Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 14 - This Internet Café Does Not Provide Overnight Services

Chapter 14: This Internet Café Does Not Provide Overnight Services

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Fang Qi didn’t have a choice but to waste two of his Magnum rounds just now because the others had distracted him.

Fang Qi slaughtering the hunters with his knife shocked the others deeply.

A few of them already really admired Fang Qi before, but now, everyone treated him like a God; no one dared to challenge him.

Therefore, they all shut their mouths and watched quietly from behind.

As Fang Qi progressed further, he encountered monsters more frequently, scaring his audience behind him.

Upon seeing hunters getting killed by Fang Qi one after another, the people watching became less scared and thought, The owner is so strong, he’s not going to be in danger, right?

Where did these monsters come from? At this moment, they all wanted to know who was behind this evil conspiracy, and what the main character’s fate was going to be.

To them, this entire game was a giant ball of mystery. Countless monsters lived in the mansion, and the bits and pieces of hints they left before they died had created something that was seemingly impossible to solve. They watched as Fang Qi utilized his immense power and strength to save one missing teammate after another, complete task after task, and get deeper into the story.

Everyone felt like their blood was boiling with excitement!

Fang Qi was a hero! It was such a pleasure to solve all mysteries and break through all obstacles, shattering the conspiracy into pieces!

Soon, I’m going to save all my teammates and crush these enemies! The people watching behind Fang Qi thought to themselves as they experienced a surge of emotions. They really wished that they were the one playing right now.

They all thought that the search was about to end since Fang Qi was really far into the game.

This made them all watch with anticipation; they wanted to know what the plot behind Resident Evil was!

Furthermore, they wanted to know what the main character’s and his teammates’ endings were going to be!

“What level is the owner at?” Lin Shao asked quietly.

“Probably around level 10?” Xu Luo thought about it. He was level 5, so the owner had to be quite a few levels higher than he was.

“I think he’s higher than that.” Song Qingfeng shook his head and said, “He should be higher than level 10.”

“Look, why did the owner pull out his gun?” They saw Fang Qi pausing for a second before taking out his gun from his backpack.

“What is the owner trying to do?” All hunters could be slaughtered by Fang Qi using a dagger, so why would he use his gun all of a sudden?

What else in this mansion was capable of threatening him?

Zombie? Zombie dog?

Of course not!

Is he approaching the mastermind who is behind all of this? This mansion was filled with monsters and traps. Although countless obstacles stopped Fang Qi from finding out the conspiracy, they all had a feeling that they were approaching the truth!

In the beginning, all the player had to do was to explore the area and conduct simple search and rescue, something that was basic and easy to understand. Therefore, even people like Song Qingfeng could quickly immerse themselves into the game.

As the adventure continued, the player would begin to ask the following questions: Who designed this mansion? Where did these monsters come from? Why do they exist? What does the title, Resident Evil, mean?

No one in the audience had any clues.

That was why they were so curious and eager to find out what the truth was. Their breathing became rapid as Fang Qi seemingly became closer to finding out the mastermind behind the conspiracy.

However, Fang Qi frowned as if he felt something and immediately stopped what he was doing!

Then, he exited the game.


Why would he exit the game at a time like this?

“Sir, you’re not playing anymore?” Everyone looked at him, dumbstruck.

How could he stop playing at this moment? He got them so riled up already!

“No.” Fang Qi shook his head. From his expression, they could all tell that he was exhausted. He pointed at the lower right corner of his screen and said, “It’s almost closing time.”

It seemed like he had to close on time and stop playing when business hours ended. In addition, he slept late last night and played the entire day today; it was too much for his body to handle at once.

He was only at the peak of the Body-Forging Realm; even warriors with higher levels would feel tired after battling for an extended period of time.

The good thing was that he was just playing a game. If this were in real-life, battling warriors who were significantly more powerful than he was at this intensity would have caused him to collapse several times already!

Fang Qi knew that he wasn’t at his peak no more, and that was why he drew out his gun just now!

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to kill another hunter, let alone the final boss!

Fang Qi sighed; it seemed like the game was still energy-consuming…

“Closing?” Everyone felt speechless upon hearing this. “Already?”

Fang Qi pointed at the blackboard. “Business hours are from 8 AM to midnight. It is 12 already.”

“…” They glanced at the time on the computer screen and found that it really was midnight!

Why did time pass by so fast?

“You can’t keep the shop open a while longer?” one of them asked.

The truth was, the system didn’t set up strict business hours. However, Fang Qi really wanted to end the day. He shook his head while pointing at the blackboard and saying emotionlessly,

“The rules are clearly written there; the shop closes at midnight.”

