Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 27 - Mr. Fu’s Romantic Moments

Chapter 27 - Mr. Fu’s Romantic Moments

The sun set in the west, its afterglow illuminating the surface of the sea and dying it golden and sparkly.

The afterglow of the setting sun shone diagonally through the glass window and brought about a tinge of heat.

Inside the room, everything was calm with a touch of warmth.

Fu Tingyu's voice was very low. "Do you think this place is like paradise, one that stands aloof from worldly affairs?"

"Yeah, it's just like the Peach Blossom island on that television series. It's very suited for seclusion," Qin Shu replied with an approving nod. She had felt this way since her first glimpse of this place.

"In that case, do you like it?" Fu Tingyu's voice was low and magnetic as though he was guiding her patiently.

"I do. This is the best birthday present I've ever received," Qin Shu said, as she thought that she had never received a present so unique or wonderful.

Fu Tingyu was the only person who would start meticulously preparing her birthday gift months in advance. It was no wonder he had been so busy during the past few months and often came back late at night.

The corners of Fu Tingyu's lips curled. His eyes were dark and deep as he mumbled, "Since you like it, you can stay here forever."

Qin Shu spent a few seconds being startled but ultimately gave an obedient nod and said, "Sure."

Fu Tingyu's eyes narrowed as they flashed with doubt as he thought to himself, "Did my babe really just agree to this request?"

When night fell, the moon took residence among the clouds and revealed only its sharp end.

Fu Tingyu whispered into her ear, "I'm going to blindfold you."

Qin Shu was shocked, as she thought, "Had he not already given me his present? What else did he want to do?"

As Fu Tingyu spoke, he reached toward his neck with his slender fingers and undid his tie in one move. He blindfolded Qin Shu's eyes by circling her head with his tie and tied a knot.

Her vision was instantly plunged into darkness. She could not see her fingers ahead of her, so she could only rely on her listening skills to figure out what Fu Tingyu was doing.

"Babe, let's go out." Fu Tingyu took her hand and stood up from the tatami mat, and Qin Shu rose with him.

Since she could not see a thing, Qin Shu could only follow behind him step by step. Yet there was no need for her to worry about falling or bumping into anything; as long as he was around, no harm would possibly befall her.

After she followed him for some time, he abruptly stopped and prompted her to do the same before the sliding door was pulled open with a whoosh.

This time, Fu Tingyu picked her up bridal style and walked outside with his bare feet.

Upon descending the steps, he put her down again and waited until she was steady on her feet before he released her.

This time, they walked a much shorter distance before Fu Tingyu stopped again.

"Babe, I'm going to remove the tie now. Do not blink." His voice was low and gentle. His slender fingers inched toward the knot at the back of her head. He tugged at it, and the tie instantly slid off her face.

Qin Shu's eyes were wide open. She watched the blindfold slowly slide down her face and then the sight that greeted her vision next.

In the pitch-black night, millions of fireflies had gathered and danced in the air. They looked like stars in the night sky, and they twinkled as if they had voluntarily chosen to stay in the forest. This sight was too beautiful that it was impossible to shatter it.

However, she quickly discovered that there was a reason why these fireflies all danced in the same place—they were trapped in a huge glass globe. The darkness of the night had made it impossible to spot that detail.

If not for the reflection, Qin Shu would not have noticed.

Did Fu Tingyu catch all these fireflies by himself?

There were so many fireflies! How did he manage to procure them?

Fu Tingyu's low and deep voice wormed its way into her ear. "Do you like it?"

Qin Shu gave a firm nod. She felt emotional and was rendered speechless at that moment.

She never expected someone as ruthless and unreasonable as Fu Tingyu to have such a romantic side to him as well.

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