Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 1 Part1

Translator Note, Cloud: Haha, too used to the shorter length chapters with the novels I had translated over the past two years. I split each chapter up into 2 parts. Not used to such long ones. Let me know your thoughts on the story. Thanks~

Chapter 1.1: Prologue

'Qing Yu….. Save me….. Qing Yu….."

A swath of fiery light shot up into the sky.

An exquisite and beautiful little boy was seated on a wheelchair, looking in despair and helplessness at the similarly exquisite looking little girl not far away from him. What was different was that the little girl had an exceptionally timid and frightened expression, as she looked at the boy trapped in the fire, even seemingly looking like she was thinking of running away.

The boy's body was being roasted and seared by the increasingly heat from the blazingly hot flames. He gritted his teeth tightly together, looking at the girl one final time before he closed his eyes. "Qing Yu….. Leave….."

Seemingly awashed with relief, the little girl immediately turned herself around and went running away without even looking back once.

Till she disappeared from the boy's sight.

The little boy lowered his eyes and laughed mockingly, a crystal clear teardrop slid down from the corner of his eye, like he had just given up on his final grasp upon any delusions.

He will die right? He should have died long ago.

Not only was he going to die under the hands of those people who wanted him dead, he was also going to die at the hands of his weak and useless sister who only knew how to hide in a turtle sh.e.l.l.

He hated that, but he was powerless.

An eight year old child, dragging a broken body around. What could he do?

The little girl's face was filled with panic, her legs under her not stopping as she ran, seemingly seeking to leave this dangerous place far behind her, not caring in the least about the boy's safety or wellbeing.

"Dumb dumb! How can you run away! Go back there and save him!" A highly translucent and illusory shadow stood beside her, wanting to pull her back, but the girl went right through the body.

The shadow was stunned for a moment.

Oh, she was already dead, and is now a spirit body. She had completely forgotten about it.

It could be because she had been dead for too long and did not need to eat nor did she need to sleep, hence she had thought that she was still alive, living in this world in another form.

She watched the little girl run stumbling away in the distance, but saw that her body had begun to increasingly turn translucent, looking like the spirit was about to depart from the sh.e.l.l.

That was….. a sign that a person was about to die.

As predicted, in her panic, the girl actually tripped over a protruding pebble and fell heavily to the round, her forehead landing right upon the broken gravel, the blood flowing out unceasingly. The spirit that had half departed from her body then slipped right out completely, and then dissipated into the wind, where it was not known where it had scattered to.

Qing Yu was stunned by the scene. She had not thought that she would be able to witness such a thing.

Could it be because she had already died, and hence could see this?

She was not given much time to think much about it when she already found herself sucked away by a great force, to enter into the body of the girl who had just died.

And the spirit and body sh.e.l.l melded together just absolutely perfectly.

She did not know how many years it had been already since she came to this strange world, and had never thought that the day would come where she could actually be reborn in such a strange manner!

Her spirit that had not dissipated away for so long, was it waiting just for this day? !

At that very last moment, she seemed to have seen the little girl telling her tearfully to live well on her behalf, and to look after her little brother.

At the moment that Qing Yu agreed, she had then left peacefully.

By the time the unconscious little girl woke up again, her eyes looked completely different.

The timid weakness from before had disappeared without a trace, replaced with a quiet, steady and deadly stillness, without a single ripple of emotion where they seemed to be filled with intelligence and a maturity that could see through all, a lone spirit that had come from a different world.

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