Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16.1: Little Monster from the Low Level Lands

"Is there a way that will allow the Lord awaken?" Bai Zhi Yan knew that the lad definitely possessed the ability to do that.

Without knowing why, from the first time he saw the young lad, he felt that the kid seemed to possess a certain kind of strange and amazing powers.

A kind of power that could change the impossible into a possibility.

Qing Yu nodded her head rather helplessly. "But, I think it would be better that he remains unconscious for the moment!"

The man on the bed had fair skin upon his muscular chest, the strong outlines highly perfect, lean but exuding the beauty of strength. That was a figure that one would have nothing to pick on.

The amount of light in the room was a little dim, and only an approximate idea of his facial features could be seen, but he was definitely a handsome man. Those violet eyes were as pretty as crystals and even though he was not conscious at that moment where there was no life in those eyes, they were still exceptionally enchanting.

That disgusting worm, it really knew how to pick its host.

"I will produce an Essence Elixir that the ice and fire Yin Yang Grub loves to eat within the next two days. I'll then use that to lure the miserable worm from his body and it will be troublesome for me to carry out the treatment if your Lord is conscious." Qing Yu kindly explained when she saw Bai Zhi Yan looked highly confused.

In actual fact, what really worried her was whether this man's heart was strong enough, to withstand seeing her lure out the grub inside his body. If the shock became too great for him to take and his little brother withered from fright, then she would become a sinner.

Afterall, it was in such a sensitive position.

Bai Zhi Yan felt that she was being highly thorough and his expression turned into one of immense grat.i.tude. "Thank you Young Master Qing. If you are able to save my Lord and not let him suffer anymore of this torment, the entire Heavenly Healers Sect will remember this debt of benevolence you have shown!"

"Heavenly Healers Sect?" Qing Yu lifted up an eyebrow as she contemplated on it thoughtfully for a moment. She then realized that there did not seem to be any of the Heavenly Healers Sect's people within these lands and she immediately knew that these men were definitely not ordinary people!

"Young Master Qing should have heard of the Heavenly Healers Sect. Although I do not know what kind of a revered Master the Young Master studied under, but the Heavenly Healers Sect could be considered to be a big sect of alchemists that enjoy highly significant fame in Cloud Heaven." Bai Zhi Yan's smile was gentle, his words faintly probing. He was still very curious just what kind of ident.i.ty this young lad really possessed.

Looks so outstanding, cultivation in alchemy profound and unfathomable. There were quite a number of reclusive Masters hidden in Cloud Heaven but it was wondered which of those maven Masters was his…..

"I do not have a Master."

Bai Zhi Yan's smile froze on his lips.

"I really do not have a Master." Qing Yu curled up her lips. "All my medical skills and knowledge, were pa.s.sed down from my family and I comprehended them on my own."

She had been inculcated to be the next Head of the family from birth and besides cultivating day and night, comprehending > and > were the only kind of leisure she had available to her.

The level of cultivation and her accomplishment in Medicine all stemmed from loneliness. Because of that loneliness, she was able to attain such boundless power and knowledge in cultivation.

For so many years, besides her Weapons Spirit, there was nothing else that had given her any company.

So in this life, she only wanted to live happily and to live her life as she liked.

Then expression on Qing Yu's face then became more relaxed.

Here she was telling it to him so nonchalantly, not seeing Bai Zhi Yan's face that looked like he had seen a ghost.

No Master?

The kid did not have a Master? !

What kind of a prodigious gift would one need to possess for someone to attain a stage like what this young lad has! ?

Even Bai Zhi Yan who was well acclaimed to be the most prodigious genius of the Heavenly Healers Sect in a thousand years had finished his tutelage at seventeen years of age as all the teachers had nothing more to teach him further. His gift might have even surpa.s.sed his great grandfather who was proclaimed to be a legend.

This young lad…..

"Young Master Qing looks to be very young. You should be about sixteen?"

Although the lad had a rather thin figure, but his looks and height was definitely around that of someone around fifteen or sixteen years of age.

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