Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 284.1 - A Strange Change Happened

Chapter 284.1: A Strange Change Happened

The next day, something big occurred in Cloud Heaven.

In the Five Great Powers’ intersecting central border, a great number of corpses suddenly appeared. It included those of demonic beasts and also those of humans, all of them killed in mysterious ways, which quickly elicited a wave of panic among the people.

Quite a number of the people who lived nearby immediately asked to move into territories under the protection of the Five Great Powers, fearful that they might just die in the same mysterious ways like those corpses one day.

The incident quickly drew the attention of the Five Great Powers.

For so many years, the Five Great Powers in Cloud Heaven have maintained a unspoken sense of balance between the different mights.

Moreover, the day that the Mind Free Peak would manifest was soon to arrive and it was only natural that no one would intentionally want to shatter that peaceful balance. So….. by whose hand did this incident come to occur?

The Bright Moon Divine Temple was widely revered to be a place of holy divinity, the symbol of light and peace. Though the internal departments of the temple have strayed quite a bit from their initial maxim, at least on the surface, they were still thought to be sanctimonious by the people.

When such an incident happened, the Bright Moon Divine Temple could not possibly sit back on their laurels, and not do anything.

It had been a long time since they convened for a meeting under such serious circumstances and everyone came. The grand meeting hall was filled with a whole horde of people, black robes and white robes each standing on one side, spread out in neat uniform rows.

It was just as grandiose and massive an affair as the time when Qing Yu had seen when she first came here.

But the circumstances were now different. She had come here as a prisoner a few months ago, facing all kinds of strange and curious looks from everyone. Now a few months later, she stood high up looking down over the grand meeting hall, at a position right next to the most revered and respected woman, enjoying everyone’s adulation.

Things today were totally different from before.

As the Grand Priest, Cang Jian had naturally come as well.

Even though he was no longer that highly favoured by Qing Luo Yan now, he had still basked in great glory for a period before. Hence, though everyone was privately gossiping about him, they did not dare to be too openly audacious about it.

Qing Luo Yan was seated behind heavy drapes on the raised pedestal like always, not revealing her face. Her svelte slender figure stretched out upon a divan, without saying a single word for a long while.

Till everyone starting wondering whether she had fallen asleep, the woman’s gentle and melodious voice then suddenly rang out. The tone of that voice was the same as always, impossible to read the emotions behind it, where everyone was unable to sense the woman’s mood at all.

“Regarding the appearance of corpses at the intersecting borders in Cloud Heaven, what are your views about it?

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