Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1754 - 1754. Influence

Chapter 1754 - 1754. Influence

Transforming one expert in the divine ranks was a troublesome matter. The process involved laws that went beyond simple stability and similar concepts. It required a complete transformation of one's entity, which usually needed a broken or simple existence.

Fergie, Robert, and the Foolery all had special situations that had allowed Noah to perform a complete transformation. The mutated sharks were the same due to their connection with the chaotic laws.

Instead, the prisoner of the Sinnell family didn't feature any lasting injury on his existence, and his belief also made him a troublesome guinea pig. He would definitely oppose the transformation, which was an issue that Noah could overcome only through sheer power.

"Heaven and Earth won't let me turn into one of you monsters!" The man shouted when he understood that Noah wasn't simply threatening him.

"They barely have enough energy to look out for themselves," Noah laughed before straightening his position and turning toward the path that led to the upper floors. "I'll prepare a few things first. I'll take care of the prisoner after making sure that Heaven and Earth can't find us here."

"Can you even do something like that?" The woman in the solid stage asked.

"Don't worry about it," Noah replied while walking past her. "I've dealt with Heaven and Earth long enough to know how to make them blind."

The woman couldn't help but remain speechless in front of the pure confidence flowing out of Noah's figure. Everything seemed possible when he announced it.

"You aren't as bad as the reports say," The woman commented, and a pensive smile appeared on her face. "I'm Elsie Sinnell, by the way. I forgot to welcome you properly due to the strangeness of our situation."

Noah didn't even bother to turn, but June glared at Elsie. The cultivator wasn't only strong. She was also quite stunning.

It was rare for cultivators capable of reaching the solid stage to retain their young appearances. Even June's features had slightly aged due to the time spent as a prisoner of the Crystal City. Avoiding the effects of time was impossible, but constant growth could help in the matter.

Elsie had a young appearance. She barely seemed to touch her thirties, and her long blonde hair shone on its own due to her law. Her green eyes also radiated a similar light, and her last expression showed a clear interest toward Noah.

June immediately sensed that interest, and she ended up loathing it. Still, Noah noticed her reaction and didn't hesitate to grab her to bring her toward his c.h.e.s.t.

'They are potential allies,' Noah transmitted through his consciousness while dragging June toward the upper floors. 'Get stronger if you want to kill every woman who is after me.'

'I challenge you to find someone who can put up with your addictions,' June replied through her consciousness.

'Or who launches lightning bolts whenever she sees me,' Noah mocked her, and the duo continued to bicker until they exited the structure.

The cultivators from the branch of the Sinnell family felt curious when they saw Noah and June coming out of the building. They initially thought that the interrogation had gone poorly, but Noah's next actions left them speechless.

Noah flew higher into the sky until his vision could see the entirety of the region. His focus didn't go on the buildings. His consciousness spread through the entire area and began to cover it with his ambition.

The ground and air started to change, but Noah deployed the dark world before any transformation could occur. His dark matter modified the broad purpose that his ambition tried to give and put on a different path.

Noah didn't want lifeforms nor a thorough transformation. He only needed the area to turn into something that Heaven and Earth couldn't affect. The rulers would still be able to inspect the outsides of the region after the process, but they wouldn't manage to reach its insides.

The ambition followed the dark world's orders and forced the region to change according to precise directives. The ground became metal, and the air transformed into a dense gas that resembled Noah's dark matter. Even the underground world didn't manage to escape the mutations.

Noah spared only the buildings of the Sinnell family. He had left the other cultivators able to see and sense everything happening to their home, but he didn't know how they would react if the ambition started destroying their inscriptions.

The process didn't take long. Noah had already improved his ability to mutate the world after transforming the entirety of the Legion's domain. It was almost a second nature that he avoided unfolding to its full potential most of the time by then.

Elsie had also come out of the building after sensing what was happening in the outside world. Her eyes inevitably widened in surprise during the process. She could feel the strange power carried by Noah's ambition, and her instincts almost begged her to let that energy affect her law.

Elsie was the only reason the other cultivators didn't try to stop Noah. Most of them had understood that he had no ill intentions, but a small group was ready to attack. Yet, their leader stopped them before they could affect the transformation.

Everything was dark after Noah dispersed the dark world and retracted his ambition. The whole region had turned into a flat metal land covered by a thick black cloud.

Outsiders could even mistake that cloud for one of Heaven and Earth's Tribulations, but their evaluation would be completely off. The rulers couldn't reach that place. Noah had created a night that they couldn't pierce without powerful tools.

"Thank you!" Noah exclaimed when he landed next to Elsie and approached the previous building.

June rolled her eyes at that scene, but she didn't dare to say anything. Elsie was stronger than her, and Noah needed the assistance of her branch to learn more about the whole situation in the Outer Lands.

"What did you do?!" The chained cultivator promptly shouted when he saw Noah and the others approaching his cell. "Why can't I sense them anymore? What have you done to the higher plane?"

"I freed it," Noah explained. "Even ground and air have the chance to pursue the cultivation journey. I just gave them a little push."

"You could cause a catastrophe!" The man shouted. "You might even kill us all! What if the Immortal Lands start to destabilize because of your actions?"

"I'd blame Heaven and Earth for building something so frail," Noah laughed before wearing a cold expression and moving his gaze on the prisoner.

"I won't let you turn me!" The man announced while trying to retreat, but the chains didn't give him the chance to move.

"I've always wanted to see the limits of my mutations," Noah said in an aloof voice while Elsie opened the door of the cell. "How much can humans even handle if they oppose the procedure? Can I still reach a decent result if the experts fight the transformation? I've always lacked suitable guinea pigs and time, but you are here now."

The cultivator shook. He could sense the coldness radiated by Noah's figure. His warden wouldn't feel anything during the procedure. Noah even seemed interested in seeing the transformation go wrong.

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