Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 12 - 12. Smile

The atmosphere became heavier, Noah felt a little like suffocating.

He looked at the stern expression on his Master's face and gulped, then released a long breath and got in a charging position with both his sabers pointing ahead.

'He is strong, way stronger than any guard I've faced and they are stronger than me already.'

William was unmoving, he didn't even seem to breathe. He stared fixedly at Noah's figure waiting for his move.

'He won't underestimate me like Micky.'

Noah's eyes became full of resolution.

'So I can only charge ahead and see how it goes.'

Once decided, Noah didn't waste any more time.

He charged ahead, in a moment he was in front of William aiming for a horizontal double cut.

A loud THUD resounded in his mind.

"Reckless, what's the point of wielding 2 sabers if then you use both of them to attack against an opponent of whom you know nothing?"

Noah found himself on the ground, his left shoulder hurting.

'I didn't even see his attack'


William ordered. Noah stood up pointing with his right arm and went back into an attacking position.

Then he charged ahead again but made a feint before entering William's range of attack and twisted to his left slashing with his right saber, the left one was held still to cover his head.


"A feint can only work if your ability to perform it surpasses your opponent's ability to see through it. Again"

This time it was his right leg to hurt. Noah slightly sensed something after he made the feint but it was too fast for him to react and so he ended up again on the ground.

Like this, the day went on.


"If you use a jump attack on someone faster than you, you are just cutting off your road of retreat."


"Whenever you try to use your height to your advantage, your opponent will do the same with his peculiarity."


"Aiming for my blind spot was smart but I'm a cultivator! I don't have blind spots because I can clearly sense you with my mental energy."


"I'm almost moved by your perseverance but even throwing your saber won't work"


"You sure are stubborn but that won't get you anywhere until you understand today's lesson"


This time William didn't speak, he just looked at the kid full of bruises in front of him. He was pointing with trembling hands and legs at the floor with his sabers. His breath ragged and his whole body full of sweat, yet his eyes were still staring at William with fervor.

"And... Cough... What would be today's lesson about?"

Asked Noah confused.

"Tell me, my disciple, what can you do against a faster, stronger opponent that you cannot outsmart?"

Noah lowered his eyes and thought for a long time, then he answered with a questioning tone:


William half-smiled sighing softly.

"Quite but not totally right. The only thing you can do is giving up. You must understand that sometimes you simply can't win, even if you put your everything on the line, no matter how unfair it can be."

Noah looked at his Master's smile. He had nothing to say, he was right.

"Today I wanted to make you understand this and also train you a bit, but your stubbornness carried on for three hours so it's better to call it a day. I'll see you again in a week at the same hour and in the same room. Now go to rest and don't do works that require your body."

And then, William left. The atmosphere relaxed and Noah could not hold on the sabers anymore and fell on the floor. He coughed a couple of times and then went in a cross-legged position.


He strongly exhaled with his eyes closed and then tried to resume a normal rhythm of respiration.

A smile appeared on his tired face.

'He is incredibly strong! From start to finish I never saw his movements and only sensed them a little. This mental energy stuff is incredible, a cultivator is incredible! I wonder if he would be able to stop a bullet from my previous world. Hahaha, I love this! The more I see a cultivator the more I want to become one! So much strength in just one man! A hand to stop 2 swords, a hand to stop a dragon! I want to train more, I want to get stronger, I want to forge my life with my own power! Who cares if I die again, this is the first time I feel so alive in two lives!'

Then, the image of Lily appeared in his head and his smile became more complicated.

'I guess I should first solve her situation otherwise I won't be at peace'

The smile disappeared and he opened his eyes, resolution was literally pouring out of his expression.

'Either way, I need strength to do both things, so my course of action can only be more training.'

He stood up with difficulty and carried himself back in his room. He ate a large meal and studied both the manuals till after dinner, then he carried on looking at the Kesier rune.

The next morning, he woke up with his body hurting all over the place but he didn't care. He stuck with his schedule with even more passion. Steadily but surely, he was becoming stronger.

The next week he arrived even earlier at the appointment with William. This time he actually had to wait for his Master to come.

When he entered the room he looked at the disciple staring at him with expectations and could not help but to shake his head.

'And here I thought that he learned something last time.'

He yawned shortly and then took a wooden stick from the wall behind him.

"Today we will exchange defense and attack and I will point out every mistake you make by hitting you with this."

He pointed at the wooden stick in his hands.

"Come on, start attacking me."

Noah hurriedly stood up and took two training sabers. Then he directly charged at William with his sabers crossed in front of him.


The tip of the stick hit his head as he fell back in guard.

"Your body must be more crouched to use that type of charge so to protect your whole upper body. Again"

Noah tried again with the same charge but following his Master's advice this time.


The stick struck the point where the sabers crossed and pushed them back on Noah's chest.

"Put some strength in those arms. How can your weapons protect you if you let them hit your body"

And so, Noah charged again.


The stick hit the same spot as before but this time Noah held on and deflected the stick entering William's guard but when he was about to strike he heard a voice coming from behind him.

"That wasn't bad, now try with a different form."

The William in front of Noah had disappeared and reappeared behind him.

Noah looked at the smiling figure behind him and shook his head to suppress any thought of cursing him.

This way the morning passed by with William perfecting Noah's technique.

"Today has been good, see you next week."

Noah was in a pitiful state but this time managed to make a bow before his Master exited the room. He was really grateful for the time William was investing in him, and that day he really did some great progress. He could not wait for seven days to pass!

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