Bigshot Gets Loved By All After Transmigrating Into A Book

Chapter 796 (END) - finale (2)

Chapter 796: Chapter 796 finale (2)

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“You found out just like that?”Jiang Zeyu was shocked. “Is my face that obvious?” Jiang xingyi nodded and explained, “My whole face says ‘come and ask me, please’.” “Ptui!”Jiang Zeyu said with disdain, “I’m not going to say ‘please’. Don’t translate blindly.” “Okay, then I won’t ask.”Jiang Xingyi wasn’t too curious about Jiang Zeyu’s private affairs. After all, everyone had a chuunibyou younger brother. He wasn’t interested and was about to go to rest, but he was stopped by Jiang Zeyu again. “You really don’t want to know?”Jiang Zeyu said mysteriously, “I’m afraid that if you don’t ask me, you’ll regret it in the future.” “Why are you being so weird today…”Jiang Xingyi complained and said reluctantly, “Okay, go ahead. I really want to know.” Jiang Zeyu wasn’t angry because of his perfunctory attitude. After all, he really had the desire to talk, complain, and complain. “Let me tell you.”He opened the door and pointed upstairs. “Those two people are hiding something from us.” “You mean big brother and second brother?” Jiang Zeyu nodded vigorously. “Yes, and it must be related to my sister!” Jiang Xingyi’s expression became serious. “What do you mean?” Jiang Zeyu was fuming. “I heard second brother say that he will see us at the hospital tomorrow. There must be some news, but he still hid it from us! I asked him, but he didn’t answer. How Hateful!” Jiang Xingyi frowned. Just like what Jiang Zeyu had thought, Jiang Xingyi knew that if Jiang Jingnian didn’t want to tell them, he wouldn’t be confident. He didn’t want to make them happy. However, just like Jiang Zeyu’s complaints, they would never get tired of this untrue news. As long as it was related to Jiang Yu, they were willing to go through fire and water for even the slightest bit of hope. “When?”Jiang Xingyi asked. “Tomorrow morning. I didn’t hear the exact time.” This bit of news was enough. Jiang Xingyi didn’t care much and said, “Then we’ll just keep watch in the morning.” “When are you going to get up? Four o’clock? Five o’clock?” Jiang Xingyi revealed an enigmatic smile as he put his arm around Jiang Zeyu’s shoulder and walked out. He even rubbed his hair. “Silly.” What was he doing here? He could just squat in the hospital. .. The next day, when Jiang Chenglang and Jiang Jingnian arrived at the hospital, they saw two people squatting in the ward. Jiang Chenglang was angry and amused at the same time. With a glance, he knew which Big Mouth Jiang Zeyu was talking about, and this idea was obviously Jiang Xingyi’s idea. There was no other reason. Jiang Zeyu didn’t have such an IQ. Fortunately, Jiang Zeyu couldn’t hear Jiang Chenglang’s thoughts. He was acting like, “Look, you can’t Shake Me Off Now. You’re so smug.”. Jiang Jingnian was helpless. He didn’t want them to spend the effort to come here, but since they were already here, it wasn’t good to chase them out now. He could only say, “This is also a preliminary idea of mine. Since you’re here, I can come up with some ideas.” Jiang Zeyu nodded crazily. “I’m the best at coming up with ideas.” Jiang Jingnian fell silent. However, Jiang Chenglang continued, “If you have any questions in our conversation, don’t bring them up for now. We’ll explain it to you later.” Jiang Xingyi keenly realized that this sentence was unreasonable. Since they were asked to come up with an idea, why did they say that they couldn’t say anything if they had any questions? Moreover, why were they so sure that there must be something that they didn’t understand? Was there really something that big brother and second brother were hiding from them? .. Feng Linbai’s temporary office had never been filled with idle people. It was empty, and even ke Yanbin wasn’t there. After the four of them entered, Jiang Chenglang did not waste any time and went straight to the point, “According to the content of our conversation yesterday, we have already selected a few hypnotists. Here is the list. You can take a look at it. I believe you are also prepared. If you have any thoughts, feel free to say it.” The amount of information in the first sentence was too much, and Jiang Zeyu’s little brain did not even turn around. Wait a minute.. What? Hypnotist? Why did he have to find a hypnotist? Besides, wasn’t his sister asleep? How could he hypnotize her? Jiang Zeyu had a lot of question marks on his head, and Jiang Xingyi wasn’t much better than him. He