Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1236 1236. Dead

Chapter 1236 1236. Dead

Blood flowed through Noah's throat and reached his mouth. His defenses had barely blocked the Snake's attack, but he had still suffered a lot of damage in the process.

Yet, he only cared about the fact that the creature was still in his range. His corrosive smoke had already resumed filling the area, and the ice-shards accumulated on the Snake couldn't heal it quickly with that hindrance.

The ice-shards had yet to heal the Snake completely. Blood still flowed from two serious injuries, and the corrosive smoke didn't hesitate to fill those spots.

Cuts had never stopped appearing in the injury at the center of the creature's mouth. Noah's technique wasn't easy to counter, and a magical beast didn't have access to abilities that could suppress it.

The wound on its neck remained the deepest one. Part of the tissues that kept its body and head attached had regrown, but the injury still went beyond the Snake's spine.

'Your turn,' Noah thought as he used his free hand to grab the tail. 'I'll deal with the less serious one.'

A shadow came out of Noah's space-ring and fused with the corrosive smoke after those thoughts. Meanwhile, Noah retracted his blade and stabbed a more central spot of the Snake's tail.

Noah had removed half of the Snake's dangerousness by restraining its tail. He wouldn't give up on that advantage anytime soon.

His consciousness spread and a devilish smirk appeared on his fuming armor as he continued to pull and thrust his Demonic Sword to advance on the Snake's body. Dark matter also flowed inside his blade as he prepared a powerful attack.

The Snake didn't remain still. It found the corrosive smoke annoying because it slowed down its recovery, but it knew that the cause behind those abilities was the small figure clutched at its tail.

The creature tried to get rid of that presence by slamming its tail on the ground multiple times. Massive cracks opened on the terrain and entire chunks of that region pulverized under its physical might. However, Noah remained attached to its body even after it thrashed him around.

The Snake didn't hesitate to attack with its head at that point. It didn't care that its tail would suffer some damage in the process. It could recover almost to its peak as long as it killed its opponent.

Noah saw the massive reptilian head charging at him, but it slashed at the tail before the attack could reach him. Then, he left behind a human-shaped crack as he entered his dimension.

His attack severed the tail and made the Snake roar in anger when its mouth bit empty air. The creature spewed more silver liquid to use that free moment to recover, but pain suddenly spread from its head.

Noah had reappeared on the creature's head and had stabbed his blade on the deep injury on its mouth. The Demonic Sword joined the other cuts in destroying those tissues, and it dug deeper into them as dark matter flowed inside its shape.

The Snake swung its tail at Noah, but it had yet to become used to its missing piece, so the attack missed him. Noah could continue to stab the Demonic Sword deeper in the injury without even bothering to dodge.

Cuts suddenly appeared in the injury on the creature's neck too. A shadow severed chunks of flesh whenever it entered that wound, and the healing of the ice-shards soon stopped being enough to counter that offensive.

The Snake crashed its head on the ground in a desperate attempt to shake Noah off, but his foothold remained steady while he continued to dig through the creature's flesh. The rocks and terrain landing on his armor couldn't even make him flinch.

The beast's survival instincts stepped forward at that point. The Snake spread its mouth toward the sky and released a torrent of silver liquid. A column formed in the air before silver rain fell everywhere on the battlefield.

Ice covered the area in an instant. Noah had never seen the Snake releasing so much silver liquid at the same time, and the effects that it had on the environment were incredible.

The silver rain reached every inch of that area and turned them into ice that shattered to converge toward the Snake. Long trails of ice-shards began to fly to fix the injuries suffered by the beast.

Noah's corrosive smoke suffered from a similar fate. The passive ability of the Demonic Form couldn't stop that skill. The silver liquid was more resistant than the ice-shards and could freeze even that threatening gas.

The poison carried by the Demonic Form couldn't affect the Snake either. The Black Mark couldn't hurt such a powerful body because Noah was far weaker than the creature when it came to his actual cultivation level.

Noah saw ice spreading everywhere around him, but he didn't panic. He had one last surprise for the Snake, and his consciousness told him that it had finally arrived.

The Snake rejoiced when it felt its injuries closing, but a black mass suddenly filled its vision. The Black Hole spell had remained in the sky after the battle had moved on the ground. Noah had called it now to deal with the last struggles of the beast.

The Black Hole spell had never stopped absorbing primary energy. The power in that unstable mass scared even Noah, but he knew that he couldn't avoid that blast.

The massive dark sphere exploded when the Snake launched an angry roar. All the ice-shards converging toward the creature vanished under the wave of energy released during the detonation, and even the silver liquid stopped falling.

Noah's armors blocked part of that shockwave. The Black Hole spell transformed the energy that it absorbed, but it still used the Demonic Form's smoke to increase its damage. That couldn't hurt Noah, so he only had to block the rest of the energy.

The armor of dark matter collapsed and reformed during that shockwave. The wild energy rushing on Noah's body destroyed even the Demonic From at some point, which left him to endure part of the explosion with his bare skin.

The area became so messy that Night had to escape from the injury on the Snake's neck in that situation. The explosion of the Black Hole spell was too dangerous.

Noah used all his strength to remain attached to the Snake's head during that shockwave. His ambition almost reached its limits when he relied on his individuality to endure the explosion.

The shockwave eventually ended. Noah didn't even need to check to know that his body was full of injuries, but he had other important matters handle now.

His ambition surged one last time as dark matter flowed inside the Demonic Sword still stabbed in the Snake's head. His veins bulged as he tried to make up for the lack of power with his physical strength.

The blade began to move while the Snake continued to struggle. Noah dragged the Demonic Sword through the Snake's head as he tried to reach its brain.

The Demonic Sword became longer while inside the Snake's flash. More cries echoed through the sky during that process, but Noah couldn't spare even an instant to inspect the outside world.

Night resumed its offensive too, and Snore reformed to restrain the heavily injured Eternal Snake. The puppets began to work together to end that exhausting battle.

The Demonic Form and dark matter covered Noah's figure to empower his physical strength. He was using everything he had to kill that resilient beast.

A roar came out of Noah's mouth as the Demonic Sword cut the Snake's head until it reached the injury on the neck. Noah took a while to notice that he had actually severed the upper part of the creature's skull in half.

Another roar resounded from behind Noah. The Eternal Snake's head fell as Night finished cutting the last tissues that kept it attached to the rest of the body and announced its victory.

The massive creatures fell lifelessly on the ground, but Noah kept his abilities active even if his cultivation level was plummeting. His eyes remained fixed on the Eternal Snake, but his superior awareness soon confirmed that the beast was dead.

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