Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 13.2

Chapter 13.2: Furore At The Apothecary's

"Miss, you dropped your handkerchief….."

"Auntie, do you still want these vegetables?"

"Ay ay, hold it right there. You've not yet paid….."

"Make way, make way, everyone's cl.u.s.tered up here….." All the voices suddenly quietened.

On a particular street in the capital city, it was almost completely stuffed up, obstructed by a gathered crowd.

And the place that the people were gathered at was an old and well known apothecary shop named Global Aid Hall. Business at that shop had not been all that good because the proprietor was an obstinate man. Not only was he inflexible in business, every single one of the herbs in his shop was ridiculously expensive, with the cheapest among them at a hundred silver taels.

According to him, all these herbs had grown in places where spirit energy was highly abundant and their effects were ten times better than regular herbs. But no one believed him and just merely took it as a joke.

One person spread the joke and a hundred people shared it with others, till Global Aid Hall's business grew more and more bleak. But the proprietor still persisted with his views, believing that there would still be people who would recognize the real worth of his goods.

And today, one who knew their worth had really come.

Not only was he able to recognize their value, the shop that no one patronized was now packed to overflowing by the people he had drawn in.

The old proprietor stroked his long beard and looked at the tall and slim figured youth dressed in fine dark reddish purple clothes, seemingly thoughtful.

"Proprietor, do you still have any more of this Iris Gra.s.s in stock? I need another three bunches." The old man whose mind was focused on measuring the youth suddenly realized that he had been called out. When he met the pair of long upslanted smiling eyes, his face immediately reddened.

"Yes, there is. Will the Young Master just wait a moment while I go fetch it for you now." Upon saying that, he then went into the back of the hall.

This youth….. has such devilishly good looks.

"Heh heh….. He is smiling at me….. How could anyone be so beautiful….." A young lady about sixteen or seventeen bit on her handkerchief, so excited her eyes were tearing slightly.

"To have seen such peerless beauty in this life, it's worth it even if this woman me were to die!" An auntie in plain and simple clothes could not help but exclaim agitatedly.

"You bonehead. I was wondering why you are not selling meat there but came running over to Global Aid Hall instead. So you came here to gawk at that pretty boy!"

A woman that was about thirty plus years of age stood there fiercely with one hand on her hip, the other pulling hard upon the burly man's ear, causing him to yelp out in pain. "My dear….. a little lighter, little lighter. It just that I have never seen such a handsome looking young man and I only came to have a peek….."

"Bah! Listen to yourself! A big man like you would be peeking at the young ladies and here you are staring at a young man!" The woman spat a mouthful and then turned her eyes widened big as bells to look inside, seeking to see just what that little brat could possibly look like, to have drawn her husband here.

The old proprietor had just come out from inside, holding three bunches of Iris Gra.s.s in his hands as he pa.s.sed them over to the young lad. "Young Master, you've bought quite a lot. Five bunches of Iris Gra.s.s, one Colour Glaze Fruit, two Blood Weep Flowers, totalling up to be two thousand three hundred and fifty silver taels. I'll give you a discount. I'll make it just two thousand two hundred silver taels."

"Thank you proprietor. This is two thousand two hundred inside." Qing Yu smiled and handed him a gold card. She had earned quite a lot of money just from elixirs over the years and she thought nothing of such a small sum.

She kept the herbs properly and then turned herself around to go out. That was when she discovered that the doors had been blocked up and she was taken aback with shock for a moment.

She had been too focused selecting the herbs earlier and had not noticed this.

And that split second of bewilderment in those enchanting phoenix like eyes had still been spotted by the fanatical crowd.

"Aww….. that is just too adorable to take! Like the blank bewildered eyes of a small animal….. This woman's young brittle heart~~"

This was from the woman who had just admonished her husband, her expression hopelessly infatuated.

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