Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 266.3 - Zhu Gou Xiong? What a Unique Name!

Chapter 266.3: Zhu Gou Xiong? What a Unique Name!

He did not burst out in an unbridled tirade as expected but merely laughed softly and said: “That is all because I was too short sighted and myopic, thinking that scenery that I have not seen before could not possibly be nice. But when I really came to see what the scenery was like there, I realized that I have been too shallow before.”

Speaking up till that point, Lou Jun Yao’s eyes seemed to drift unintentionally into a particular direction and the corners of his lips seemed to soften and became more tender. “The different scenery I encountered was so beautiful it was unforgettable.”

Qing Yu who had been standing quietly and well behaved beside Qing Luo Yan seemed to detect that there was some underlying meaning behind the man’s words as she raised her gaze up slightly and saw Lou Jun Yao’s smile filled eyes looking at her.

Her eyes blinked as she came to realize what was happening. Discreetly, she then glared at him fiercely. So all that talk about beautiful and unforgettable scenery was actually in reference to her.

That fella is really so infuriating she can’t help but laugh, always stirring her heart with sweet words like this.

Of course those same words could only be baffling to other people hearing it and Zhuge Xiong took it as the man was up to more of his tricks, giving him a rather derisive snort.

But, the man was not yet done.

After he finished saying those ridiculous words, he then turned his head to the side and asked the white robed man in a low voice: “That person seems to know me. Who is he?”

The atmosphere in the grand hall fell deathly silent in an instant.

The expression on Little Monster’s face became slightly surprised for a moment and then turned to look at the man like things were exactly like what he had thought earlier. He then said resignedly: “Doesn’t the Overlord remember that this man here used to be the Dark Lands’ Right Protector in the past? But because he was too ambitious and eager to claim credit, his methods overly venomous and ruthless even against our own people, his reputation in the Dark Lands became very bad.”

Little Monster paused for a moment, ignoring Zhuge Xiong’s face that was growing dark and continued on: “Because he was unable to gain the Overlord’s favour and win himself an important position, he felt neglected and that remaining in the Dark Lands was a waste of his talents, so he left the Dark Lands, taking with him a good amount of rare and precious treasure and medicine.”

Hearing Little Monster’s explanation, Lou Jun Yao arched up an eyebrow, seeming to recall a little bit about such a person.

He seemed to remember the others having mentioned this person before, but because he doesn’t ever have any impression of people who were not important, that was why he was unable to recall it immediately. So it turns out that this person was one of the Dark Lands’ traitors.

“So that person all of you were talking about before is actually the Hunters Guild’s Guild Leader.”

Lou Jun Yao then turned his gaze towards Zhuge Xiong and nodded at the man with a smile on his face. “Looks like we share a fair amount of affinity isn’t it? But you should really thank me for neglecting you in the past that led you to your accomplishments today don’t you? I must have greatly inspired the ambition in you!”

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