stared at Jiang Chenglang’s actions and Feng Linbai’s reaction and felt that something wasn’t right. Feng Linbai looked at the name list without much expression. “It’s similar to what I thought. This is indeed the best in the industry, but…” He paused and said calmly, “I’m too cautious. I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you.” Jiang Jingnian said, “We’ll have to try first. Thank you for being willing to cooperate with us.” Feng Linbai nodded. “It’s my job.” Seeing that they were already discussing the follow-up schedule and some preparatory work, Jiang Zeyu was even more at a loss. Why were they making an appointment with Feng Linbai? Wasn’t his sister right here? Did they need Feng Linbai’s approval to make an appointment to hypnotize her? They were clearly the legitimate blood relatives of his sister! He was just about to utter a doubtful syllable when Jiang Xingyi covered his mouth. Jiang Xingyi was stunned at first, but then he immediately understood what Jiang Chenglang’s exhortation meant. Because they had specially come for Feng Linbai, the person they wanted to hypnotize was also Feng Linbai. He recalled Jiang Yu’s abnormal behavior after he was drunk. He understood that his eldest brother and second brother were planning to use this as a breakthrough point. It was indeed a good idea. Seeing that the conversation had ended and the date had been set, Jiang Zeyu blinked his eyes at Jiang Chenglang and the others, then turned to look at Jiang Xingyi. He had a feeling that everyone understood, but he was the only one who didn’t understand what was going on? Jiang Zeyu pursed his lips. After he followed Jiang Chenglang and the others out of the hospital, he finally got into the car and asked impatiently like a bird returning to the forest, “What exactly is going on? What trick did you guys come up with? Hypnosis? is hypnosis useful? Can it cure the disease?” Jiang Xingyi pursed his lips and swallowed the words “Why did you hide it from US”. He said worriedly, “I don’t know why, but even though I used Feng Linbai as a breakthrough point, I still can’t feel at ease.” Jiang Chenglang didn’t even turn his head. “Me too.” Jiang Jingnian said, “That’s all we can do.” Jiang Zeyu:”… Huh?” What kind of Charade were they playing? Why was he even more confused? Jiang Zeyu’s little brain went haywire again. Jiang Chenglang sighed. “It’s like this…” As the eldest brother, he was much more patient than the other two. He recounted what had happened after Jiang Yu got drunk, and Jiang Zeyu’s eyes became clearer and clearer. So that’s how it was! Ah, how could it be like this! What else could his sister and the big-tailed wolf have to do with each other? But neither of them could remember? No matter how stupid Jiang Zeyu was, he knew that Jiang Yu had been with uncle an for the past dozen years. If Jiang Yu really did have Jiang Yu by her side, a child wouldn’t be able to hide it, uncle an should have known Feng Linbai, but when uncle an saw Feng Linbai, he clearly felt that he was a stranger. Jiang Zeyu felt that his brain was like a paste, but in this paste, he suddenly found a bright spot in his heart! So Jiang Chenglang and Jiang Xingyi knew about this long ago, and Jiang Chenglang told Jiang Jingnian, and he was the pitiful egg who had been kept in the dark all this time? .. No one noticed Jiang Zeyu’s inner roar. With Feng Linbai’s permission and arrangements, in the following days, Feng Linbai began to meet with the hypnotists on Jiang Chenglang’s list one by one. However, there was no progress. Just as Feng Linbai had said, his guard was too strong. No hypnotist in the world could make him let down his guard so easily. Even if Feng Linbai intentionally let down his guard, his guard was deep in his bones. It was not so easy to break through. The hypnotists left one after another. Feng linbai said apologetically, “I’m sorry.” Jiang Jingnian was not surprised. “There’s nothing to apologize for. Put yourself in My Shoes. If I Were You, I’m afraid I would have the same ending.” Feng Linbai didn’t say anything. Jiang Jingnian looked at Feng Linbai’s expression and saw that his face was getting paler. He frowned and said, “Don’t tire yourself out. Go and rest. I don’t want my sister to think that we mistreated you when she woke up.” Feng Linbai’s lips curled into a smile. Just like him, this group of people also firmly believed that Jiang Yu would wake up. This was great. He coughed lightly and sat down in his office after sending them off. Only then did he relax and lean back on his