Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 265.3 - Born to be King

Chapter 265.3: Born to be King

The fact that this person was standing at his side meant that that person was not someone ordinary.

But even their own men did not know just who this mysterious entity who had suddenly appeared beside Zhuge Xiong really was.

“It’s been so long since we’ve met and the Temple Lord is really becoming more and more beautiful and captivating.” Zhuge Xiong said slowly with the ends of his lips curved up in a smile, to the woman seated in the grand hall.

Qing Luo Yan smiled as she flipped the wisp of hair hanging over her temples. “Guild Leader Zhuge is looking valiant as ever and you’ve gained a more mature charm after so many years as well!”

The smile on Zhuge Xiong’s face deepened. “The Temple Lord is being entirely too kind with her praise.”

“Will Guild Leader Zhuge please have a seat?” Qing Luo Yan said invitingly, gesturing gently with her hand.

Zhuge Xiong complied and sat himself down. The others in his entourage were all waiting outside the grand hall and only the man who was by his side had come in together with him, who took a seat as well. It seemed like he was a person that Zhuge Xiong held in rather high regard.

But although that person had an extraordinary air around him, he had a very ordinary looking countenance, one that would not attract any attention when thrown into a crowd.

It felt like….. something seemed to be wrong somewhere.

At least for Qing Yu, the person who caught her notice first was not Zhuge Xiong, but this ordinary and mediocre looking man.

Seeming like he had noticed her gaze on him, he raised his eyes to look in her direction a moment, before he averted his head.

Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow in puzzlement. Why is she sensing such a strange feeling of familiarity towards this person? And his gaze just now….. It was clear that it was strangely tinged with emotion.

“Is the Temple Lord still waiting for someone else here?” Zhuge Xiong opened his mouth to ask after he sat down.

He had known from seeing the arrangement of chairs just now, that he was not the only person coming here today, and that person was not someone ordinary.

Qing Luo Yan laughed softly as her slender fingers lifted the wine cup beside her up to her red luscious lips to take a sip. She then opened her mouth to say slowly: “I think that he will be arriving soon.”

Qing Luo Yan did not state clearly who it was, but without knowing why, Zhuge Xiong could somehow feel that it was someone he knew, and very well at that.

That thought had barely just crossed his mind when his suspicion came to be affirmed.

The blue skies outside that looked as if they were newly washed was suddenly blocked out by a massive shadow. Accompanied by a clear resounding cry of a bird, the dimmed sky gradually regained its light, and a group of people about several tens in number stood outside the grand hall.

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