Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 9 - Shell-Shocked

Chapter 9 - Shell-Shocked

Qin Shu's movements halted.

"The Old Madam? Isn't that Fu Tingyu's grandmother?" she thought.

Since Grandmother was here, she could not possibly make an old lady wait any longer.

She casually treated the wound on her cheek before using plastering two bandages on her face. Then, she let her hair loose to conceal the scar by her eye.

It was only then that Qin Shu hurriedly left the bedroom.

The Old Madam was sitting on the couch. She had grey hair, reading glasses perched on the bridge of her nose, and she was dressed in a dark-colored traditional dress.

Even though she was already in her sixties, her body remained very tough.

She was holding a phone in her hands. When she came across something that puzzled her, she asked her grandson, "Yan, come look at this. Why can't I access it? It disappears the moment I enter the application."

Fu Tingyan walked over. When his gaze landed on the phone screen, he sighed, "Grandmother, why did you enter the game application?"

"I thought the icon looked nice, so I went in. Oh, it's a game, I see."

Grandmother and grandson had their heads pressed together. One had a head of grey hair, and the other had black and shiny hair. They were two very distinct colors and it made for a warm and harmonious picture.

When Qin Shu entered the living room, this was precisely the image that she was greeted with. She gazed at the kind old lady.

She recalled memories of her past life—her hatred for Fu Tingyu made her hate this kind, old lady just as much.

A few unkind words from her uttered in a moment of anger had triggered the old lady's heart attack, shocking the entire Fu family.

If not for Fu Tingyu's protection, she would have had to face the consequences of being locked up in the basement of the Fu mansion. In that basement, she would have lost half her life.

Fu Tingyu had kneeled before the door of his grandmother's room on Qin Shu's behalf for two days and one night, unrelentingly.

Qin Shu laughed bitterly in her heart. Fu Tingyu was the only one who was sincere about protecting her.

The old lady and Fu Tingyan had caught sight of Qin Shu as well.

The old lady put down her phone and straightened her posture, immediately adopting the dignity of a matriarch.

Fu Tingyan leaned sideways against the couch with his leg cocked atop the other. He continued playing his game.

The housekeeper had called Fu Tingyu four times and he was rushing back home from the company after receiving those calls.

The servants stood in an organized line. Ning Meng stood close behind Qin Shu just in case something was to happen.

Everyone present was watching Qin Shu warily. They were afraid that one inappropriate remark from her would anger the old lady.

Due to the old lady's age, angering her was always a risk, and nobody could shoulder the responsibility if anything unexpected were to happen to her.

Qin Shu walked to the coffee table and extracted a celadon teacup from the tray. She then picked up the kettle and filled the teacup with water. Handing it to the old lady, she said gently, "Grandmother, the weather is dry. Please have some water."

The housekeeper, Ning Meng, and the servants looked at Qin Shu with their jaws dropped.

Qin Shu had addressed the old lady as intimately as she would have her biological grandmother. On top of that, she had enthusiastically poured water for the old lady to drink as well.

This was a far cry from the past when she would shut her door and refuse to see the old lady at all. That, or she would treat her with cold indifference.

This attitude was a 180-degree change.

The way Qin Shu addressed his grandmother made Fu Tingyan's hands tremble amid his game. His delayed movement got his character killed.

"Did Qin Shu get possessed by a ghost?" he thought.

The way she addressed his grandmother made goosebumps break out all over his body.

Having lived to a ripe old age, the old lady had encountered all kinds of people in this world.. Qin Shu's reaction and behavior were too abnormal, causing her eyes to flash with surprise and doubt.

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