.”

Unexpectedly, this little thing was quite proud. It raised its chin and said angrily, “Hmph, I don’t want to talk anymore.”

Actually, there were many things that the little heart could not remember. It needed time to organize its thoughts before talking about them.

Moreover, it needed to see if this girl was really a good person. It would then decide if it wanted to tell her everything.

Seeing that the little heart was truly angry, Chi Jiao could only apologize. After that, she changed tactics and asked the little heart what it liked to eat in the past. She said that she would prepare those foods as an apology.

“I… I don’t remember what I liked to eat in the past. Anyway, I like strawberry cakes and milk tea the most now! The kind with pearls and pudding!” the little heart said excitedly.

Chi Jiao agreed immediately.

Her phone rang at this moment.

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