chair. Ke Yanbin entered silently and furrowed his brows. “Master, you know your body…” Feng linbai interrupted him, “It’s fine.” KE yanbin muttered, “I think you don’t have any love, right?” “What did you say?” “Nothing.”Ke Yan bin muttered, “Master, if you continue like this…” Feng Lin Bai interrupted him again, “What news has the Feng family received recently?” “What other news could there be?”Ke Yan bin curled his lips and said with disdain, “That lousy old man of the Feng family dotes on his grandson to the point of no return. He has handed over the shares and several subsidiary companies under his name to him to manage. Now, there are rumors that the lousy old man is preparing to abdicate in the next few years and hand over the company to that little bastard to manage.” Feng Linbai glanced at him. Ke Yanbin honestly told him what he wanted to say next, “Alright, in fact, the rotten old man wanted to make a move on the qin group. He didn’t have any good methods and was directly taken back by the Qin group. Then, he wanted to vent his anger on the Jiang Group. Jiang Chenglang is also not an ordinary person. The Feng family didn’t even get a few pieces of land and was extremely angry. I heard the rotten old man say ‘Little Bastard’a few times. Unfortunately, there is no successor, so I can only let the little bastard continue to take care of it.” Feng Lin Bai laughed coldly. It was within his expectations. Even if a skinny camel was bigger than a horse, how long could this camel last? “However, there’s one more thing…” Ke Yan bin hesitated and said, “It seems that besides us, there are other forces that are also attacking the Feng clan. One of them is the Jian clan, the other one is sneaky, we haven’t found out.” “I know who it is.” “Ah?” Ke Yan bin couldn’t help but let out an “AH”. He subconsciously thought, ‘it’s over, it’s over. I’m on the run. I’m not as smart as my master, who is sitting here. It’s over, this is too bad.’. However, he still asked curiously, “Who is it?” “That little white flower that eats people.” Ke Yan bin chewed on this sentence before he finally reacted. “Lu Yuan? She has this ability?” Feng Lin Bai glanced at him. Ke Yan bin felt numb from this glance and his body trembled. He suddenly remembered that Lu Yuan was able to sneak back to the country without anyone noticing under Jian Han’s surveillance. She was very capable. “But…”he raised his own question. “Isn’t Lu Yuan deeply in love with Feng Jun Hao? Why would she attack the Feng Clan?” Feng Linbai waved his hand. “You can go.” Ke Yanbin was silent for a while. He knew that Feng linbai meant “I don’t talk to Idiots.”He turned around and left sensibly. However, he was pondering in his heart. So this is what the legends say. I’m going to bankrupt you because I can’t get it? Women. It’s really scary. .. Feng Zhiyi had been having a very bad time recently. Not only was the company under his name not doing well, but the people in his family were also causing trouble for him all day long. He felt that he had really sinned, which was why he had such a useless heir. At this moment, he sat in the study, pinched the space between his eyebrows, and asked liang feng, “Are there any other illegitimate children of mine that I can use?” Liang Feng wanted to say something but stopped. “Yes, or No?” Liang Feng said carefully, “After you brought that ingrate home, Madam was so angry that she cleaned up a bunch of them. Later on, that ingrate also secretly repaired them, and then some time ago, Madam also…” He looked at Feng Zhiyi’s expression and didn’t dare to continue. “That Crazy Woman!” Feng Zhiyi flew into a rage. “You’re not doing enough, but you’re ruining things! You don’t even have the magnanimity to be the mother of a family!” “Then I won’t be the mother of a family!” Zhao Ningzhen’s high-pitched voice came directly from the door. “Who still cares about the mother of a Family?” She pushed the door open and entered with a gloomy expression. “It’s better to find the right time. Do you want to get a lawyer to sign the divorce agreement today?” Feng Zhiyi was stunned for a moment before he questioned, “Who let you in? I said that without my permission, anyone can enter my study!” Zhao ningzhen scoffed, “Since we’re about to fall out, it doesn’t matter to us. How shameless are you that you need me to abide by your rules?” “You!” Zhao ningzhen continued, “I need your permission to deal with a few illegitimate children. Back then, you raised so many illegitimate children outside, why didn’t you ask for my opinion?” Feng Zhiyi