Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 280.3 - I Have Never Believed in Fate

Chapter 280.3: I Have Never Believed in Fate

Everytime Qing Lan Fei thought of that, her heart grew bitter.

In the end, she was really just a pawn that they had been grooming.

— Divine Healers Sect —

Because of Qing Lan Fei’s disappearance, the atmosphere had been strangely stifling these days.

Especially when Mo Jing Yu had once again refused to heed any of their persuasion and had completely exploded when he was stopped from going out to search for her.

“Wait? Then pray tell me. Just how long do I have to wait until? A day? A month? Or is it going to be a whole year! ?”

Mo Jing Yu had not shut his eyes for several consecutive days and his phoenix like eyes were red and bloodshot, looking highly haggard. He stared fixedly at Bai Zhi Yan before him and spat out through tightly clenched teeth: “Get out of my way while I am still able to retain my rationality. I do not want to have to hurt you!”

“Senior Mo, I understand that you are worried about Aunt Lan’s safety, but where are you going to start to look for her? We do not have a single clue and I have already sent people to search all over the place. They will inform me immediately when they receive any news.”

Bai Zhi Yan’s devilishly handsome face no longer carried the usual playful and indifferent nonchalance like always but was being dead serious and stern, which somehow gave the man a sort of convincing charm.

But the person before him was not just any ordinary man and it was clear that those words did not work on him in the least.

“I said to get out of my way!” Mo Jing Yu’s face was dark, his words heavy and grave in their intonation.

The aggressively tyrannical white glow of spirit power surrounding his body slowly flared out, like it was going to tear everyone who was trying to stop him into shreds.

Seeing that, Bai Zhi Yan quickly took tens of steps back in retreat.

You’ve got to be kidding me! This guy here was known as Cloud Heaven’s top greatest fighter back in his prime and he instinctively knew that he might not be able to take the man on fully if they really came to blows.

Afterall, as an elixir cultivator, he was not great at things like fighting.

After Bai Zhi Yan retreated, no one would naturally dare to stop the man anymore. Seeing that, Mo Jing Yu was about to tear through the fabric of space and time to open a dimensional portal when a voice sounded behind him that caused him to freeze in his spot.

“Father, where are you going?”

Mo Jing Yu turned himself around slowly. A petite white clothed young lady stood a short distance away, her countenance exquisite and beautiful with a faint smile curling up the ends of her lips. Those phoenix like eyes that were almost exactly like his shone with a tender glint inside, as they looked at him quietly.

Seeing his little princess in the flesh at such close distance, Mo Jing Yu almost could not believe his eyes.

If not for those eyes that looked almost exactly like his own, and those pristine white clothes she wore, he would have thought that she looked the exact same as Fei Er.

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