Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1102 1102. Expressions

Chapter 1102 1102. Expressions

The five Princes and Princesses left the region after they completed their task. The experts of the alliance in the military base watched them go before meditating on their message.

King Elbas wasn't the type of cultivator that would resort to schemes to deal with his opponents. He was driven and curious, but he wouldn't do anything to hurt his image.

Moreover, his cultivation level placed him away from political struggles. His only goal was to ascend now, so the organizations didn't think that the meeting would endanger them.

Reports reached the alliance's inscribed notebooks. Those in charge of overseeing the new continent's situation stated that the Princes and Princesses had left for the Papral nation.

The structures on the old continent then confirmed that the Royals had conveyed their invitation to the Empire before returning to their respective regions.

The matter became official at that point. The Royals had invited all the interested parties and restored their political silence, and only one doubt remained in the minds of the three leaders. They couldn't understand why King Elbas had decided to invite Noah too.

Noah wasn't exactly famous for his political skills, and King Elbas had suffered a loss when he dealt with him. Even his inscribed items didn't prevent the Demon Prince from tricking him into leaving the surface.

"You don't have to come," Chasing Demon said as he neared Noah. The Patriarch was worried that Noah could be in danger if he went to the meeting.

Noah couldn't claim to know King Elbas personally, but he understood him. They had a lot in common, but there were a few sharp differences that made them uniques.

King Elbas was a true creator. His interests enveloped everything in the world, and he was willing to put himself in danger and damage his reputation to appease his curiosity.

Noah put his cultivation level and battle prowess before everything. He had developed other interests throughout his life, but they always concerned his power.

King Elbas preferred grand actions and flashy gestures to prove his superiority. Instead, Noah would often resort to tricks and deceit when necessary.

Noah didn't care about his image, while King Elbas needed it to fuel the power of his bloodline. If the Royal had to resort to a trick to kill Noah, his family would lose most of its reputation.

"I'll go," Noah firmly answered, and the weaker experts paying attention to that interaction couldn't help but nod at his determination.

Noah had learnt to behave like a true leader with time. He often ignored those obligations due to his aloof character, but he always acted while keeping the Hive's best interests in mind.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that the Hive's status would be nowhere near its current one if it weren't for him.

Noah didn't only obtain the tools necessary for the rebellion. He had also gathered a large number of experts and resources across the years.

The Seventh Kesier rune alone was enough to make him the most important existence in the entire Hive. He didn't manage any political matter, but the higher-ups knew that their organization's future was safe with him.

The Elders of the Council saw that too, and they felt glad that Noah was their ally. He usually created chaos whenever he moved, but they would never hope to have him as their enemy.

Even if his dantain was still in the fifth rank, no one dared to consider him an incomplete powerhouse. Actually, some believed that he was already stronger than his Patriarch.

Of course, Noah didn't care about his public image. His mind had registered only two pieces of information: The meeting with King Elbas and the time he had to prepare for that event.

'Training with Sword Saint is obvious,' Noah thought as the troops dispersed, 'But what should I do other than training?'

Three years were nothing for him now. He could spend them thinking about his next project if necessary. Yet, he still had plans to increase his power in the short-run.

Noah had solved the situation with his spells, and he had even improved the Demonic Form. His centers of power grew steadily, and his dantian only needed time or some sudden enlightenment.

He couldn't accelerate the training with Sword Saint. Only the endless repetition of his best slash could make it become his foundation.

The copying of the elements had met a bottleneck. Noah had no idea what to do with the light element, and no one could help him in that matter.

Noah could begin to create techniques capable of fusing with his new spells. Still, his sword arts were incomplete, so he found it pointless to invent forms that he would have to change soon.

'It seems that you are my only option,' Noah thought, and a surprised gasp resounded in his mind.

Night had remained inside its dark underground area during the recent events. King Elbas probably knew a lot about that species, so Noah didn't want to risk it while it was in that weak body.

Their connection had improved, so the two could talk even if they were in different regions. It was as if Noah had a permanent open channel with the Pterodactyl's mind.

"Is something happening?" Night asked through its connection, but Noah didn't answer. He would keep the creature curious for a while to avoid seeing its smug face again.

The world couldn't return to complete peace after King Elbas' return. The shadow of war loomed over the new continent, so every expert did their best to improve their prowess.

They didn't know how the meeting would unfold. It was better to prepare for the worst.

Chasing Demon even issued a series of specific orders meant for Thirty-seven. The automaton and his disciples had to create temporary cities in the separate dimension if King Elbas decided to go all-out against the alliance.

There wasn't enough time to resume creating living weapons, and Noah wasn't in the mood to use those years for that. The various experts could only use their resources to either purchase or build their inscribed items.

Noah returned to the tower next to the Divine Cut. He had a room on the last floor where the sunlight couldn't enter, and he quickly began his project there.

That wasn't his first time improving Night's body, and he had already studied the corpses of its species in the past. Replicating those creatures' innate ability was hard, but Noah didn't want to stop at that.

The Night-blade Pterodactyls were incredible in the right environment. Noah had even begun to believe that they could really be the best predators in darkness.

However, that wasn't enough. It was pointless to be the best among ants in a world filled with dragons.

Night had sensed that something was up, so it didn't hesitate to fly to the tower to spy on its Master. When it reached the last floor, it found June opening one of the windows to allow it inside.

The beast wanted to shoot directly in the isolated room, but June promptly stopped it.

"Noah is working with the corpses of your species," June said before returning to her mat to cultivate.

Her appearance didn't change in those years, but the aura that surrounded her had become unstable. It was as if she was ready to explode at the first sign of battle, which created a sharp contrast with her calm expression.

"Is he creating a new body?" Night asked as a deep chirp accompanied its human words. "It was about time! I suffered so much in this thing!"

June stared at the bird-like creature with interest, but she didn't say anything. Night eventually found that constant gaze annoying and questioned her about it.

"What is it?" Night asked with a tinge of impatience.

"Noah always tells me that you are more expressive than humans," June replied without moving her gaze. "I just can't understand where your expressions are."

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