had never been spoken to in such a tone by Zhao Ningzhen, and he couldn’t contain his anger. “You’ve really rebelled! Rebelled!” Zhao ningzhen said angrily, “So what if I rebelled? In the past, our Zhao family couldn’t compare to your Feng family, but now… things are different from the past. Perhaps, you’ll have to beg me for help! I’ve had enough of You!” Feng Zhiyi’s body trembled and he almost fainted from anger. Liang Feng held him up. At this moment, Feng Wenshu ran in with a flustered expression. “Not good, dad, something happened!” “What happened again? Get out of the way if it’s not important!” “But Dad…” The next moment, Feng Qiongfang also appeared in front of everyone in a fluster. She didn’t dare to step into the study and just stood at the door, “What are you doing here again?” Feng Zhiyi was not in a good mood at the moment. These unfilial children had come one after another to provoke him. He said sternly, “If you have something to say, say it quickly. If you have nothing to say, then get lost!” Feng Qiongfang opened her mouth. Even under Feng Zhiyi’s direct gaze, she actually did not make a sound. Feng Qiongfang really found it difficult to speak. At this time, Feng Wenshu could not care so much. It was as if he was looking at a joke. There was even a hint of schadenfreude in his eyes, but his tone was still anxious, “Dad, I didn’t expect Jun Hao to do such a thing!” Feng Zhiyi’s patience had run out. “Finish!” Even Zhao Ningzhen stopped and asked, “What happened to Jun Hao?” The conflict between her and Feng Zhiyi was a private matter between them. It didn’t affect Jun Hao, who was still her beloved grandson. “Jun Hao… got mixed up with Jinghan!” Feng Zhiyi didn’t react for a moment. “What do you mean by getting involved?” “Just… literally! Sigh!”Feng Wenshu sighed and avoided eye contact so that Feng Zhiyi wouldn’t think that he was adding insult to injury. “I. . . I really didn’t expect that the two of them would be like this!” Although Feng Qiongfang knew that this matter couldn’t be hidden, she didn’t expect that Feng Wenshu would be so eager to expose this matter to Feng Zhiyi! Wasn’t Feng Junhao his biological son? Was he so eager to embarrass his own son? Feng Qiongfang felt that her face hurt, and she did not expect Feng Jinghan to be so bold and reckless. All the anomalies in the past were now based on evidence. Feng Qiongfang felt that her throat was dry and bitter, but she was still her child, and she had to protect her. “Jinghan is young and doesn’t know what she’s doing. This must be a misunderstanding…” Feng Zhiyi’s face was so dark that water could drip out. He pointed at Feng Wenshu and said, “You! Tell me the whole story!” .. There was a joke in the upper-class circle recently. It was said that the youngest daughter of the Feng family went to find the most popular heir of the Feng family in the Feng family’s building. They were supposed to talk about business, but for some reason, she didn’t come out for a long time. However, the people downstairs waited for a few hours, she was in a hurry to report to Feng Junhao, so she had no choice but to knock on the door. In the end, the door opened, and.. She saw some inappropriate behavior.. This matter quickly spread throughout the Feng family mansion. One spread to ten, ten spread to a hundred, and then the entire circle knew about it. The people of the Feng family hadn’t gone out recently. Thinking about it, it was obvious that they wouldn’t be able to raise their heads when they went out. The people of the upper-class circle cared about their reputation, and Feng Zhiyi was the king among them. After this incident, no one knew how he dealt with Feng Junhao and Feng Jinghan, but it was said that Feng Wenshu and Feng Qiongfang were not having a good time, they were immediately grounded, and they were even prepared to strip them of their management rights. This incident became the topic of conversation after dinner, and it was still being talked about a week later. After Ke Yanbin learned of this matter, he immediately reported it to Feng Linbai. He clicked his tongue in wonder, “Master, don’t you think this matter is very interesting? These two siblings should have been schemed against, right? Who Do you think is the mastermind behind this? Is there anyone who hates the Feng family like us? Oh No, there should be many who hate the Feng family…” Feng Linbai was not surprised at all. He smiled coldly. “With your memory?” Ke Yan Bin:”… Huh?” What did he remember? Feng Lin Bai’s gaze had already swept past him and looked