Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 29 - 29. Flame snake

The thunder wolves were all rank 2.

Generally speaking, wolves types of magical beasts had all the ability to coordinate their attacks together.

This particular one could send bolts of lightning from its mouth or coordinate with the pack to create a massive thunder that could destroy everything in its path.

If it was shot from 6 rank 2, its power could match the top tier of their rank.

Mark sat next to Sandy and they started betting on Noah's performance.

Even Ethan this time didn't show his usual competitive side and just sat on the ground looking annoyed, a fight with those magical beasts was not worth his interest.

Susan remained standing but just kept looking for more clues around the ruins of the village.

'These guys.'

Noah felt a bit irritated.

'Each one of them should be able to wipe those wolves in one hit yet they chose to let me do it. Basically, I'm here to clean the trash.'

The wolves kept getting closer and their tails were accumulating electricity to release into an attack.

"You know, I really hate being tested."

Said Noah to the group, while unsheathing his sabers and jumping towards the wolves.

His attention was on the tails of the wolves since it was from them that you could understand when the lighting bolt would arrive.

During the period of clearing nests, William gave him a slim bestiary to memorize. It had general information about magical beasts below rank 3, with some advice on how to dodge their most powerful attacks.

In the case of the thunder wolves, it was when their mouth opened to release the electricity accumulated in their tails.

There was no such thing as the perfect attack in this world, everything must have a weakness.

In the thunderbolt case, it was the long preparation required and its poor maneuverability;

In Noah's style, it was a limited area of effect.

A bolt shot from one of the wolves mouths in Noah's direction.

He hastily moved diagonally to avoid it and then resumed in his original direction.

The bolt passed near him an hit the ground, a one-meter large hole was formed with smoke coming out of it, the special ability of a rank 2 magical beast was not to be underestimated!

Another bolt shot out but Noah avoided it sliding below it at high speed, then he jumped to end up in the middle of the pack.

From the sight on a normal human, Noah only stopped in place for few instants between the 2 wolves on his sides before moving toward the other 4.

Even the 2 beasts got a little confused by his behavior and tilted their heads to follow the kid entering their group.

At that moment, a red line appeared on the 2 wolves' necks, followed by an eruption of bright red blood.

Two beast's heads fell on the ground, accompanied by their now headless bodies.

"Oh, that is indeed the speed of the Kamaitachi style, when William told me that he gave a rank 3 martial art to a kid I almost was sent to the prison for mocking him. I wonder how much power of the technique he can express."

Sandy commented from his position on the ground, while the other 2 men nodded in approval.

Even though Noah's attack was fast, it could not fool the eyes of cultivators on their level.

Only Ethan seemed to frown a bit, he clearly saw one of the attacks but completely missed the other one.

Meanwhile, Noah was still in the wolves' pack, this time the beasts were preparing a coordinated attack since the death of 2 of their companions made them realize the danger they were in.

But it was too late!

If they used immediately their most powerful attack while Noah was getting closer they could have had a chance, but now that he was among them their fate was written.

Noah seemed to casually stroll between the magical beasts but every time he passed one of them, their head would be severed and fall on the ground.

In less than a minute, the pack was no more, only headless corpses were around him.

'My forms are on a completely different level. If previously they were on the level of a middle-tier rank 2 magical beast or even lower, now they are definitely on the upper-tier! It's just a pity that I still can't cross the boundaries of the rank 3 because my body is still weak.'

Like usual, he would analyze the battle and his techniques to fix any mistake he found in it and to evaluate his power level.

'The events with the ironclad spider were really too fortunate, I don't think I could have killed him if he hadn't just evolved.'

Noah was still standing in thought when Susan came back to the group sitting on the ground.

"The village has nothing of worth left in it and since the kid finished clearing up the beasts we should get going. What do you think, can he block the weak deserters while we fight?"

Sandy stood up while answering:

"The non-cultivators are of no concern for him, the low-level ones should give him some problems but he can handle it. The only problem is for how much can he hold them off, after all the "Breath" in his body is limited."

Susan nodded and then said with resolution:

"Then we end our fights before he's out of it, I don't want to be killed because some weak scum disturbed me."

"Agreed captain, and when we have completed the mission we can all go to the brothel in Mossgrove city to celebrate!"

Susan sighed loudly while massaging her temples, forcing herself not to get irritated by Sandy.

Meanwhile, on Cliffshear mountain, a middle-age muscular man was sitting cross-legged on the ground frowning deeply.

Screams and pleads would resound in the air but he seemed not to care or to be used to it.

A scroll with an intricate linear design written on it was open lying on his hands.

At some point, he raised one of his hands in the air and pointed at a tree on his side.

His whole arm lit up and a snake made of flames shot out of it, it slammed on the tree, destroying it and continuing for some meters before extinguishing.

The man smiled and opened his eyes to look at the destruction created by his first magic spell.

An area of 5 meters was wrecked by his spell, with some small flames still burning the destroyed tree.

The man nodded with satisfaction and put the scroll on the lingering flames burning it without any hesitation while deep in thought.

'I finally managed to learn the flame snake magic, the rebellion was totally worth it!'

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