Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1: Flare Up

"Cough cough cough….."

In the quiet Imperial Study, the sound of a series of stifled coughing broke out suddenly.

"Your Majesty, your Dragon's body is more important. Have a rest first!" A young man who was a close aide in waiting said with a worried expression on her face.

The Water Edge Kingdom was different from other kingdoms. They did not have eunuchs here as the founding ancestor had abolished that cruel and immoral system of castration.

They only had palace maids and close aides in waiting who took charge of caring for the reigning Emperor's daily needs and their battle skills were also top notch, carrying the responsibility of protecting him as well.

Behind the dragon table, a man covered his mouth as he coughed violently before he slowly raised his head up from the memorials laid out before him.

It was seen that it was a man with striking sharp brows and a pair of bright eyes, his face smooth as crowning jade. His facial features were gentle and elegant, but his complexion was unfortunately rather pale, where it could immediately be seen that he was not all that well.

"I'm alright. How is the Duke of Vast Oceans doing recently?" Yue Mu Chen asked in a soft voice with a slight lift of the ends of his mouth.

The close aide replied respectfully: "The Duke of Vast Oceans awoke a few days ago. The Imperial Physician had gone to make a diagnosis and found everything to be normal. Moreover, over the several years that he had been in a deep sleep, the Duke of Vast Oceans' body had actually continued to carry out cultivation on its own. According to the Imperial Physician's report, it had been because the Duke's body was undergoing a breakthrough and it could not contain that overwhelming power which caused the Duke to fall into a deep sleep to allow his body to adjust."

"That's what actually happened?" The smile on Yue Mu Chen's mouth deepened. "Looks like the Heavens are blessing our Water Edge Kingdom. The Duke of Vast Oceans is the best gift the Heavens have bestowed onto our kingdom."

A strange phenomenon had occured in the Heavens twelve years ago where a star had descended from the sky, and he was now their Guardian Protector!

"Your Majesty, with the Ninth Princess' delegation going to the Blue Wave, are you….. really intending to make her marry that Crown Prince of theirs?" The close aide gave voice to the question that had been in his heart for so long. He had served His Majesty for several years already and their relationship was naturally not all that ordinary. Moreover when in private, His Majesty was a very easygoing person.

"Haha. With that wild la.s.s Yan Yan, if I really ignore her wishes and marry her off, she will definitely come tear down this Imperial Study of mine." Yue Mu Chen's eyes were highly doting. "I fear that it's only because she saw that the Duke of Vast Oceans had awoken and feeling that she has strong backing now, she just wants to go to the Blue Wave Kingdom to cause a stir."

Upon hearing that, the close aide then breathed out in relief. The Ninth Princess was the darling of the entire Water Edge Kingdom and if she was really married off to the Blue Wave Kingdom, it was wondered how many men and women would be washing their faces with tears everyday!

The Cloud Gathering Loft was established by Bai Zhi Yan back when he was idle and had nothing to do. After he came to serve under Lou Jun Yao, the running of the establishment was handed over to Lian Ji.

Having had to come back to this place after so many years was not a matter of choice.

"Get out!"

A shout of suppressed rage shot out from inside one of the sealed rooms and a red figure flew out from the room before crashing heavily onto the wall.

"My Lord….." Today was a special occasion and hence Lian Ji closed the place early. She was keeping watch when she saw her Master thrown right out of the room and she went to help him up with her face creased with worry.

"Cough cough." Bai Zhi Yan clutched at his chest and coughed twice as he swept Lian Ji's hand away before approaching the room a little once more.

"My Lord, let me help you take a look. I will be fine. You….."

"Are you wishing for death! ?" The voice of the man inside was threatening and cold.

Lou Jun Yao's body that was afflicted with fire and ice poison was inherited from his mother back when she was injured in an ambush while she was pregnant with him.

And it was no ordinary fire and ice poison but also cast with the Blood Curse incantation. Every time it relapsed, the Blood Curse's seal would spread over his entire body, half of it red, and the other half a dark blue, making him look as terrifying as an evil demon.

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