Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 1114 - Two Boyfriends Came Knocking on the Door

Chapter 1114: Two Boyfriends Came Knocking on the Door

“When the time comes, I’ll give you another grandchild.”

When Fu Tingyan finished his last sentence, Mu Shengwan couldn’t help but laugh, “Mommy doesn’t care whether you like a man or a woman, as long as you’re happy. You’re still young, you’ll always meet someone who can move your heart with just one glance.”

“My mommy is the most open-minded in the world. It’s a pity that I don’t like men, or else I would bring you a man.” Fu Tingyu couldn’t help but laugh after saying that.

Mu Shengwan smiled helplessly. “You only know how to please your mommy. I just hope that my son can live a happy and stable life without any regrets.”

“I know. That’s why I’m working hard to become more outstanding now. Only then will I have the chance to meet that woman who can move my heart with just one glance.”

Qin Shu looked at Nan Nan. This sister-in-law was beautiful. She looked very similar to her mother. When she grew up, she would also be a devastatingly beautiful woman.

Usually, when a woman saw a beautiful, cute, and adorable girl, she would have the thought of giving birth to a daughter. Qin Shu was no exception. She wanted to give birth to a beautiful, cute, and mischievous daughter too. If she had both children, it would truly be perfect.

Nan Nan played for a while and was a little tired. She threw herself into Qin Shu’s arms. “Sister-in-law, what are you thinking about?”

Although it was early spring, the weather was very cold. The two children would sweat even if they ran around.


Qin Shu took out a tissue and stretched it towards Nan Nan’s forehead. She wiped off the fine beads of sweat on her forehead and said, “I’m thinking of having another baby girl with your brother to give Xiao Jiu a little sister.”

Nan Nan’s brows arched in joy when she heard that. “Sure, I agree with it. I can play with her snd Xiao Jiu, we would protect her from being bullied by others.”

Qin Shu looked at Nan Nan’s young age, but she spoke like an adult. She couldn’t help but laugh. “Okay, then I can rest assured. With your protection, no one will dare to bully her.”

Fu Tingyan and Mu Shengwan didn’t talk for long before Fu Beichen came over to take his wife away. In his eyes, his father couldn’t leave his mommy. They wouldn’t be apart for more than an hour before he came to look for Mommy.

He watched his father and mommy walk away hand in hand. He didn’t understand it when he was young, but now he understood it. This was a love that many people couldn’t envy, and the feeling of mutual support that transcended life and death.

Fu Tingyan sat on the chair and watched for a long time. Finally, he stood up and went to play with his sister and Xiao Jiu.

Although Xiao Jiu and Nan Nan were smart and sensible, they were still children. When they played, it made people ignore the melancholy that surged up just now.

For dinner, the whole family went to the old house to eat. No matter how big the enmity in the past was, after so many years, it did not matter anymore.

Old Madam Fu was old. She could not walk without a cane. However, seeing the whole family sitting at a table to eat was the happiest thing for her.

Today was the day Jiang Yu brought Ye Xue Home for dinner. They had agreed a week ago.

When he drove over to pick her up, he called her in advance before leaving.

It was Ye Xue’s first time meeting Jiang Yu’s parents, so she was nervous. She sat in front of the table and held my phone in her hand. When she knew that Jiang Yu had driven over, she became even more nervous. “…”

“Don’t be nervous. A daughter-in-law always has to meet her in-laws.” Mrs Ye made some exquisite cakes and handmade cakes and put them in a food box.

Mr Ye walked in with a gift box. When he saw the pastries that his wife had prepared, he frowned. “Did you prepare too little? It’ll be a joke if others see it. You should prepare more.”

Mrs Ye glared at Mr Ye. “These are fresh goods. They’ll only taste good if you eat them on the same day. It’s not right to eat them overnight.”

Mr Ye scratched his head. “Isn’t there a refrigerator? Put them in the refrigerator.”

“It’s even worse if it’s in the fridge.” Mrs Ye continued to pack the food boxes.

Ye Xue couldn’t care less about Mr Ye and Mrs Ye. She was extremely nervous right now. She was even more nervous than during the college entrance exam. She felt like her palms were sweating as she held her phone.

“Ye Xue.”

A male voice stunned the three people in the living room.

Mr Ye turned around to look at the door and saw a man in a grey suit walking in. He was carrying a gift box in his hand. He looked quite handsome, but he didn’t look familiar.

“You are? ? ?”

“Who are you looking for?” Mrs Ye turned around and asked subconsciously when she saw the strange man.

Ye Xue looked up and saw Zhou Yizuo standing at the door. She was stunned.

Zhou Yizuo saw Ye Xue and didn’t forget to greet Ye Xue’s parents. “I’m Ye Xue’s classmate. Hello, Mr and Mrs Ye.”

“So it’s Xiao Xue.” Mrs Ye turned around and looked at her daughter with confusion. “Xiao Xue, your classmate is here.”

Only then did Ye Xue come back to her senses.

In the courtyard, under the locust tree.

Ye Xue looked at Zhou Yizuo who suddenly appeared. She pursed her lips and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Zhou Yizuo sized up Ye Xue. They hadn’t seen each other for more than half a year and she didn’t seem to have changed much. Other than dressing more carefully than when she was in school, she seemed to have become more mellow.

“How’s your work in Jiangcheng? I’ve returned to Jiangcheng too. I’m still not used to it.” Zhou Yizuo was the first to speak.

“I’m working part-time at home now. I’ll go for an interview tomorrow.” Ye Xue pursed her lips and said, “When did you return to Jiangcheng?”

“Two days ago, I came back after my job was confirmed.” Zhou Yizuo looked at Ye Xue and suddenly said, “Can we still…go back to the past?

Before he could ask the last four words, a pleasant male voice came from behind.

“Xiao Xue, I’m here to pick you up.”

Zhou Yizuo turned around when he heard the voice. He saw Jiang Yu walking in with a spring breeze in his eyes. He was stunned for a while before he realized something. It was as if he had guessed something.

When Ye Xue saw Jiang Yu, she didn’t know why, but she suddenly became nervous. It was as if she had been caught doing something wrong.

Jiang Yu saw the two people under the Locust Blossom Tree. He first looked at Ye Xue, then looked at the man in front of her. They were all classmates, and he recognized Zhou Yizuo at a glance.

His footsteps slightly paused, stunned for two seconds. He generously walked over, came to Ye Xue’s side, reached out to hold Ye Xue’s hand, and tyrannically announced his right of possession.

Ye Xue looked down at the hand that was held, her heartbeat suddenly increased a few minutes, Jiang Yu could be misunderstood about something?

He smiled, extended his hand and said hello to Zhou Yizuo, “Long time no see, Zhou Yizuo.”

Zhou Yizuo looked down and saw Jiang Yu and Ye Xue’s hands holding. He understood, but his heart began to ache. He looked at Jiang Yu’s hand and reached out his hand to hold it, he pulled out a faint smile. “Long time no see, Jiang Yu.”

They shook hands politely. After shaking hands, they withdrew their hands.

Jiang Yu withdrew his hand and put it back into his pocket. He looked at Zhou Yizuo. He did not forget that Zhou Yizuo liked Ye Xue too. He liked her for several years.

“Why are you looking for my girlfriend? Is there anything important? If nothing important, I want to bring her home to meet my parents.”

He emphasized the last sentence.

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