out of the window. Ke Yan bin stood where he was and frowned as he thought about it. Only then did he remember the conversation from before. “Oh! Master, you’re talking about that man-eating flower!” Feng Lin Bai: “She’s not that stupid.” “But what ability does she have? is someone helping her?” Feng linbai said, “Jian Hanshen should know the secret behind it. Give him a chance. Let him go and be burnt out. We’ll watch from the sidelines first.” Ke Yanbin received the order and was about to leave when he was stopped by Feng Linbai. “Oh right, did he Xiulan sneak back again?” Ke Yanbin opened his mouth and thought of his promise to he xialan. He choked and didn’t say a word. Feng Linbai glanced at him casually. “Tell him to keep an eye on Ji Churan. That man-eating flower has a big appetite.” Ke Yanbin shuddered and replied with a “Yes”. He thought to himself that women were really scary. It was better for him to stay alone. He left while shaking his head. When the office was empty, Feng Linbai closed his eyes. His index and middle fingers were parallel. He rubbed his temples to calm the dizziness in his head. He had a strange premonition. It seemed that he did not have much time left. .. The embarrassing incident of the Feng family had been spread in the upper-class circle for half a month. However, it was still spread in the circle. Although it was also spread by people who talked too much, it did not reach the point where everyone knew about it. And on this day, everyone’s attention was attracted by another piece of news that suddenly broke out. “Shocking news! The so-called original choreography of a top-rated celebrity is actually plagiarism!” “The lies that have been kept for so many years have finally been exposed, and the genius persona has collapsed!” “Exclusive: a certain male star surnamed Jiang’s video of him beating someone has been exposed! His bad temper when acting like a big shot has a bad record!” “A certain top-rated male star, PUA choreographer, has finally been exposed after so many years!” ”…” In the studio. Zhong na hurried back and pushed the door open. Just as she was about to speak, her cell phone rang again. She took a look at the caller ID, frowned, and picked it up in the end, “Hello, director Zhou, don’t be anxious. It’s not what you think it is… Yes, give us some time… Oh, you mean next week’s magazine… You Want to postpone it?” “Director Zhou, I understand your concerns,”zhong na turned around and walked out of the door, lowering her voice, “You believe us, there’s no way we would do such a thing. It’s all nonsense written by the media. Yes, yes, okay, then postpone it for now. Thank you, director Zhou, for your time. I understand. Yes, okay…” “Then that’s it for now. Okay, director Zhou, bye-bye.” Zhong na hung up the phone. Her eyebrows were still furrowed. She let out a breath and walked back in. She closed the door, threw her bag aside, and walked over to sit on the sofa, looking at the man who was still sitting by the piano, she was silent for a few seconds before saying, “I’ll take care of this matter. You Don’t have to come out first.” Jiang Xingyi turned around in surprise. “Aren’t you going to ask me what actually happened? Aren’t you going to ask me if I really plagiarized?” Zhong na rolled her eyes. “Do you look like someone who would do such a thing? I, Zhong na, have been around for so many years, but my eyes aren’t that bad.” Jiang Xingyi was really surprised. He even reminded her with interest, “If you believe in your eyes too much, sometimes you will make a mistake.” “So, are you teaching me how to be a person?”Zhong na asked in return. “You’re the person involved now, and you still look like you don’t mind watching the show. Have you been too bored recently?” “A little.”Jiang Xingyi nodded as if it was a serious matter. “It’s not the first time I’ve encountered such a thing, so there’s nothing to be surprised about.” Zhong na mercilessly poked him. “So, you also want to see my attitude, right? Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. What, are you satisfied now?” Jiang Xingyi nodded and immediately blew a rainbow fart. “Sister Na is indeed an ace manager. I don’t worry about following sister Na.” “That’s enough.”Zhong na waved her hand and made a stop sign, “I know what kind of person you are. You think highly of yourself and are a perfectionist. You Can’t tolerate sand in your eyes. If I asked you to plagiarize others, I might as well ask you to strip.” The corner of Jiang Xingyi’s mouth twitched. He took it as a compliment. “So what happened? Did you have a conflict with that choreographer?”