Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1987 1987. Scorching

Chapter 1987 1987. Scorching

King Elbas had turned the defensive technique into his own attack and had forced it to crash on the two cultivators. The area filled with explosive energy was too close to the two experts, so they didn't have the time to react to that event. Moreover, their surprise had delayed their actions even more, leaving them completely defenseless.

Countless explosions resounded, and waves of raging energy flew in every direction. The cultivators were doing their best to fend off the powerful attack that the golden runes had enhanced, but a new threat arrived before they could fix their situation.

The liquid stage experts initially thought that the destruction around them was messing with their senses, but they eventually had to accept that their mental waves weren't lying to them. Noah had shot through the raging energy and was flying toward them without caring about his injuries.

Cuts opened and patches of skin vanished as Noah trod forward. The two liquid stage experts were using their power to shield their bodies, but they still suffered injuries in that situation. He couldn't think of a better chance to inflict a deadly blow. He only had to focus on reaching his opponents in one piece.

The amount of ambition flowing toward his body increased, and part of it also improved the properties of the black hole. Dark matter filled his injuries as his entire structure grew stronger. Noah crossed those storms safely, and he drew the blades that he had stored into his separate space to deliver a deadly slash.

The old-looking cultivator stopped defending himself from the raging energy to point his hands toward Noah. Still, he overestimated the power of his body.

The raging energy crushed his right shoulder, waist, and a piece of his head as soon as he lifted his defenses. The injuries made him react to his opponent's arrival too late, so Noah could complete his slash and store his blades.

Another massive slash appeared, but the two experts saw it taking form right next to them. They couldn't deploy any technique at that distance. The attack left Noah's blades and discharged its destructive power on them.

The discharge of power ended up dispersing the raging energy, but King Elbas made sure to use his rune to condense it. Those glowing symbols retreated toward him as they rotated around a colorless sphere that contained what remained of the cultivator's ability. His curious eyes studied it for a few seconds, but he eventually threw it at his side.

The explosion had flung Noah in the distance. It took him a while to stop, but a smirk appeared on his face when he saw a colorless sphere flying toward him.

Dark matter came out of Noah's body and devoured the sphere in no time. Part of his injuries healed, but most of the energy contained in the item dealt with his drawbacks. He had withdrawn part of his ambition to avoid worsening his future condition, but he had left the empowerments on his blades and body in place.

The slash had left a mass of dark matter lingering in the sky. Noah and King Elbas could still sense the presence of their opponents, but their state was unclear. Yet, they felt pretty confident about their previous offensive.

The dispersion of the dark matter revealed the state of the two cultivators. The old-looking cultivator's body was in pieces, but his world had barely suffered any injury. Instead, the woman was mostly fine, which surprised both Noah and King Elbas.

Noah inspected the situation for only a second before shooting forward. King Elbas understood what he was thinking from that reaction. Noah had aimed at the old-looking cultivator, but his slash had been big enough to endanger the woman. She couldn't be completely fine after dealing with the raging energy and the sharp attack at the same time.

King Elbas' crown glowed with a blinding light that quickly condensed into a beam. The intense radiance didn't have any destructive power, but it pierced the illusion created by the liquid stage woman when it fell on the scene.

The beam tore pieces of the sky as if it were mere fabric, but a second sky appeared behind them. The scene changed as King Elbas kept dispersing the illusion. The woman appeared in her true form, and the same went for the old-looking man.

The liquid stage experts had suffered serious injuries, but they didn't seem to hinder the movements of their maimed bodies. Those wounds didn't impede their power either. They could prepare two different attacks and aim them at King Elbas.

King Elbas had managed to discover the truth about the situation in time to deploy a few defenses, but the enemy attack eventually arrived.

The man sent a wave of his dense energy forward and waited until it touched the array of golden runes that King Elbas had summoned before making his power seep into the world.

Instead, the woman spread her arms as her aura expanded and engulfed King Elbas. The expert tried to fend it back, but his energy stopped listening to him after prolonged contact with the liquid stage cultivator's aura.

The space-time array replaced the world in Noah's eyes. He didn't hesitate to rely on his best movement ability to reach the battlefield in an instant, but a series of explosions interrupted his charge. The two cultivators had worked together to hide a few masses of unstable energy on the path before focusing on King Elbas.

The golden runes started to explode, but some of the detonations happened on the other side of that defensive wall. King Elbas saw the raging energy appearing directly on his face.

Noah glanced at King Elbas' position, but the raging energy and the runes made it hard to understand what was happening there. Noah wouldn't normally worry about his friend since he knew how powerful he was, but the latter was enduring the joint offensive of two liquid stage cultivators now. Even the mighty King Elbas could find himself unprepared in front of that threat.

Noah directly moved his eyes on the two cultivators when he saw a golden light seeping past the raging energy. He didn't need to see anything else to know that King Elbas was in control of the situation.

A golden robe came out of King Elbas' body and filled the area with a scorching light. The effects of that inscribed item intensified when he wore it. His complexion suddenly paled, but a wave of burning power followed the event.

The scorching light destroyed every form of foreign energy that dared to stand near King Elbas. The cultivators' power vanished in less than a second, but that wasn't everything. After completing its destruction, the radiance retreated into the robe and flowed into the spear, which quickly became a blinding beacon.

The two cultivators retreated when they saw that Noah was approaching them, but a scorching beam shot after them. King Elbas' attack was faster than Noah when he didn't rely on his strongest movement technique, and it surpassed even the liquid stage experts.

The old-looking man tried to make the beam explode, but nothing happened even after detonations happened in its insides.. The attack appeared unstoppable, so he prepared himself to deploy an evasive maneuver. However, his companion suddenly grabbed him and threw him toward the incoming scorching light.

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