Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2: The Truth Is Always Cruel

That moment's gentleness in her gaze made Qing Bei feel that she did care for him, though he feared that that could very well just be his own illusion.

Unconsciously, his hand stretched out to embrace her, his head leaning against her waist. "I'm sorry Big Sister. I just blurted it out without thinking. Don't worry. I will live my life well. I will….. protect you."

This was also his first time throughout the past six years he had called her Big Sister.

From being initially suspicious, till she had faithfully protected him time and time again from the verge of death, it had already made Qing Bei accept her wholeheartedly.

Just like he had said before. No matter who she was and where she had come from, once she became his elder sister for one day, she would forever be his elder sister.

"Good." The smile hanging from Qing Yu's lips deepened, as her slender fingers gently ruffled the young boy's hair.

The only source of warmth she felt in this strange world. She would carefully protect him as he grew up.

"Big Brother, what's wrong?" The soft and clear voice of a girl rang out to call back Yan Xi Cheng's consciousness that had drifted off somewhere.

He smiled weakly and replied: "I'm sorry Little Ning. What were you just saying?"

A mesmerizing little beauty in a jade green dress was seated opposite him, the pink flower on her forehead striking upon the cold and beautiful countenance, adding to its enchantment. This person, was the top beauty of the Green Wave Kingdom, Yan Ning Luo.

Yan Ning Luo's brows knitted up slightly. "Big Brother has just come back from a victorious battle. Why do you still look like you have something on your mind? I have seen you looking rather distracted recently. Have you encountered some difficult problem? Can't you tell Little Ning about it?"

Yan Xi Cheng had not expected that his mood would come to affect his younger sister and he was rather apologetic. "I had wanted to have a good chat with Little Ning, Big Brother is at fault here."

This pair of siblings had also been apart more than being together from young.

One was killing enemies on the battlefield, and the other was cultivating in seclusion in the Faint Mist Clan.

The time Yan Ning Luo spent in the Duke's Manor every year was always very short as there were many talented people in the Faint Mist Clan. If she did not work hard, she would be squeezed out from the inner circle of direct disciples by others who were coveting a position in there. Being gifted was one thing, but diligence and hard work after that was important as well.

Although the two of them were often not together, but as siblings from the same mother, their relationship was naturally very close.

"Big Brother has never shown your emotions so outwardly before. What has actually happened?"

Yan Xi Cheng froze for a while, his thoughts drifting back to that particular day.

He had not believed the words of Qing Yu and Qing Bei and he had gone to see the d.u.c.h.ess of Eternal Peace, to ask for the truth of the entire matter.

He had always felt that no matter how dark and scheming other manors of n.o.bility were, he thought that the Eternal Peace Duke's Manor was at least clean.

But his mother's words that day had instead…..

"Little Cheng, it's just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d child who isn't fit to be seen outside. Is it anything even worthy of you to come question me about?"

"But that is my younger brother!"

"You only have Little Ning as a younger sister. Since when did you have a younger brother?"

He could still remember his mother's eyes at that time. They had been so cold, like they were totally devoid of feelings.

"His legs….. Did Mother really silently consent to the women in the household to harm him….."

He no longer knew what kind of state of mind he had been in when he asked that question.

But after that, his mother has smiled, her tone of voice chilly as she answered: "So what if I did?"

"I do not care how many women your father wants to marry, but I care about how he could have really fallen in love with that woman back then! A woman that he had merely known for just a few short days! Where does that put me? ! I have been married to him for so many years and he could actually forget his promise to me back then so easily!"

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