? “Don’t blame me for looking into it. Ever since you debuted, she has always been your exclusive choreographer. After so many years of friendship, she went to the opposite house some time ago and now she’s even biting you back. Also, look at how this news is written…” Zhong na unlocked her phone and casually flipped through it. “Beating, threatening, threatening, sexual harassment, and even PUA are all out…” She clicked her tongue and said in disdain, “What a good show of love giving rise to hatred. So, she wants to make you suffer because she was rejected after confessing to you? This Woman’s heart is really scary.” Jiang Xingyi really wanted to remind her, sister Na, that she was also a woman, but he swallowed his words and did not say anything. He could not help but praise her in his heart. Zhong na’s ability to read people’s minds was really amazing. She was able to guess her original appearance 100% . Of course, all of this was based on Zhong na’s trust in him. If Zhong na didn’t trust him, or if she felt that he had caused her trouble, how could she sit here calmly? She was afraid that she would have already given him a scolding, just like how the original owner had treated him previously. “However…”as she spoke, zhong na’s tone changed, “This matter is still a little tricky. The tricky part is that you and she have indeed been good friends for many years and are quite close. Everyone in the circle knows about this. Therefore, when she steps forward to identify you, everyone will have a preconceived notion because of her previous intimacy with you.” “Secondly, she is indeed prepared. The choreography of the New Year’s Eve party between you and her was secretly recorded by her and leaked to her opponent. The opponent was used in the unreleased practice room video so that she could make a false accusation. And she said that she was bribed by you and deliberately stole the video “Thirdly, although you have many die-hard fans and the Public Foundation is fine, you also know that the general public likes to watch such scenes where the throne collapses. Moreover, it is easier for people to sympathize with the weak, although justice is not always on the side of the weak.” Jiang Xingyi’s expression changed. “I understand.” Zhong na continued, “The current Qiao Leshan first said that she was threatened by you, and then it was revealed that on New Year’s Eve, she came out of your resting room with her clothes disheveled. Although you came out very early, she came out late, so not many people saw it. That’s why I didn’t receive this news at that time, but now it’s being exposed at the same time. It’s obvious that she’s been planning this for a long time.” “Now, the Internet is saying that you’re sexually harassing her, and there are even hot words like PUA. I’m telling you to prepare yourself mentally. Don’t go online and fight with the netizens. It Won’t do you any good. “I’ll take care of these matters. After all, you have a strong fan base and Tianhe Entertainment backing you up. Those assets don’t dare to stand on the side directly.” Jiang Xingyi nodded, indicating that he understood everything. Perhaps it was because he had experienced it once before, or perhaps it was because he didn’t have much hope for Qiao Leshan, Jiang Xingyi was surprised when he first heard the news. Then, he smiled and dismissed it. At this moment, he was very calm. After listening to Zhong na’s words.., his heart was as still as water, and there were no ripples. To him, the news on the internet was like a fleeting cloud, floating and sinking. He had time to prove whether it was true or not. Jiang Xingyi’s side was very calm, but the original cooperation was also postponed one by one. On the contrary, he was happy to be free. He took it as giving himself a big vacation and moved back to the Jiang family. From time to time, he would go to the hospital, and his days were relaxed and comfortable. Jiang Chenglang wanted to go to the company, Jiang Jingnian also went out frequently, and Jiang Zeyu stayed at the club for the upcoming competition. Jiang Xingyi became the one with the most free time, and he was really bored, he secretly went to uncle an’s house to get a free meal. An Yimin naturally welcomed his arrival, and he even winked at Xun Shaorong, probably saying something unpleasant. In the end, Xun Shaorong tried his best to find a topic to talk about. Jiang Xingyi knew their good intentions, he did not expose them, but his heart was warm and warm. The three of them had just finished eating when Jiang Xingyi rushed to wash the dishes. Xun Shaorong said that they were a pair of hands that played the piano, so he forced them to sit down on the sofa. Jiang Xingyi was bored, so he simply walked around the room to digest his food, when he went to the study room, he saw the small ornament on the table again. Jiang Xingyi narrowed his eyes. At this moment, his phone rang. He glanced at it and saw that it was a call from Zhong na. After the call was connected, there was a rare silence for a few seconds. Then, zhong na asked, “Are you at home now?” Jiang Xingyi answered, “Yes.” Uncle An’s house was also his home. “Well… I hope you can calm down about what I’m going to tell you next,”zhong na said. “I accidentally found something.” It was rare to see Zhong na stammer like this, so Jiang Xingyi became serious. “What is it?” “There’s no conclusive evidence yet, but I think it’s necessary to tell you first, because I don’t want you to find out about this information from other sources.” It was even more rare for Jiang Xingyi to see Zhong na who needed to take precautions. His curiosity was successfully piqued, and the sentences he said became longer. “So, what exactly happened?” Only then did zhong na speak. “You had an accident two years ago, right?” She used a statement, and the next sentence was like a brick that smashed into the calm water surface, causing a huge splash. “I found that Qiao Leshan might be related to this accident.” .. After hanging up, zhong na frowned deeply and made a second call with worry. “Assistant KE, the task you asked me to do has been completed.” “Okay.” Ke Yanbin received a reply and quickly reported to Feng Linbai. “The task has been completed. So… Master, do you want third young master Jiang to know the truth now?” “He will find out one day. This time, we can solve it together,”Feng Linbai said. “Let’s see if he is smart enough to find out what happened later. Otherwise, we can go help him again.” Feng Linbai didn’t expect that he would find Jiang Yu after he found out something that happened in the past. He wanted to solve the news for Jiang Xingyi and investigate Qiao Leshan. He didn’t know if Yu’er still remembered that she once saved his third brother and even destroyed her voice for it. However, Yu’er didn’t seem to mention it, but it was clearly her own fault. Feng Linbai didn’t want the person involved to know about it. Moreover, he hoped that Jiang Xingyi would discover it on his own initiative. That way, his guilt would be even stronger. .. The An family. After Jiang Xingyi hung up the phone, he still had a frown on his face. An Yimin and Xun Shaorong came out of the kitchen after tidying up. When they saw Jiang Xingyi’s worried expression, they thought that he was worried about the matters on the internet again. An Yimin thought for a moment and decided to be more direct. He cleared his throat and said in a sincere and experienced tone, “Xingyi, a person who knows the truth knows the truth. We don’t have to worry about the things that we haven’t done. Justice is in the hearts of the people. The wicked will be taken care of by others. The truth will be revealed very soon.” The corners of Jiang Xingyi’s mouth twitched. “Uncle an, I’m not worried.” He was indeed not too worried. He left the matter to Zhong na. Jiang Xingyi was completely at ease as he hugged his thigh. He did not consider that Zhong na would not be able to handle it. He had only heard what Zhong na had said and thought that he really did not care anymore. However, he did not expect that it was still because of the word “Friend”that he was slightly disappointed. He thought that they were friends, but from the beginning to the end, it turned out that he had only thought that. One friend had sold him out for the sake of glory and wealth, while the other friend had poisoned him in order to become his benefactor. He had never considered that he might not be able to sing in the future. They only wanted to make him their property. Thinking about it, it was as if his feelings for him had been fed to a dog all these years. In an Yimin’s eyes, Jiang Xingyi’s smile was uglier than his tears. He thought to himself that Jiang Xingyi had suffered quite a blow this time, and he continued to comfort him, “Look, uncle an, wasn’t I the same before… Now that I’ve come over, and I’m living such a good life. There’s a saying that goes, ‘destroy before you build.’some setbacks appear so that you can welcome a better future.” After drinking this bowl of chicken soup, the discomfort in Jiang Xingyi’s heart eased a little. Thinking of an Yimin’s previous situation, and now he had to dig out his own scars to comfort him, he suddenly felt a little guilty. “Uncle an, I’m really fine. I just thought that the new song hasn’t been found yet,”Jiang Xingyi casually lied. An Yimin didn’t expose him. “Aiya, then you don’t have to worry. Take it slow. You Can’t rush things like the new song.” Jiang Xingyi nodded. At this moment, xun shaorong exclaimed, “Ah!” There was even a crisp sound. An Yimin immediately walked over nervously. “What’s Wrong?” Jiang Xingyi followed him. In the small bedroom, Xun Shaorong waved his hand and said hurriedly, “It’s nothing. I was trying to put something in, but I accidentally knocked this metal box onto the ground.” The square iron box fell to the ground, and the things inside were scattered all over the ground. Jiang Xingyi squatted down and picked up the scattered things. Suddenly, he saw something, and his movements became sluggish, and his whole body froze. This.. How could it be so similar.. When Xun Shaorong saw that he had stopped, he followed his movements and saw the necklace. He said in surprise, “So this necklace was placed here by Yu Yu. No wonder I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I tried. Yu Yu loved this necklace when she was young, but I haven’t seen her wear it ever since. I thought that she had lost it and was afraid that she would feel guilty. I didn’t even dare to mention it. It turns out that she didn’t lose it.” “Cough, cough…” An Yimin coughed a few times and gave Xun Shaorong a look, indicating that she should stop talking. He was afraid that Jiang Xingyi was already in a bad mood and would be even sadder when he heard Yu Yu’s name. Xun Shaorong immediately kept quiet and even carefully glanced at Jiang Xingyi. Jiang Xingyi’s expression was difficult to discern. He was still holding the necklace in his hand and kept squatting down. After a long while, he took off the black earring on his left ear and put it in his palm. He said calmly, “Aunt Xun, do you think this earring belongs to this necklace?” Xun Shaorong had already thought that this earring was similar to the water diamond that had been lost on this necklace. He did not think too much about it and compared it, “It’s quite similar, but this necklace of mine isn’t worth much. Your earring is definitely not cheap. Compared to this, it’s a genuine item and a fake.”. “What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you feel cheated?” Xun Shaorong wondered if Jiang Xingyi had bought the earring at a high price. Now that he saw the necklace, he felt that it might be a fake? She even nagged, “We can find someone to identify it. If it’s really a fake, we can see if we can find a seller…” Jiang Xingyi slowly tightened his fingers. It was really difficult to judge just from this necklace. After so many years, it was impossible to run a fingerprint and DNA test. His mind was full of complicated thoughts, but his instincts and impulses were getting stronger. “Aunt Xun, can you tell me the story of this necklace? You said that little sister liked it very much?” Xun Shaorong hesitated. Jiang Xingyi stared at her. “Aunt Xun, I don’t have the honor to participate in Little Sister’s past again, so can you tell me more about it?” An Yimin agreed. “Alright then.” It was really hard for him to refuse this request. After all, there were still so many people who missed Yu Yu. .. Jiang Xingyi drove back to the Jiang residence. He sat quietly in the car for a while before entering the house. At home, Jiang Chenglang was already there. Jiang Chenglang knew where he had gone today, so he didn’t ask much. He looked at him and focused on the mobile news again. Jiang Xingyi originally wanted to go upstairs, but today’s news was too shocking for him. Thinking about the empty room, he really wanted to find someone to share it with, even if that person was Jiang Chenglang. So he stopped and touched the ear stud on his left ear, inviting him, “If you’re free, Let’s Talk?” Jiang Chenglang was a little surprised. From what he knew, the recent events shouldn’t be enough to make Jiang Xingyi want to tell him his heartfelt feelings. When he didn’t get a response right away, Jiang Xingyi immediately turned his head. “Forget it if you’re not free.” “I’m free.”Jiang Chenglang immediately took the phone and stood up. “Let’s go to the study.” He was really curious about what Jiang Xingyi wanted to talk to him about. 

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