Li Xi and the others were unhappy about this. “Sir, there are so many people here. Can’t we play for a little longer?”

“Play?” Fang Qi glanced at them and knew that they were from prestigious families by their temperament and attires. “Do you usually play past midnight? Aren’t you afraid that your families will file missing people reports with the city guards?”

At this, their expressions changed. “Oh my gosh, do you think the curfew started in Jiuhua already?”

“Darn it, darn it!” Wang Tai stomped his feet and said, “Does this mean that I can’t leave?”

“Sir…” They looked at Fang Qi dejectedly, “We can’t even leave this place now… Please show mercy and let us stay the night, will you?”

“…” Fang Qi was speechless. Do these minors want to pull an all-nighter at my shop?

“Unfortunately, this internet café does not provide overnight services!” He insisted, “You all look rich and are obviously not from ordinary families. At worst, you’ll have to pay the city guards a fine. Fatty, you can sleep upstairs.”

Xu Zixin just saw Fang Qi overcoming countless traps and learned his methods.

He is closing the shop just as I’m about to try them out myself?

She couldn’t help but look at Fang Qi with blame in her eyes. “We watched you play for a really long time and barely played ourselves. Can’t you let us play for just a little bit longer?”

Fang Qi’s face immediately darkened as he said, “I didn’t accuse you of watching me and stealing my techniques, so why are you blaming me?”

Xu Zixin was so furious that she stuck out her long, pearly index finger and said, “Just for one more hour!”

Fang Qi replied, “Wait until the shop reopens in the morning.”

“You really want to do things the hard way, don’t you?” Li Xi got mad.

Song Qingfeng stopped him. “Xi!”

Song Qingfeng only felt like this shop was mysterious before, but he now knew that they shouldn’t mess with Fang Qi after watching him play.

“You shouldn’t act rashly!” Song Qingfeng continued, “Also, feel your own strength.”

“Strength?” Li Xi and the other newcomers froze for a second upon hearing what he said. Then, they sensed that their strengths had increased dramatically!

“What’s going on?” Their faces went from surprise to complete shock!

Song Qingfeng glanced at Fang Qi and said, “I think the owner should explain this.”

“Virtual reality.” Fang Qi knew this would happen, so he immediately pointed at his computer screen and said, “Your levels will go up when you’re playing the game. When that happens, your own strengths will increase a little as well.”

Then, he paused for a second before saying, “But because it’s a virtual world, you can start over after you die.”

“How is that possible!” Everyone was shocked.

It was already awesome enough that they could start over after dying. This game can also increase my strength?

“But if you’re in combat for too long and are too mentally stressed, it will be harmful to your bodies in real life,” Fang Qi said from his own experience. “The rules in my shop aren’t set for no reason.”

“Fine…” Xu Zixin looked at Fang Qi bitterly before finally compromising. Then, she reluctantly left the shop.

“We should go too,” Song Qingfeng also said reluctantly. Li Xi and the others knew that they had no other choice.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” Li Xi dropped his head and sighed as he consoled himself,It’s just one night; time will pass by quickly.

“This game is so exciting, I can’t stop playing it!” Li Xi said to his friends after the group of young men left Fang Qi’s shop.

“It sure is,” Lin Shao replied in elation. “I never would have imagined that a game like this existed!”

“Oh, right. Ping, where did you get to? Did you see the zombie dog?” someone said, and the people in the group turned their attention to the youngest boy. This boy nodded and replied, “I did.”

While playing the game, Ping was horrified, but he also felt a little excited. As the young master of a rich family, he would probably wet his pants if he were surrounded by zombies like the ones in the game. But it was different in the game. Although he experienced the terror of the monsters, he didn’t have to be scared!

“Killed a few,” he added, admiring his own courage just now.

This is how a warrior should behave! he thought.

“Not bad!” Lin Shao burst out laughing, forgetting that he was so scared by the zombie the first time that his face turned green and he almost threw up.

“I think the monsters the owner was killing were so much scarier,” they chatted as they walked forward. “I think they’re called hunters, right? They’re so powerful! Zombies just look scary, but their strength is nothing compared to the hunters!”

“Oh, and zombies used to be humans!” Song Qingfeng suddenly remembered that once, he was bitten by a zombie and became one himself.

“I wonder what hunters used to be,” he murmured.

“I’m not interested in any of that, I’m just jealous of that girl,” Xu Luo complained. “It’s so unfair! Do you remember that shotgun? How many times did we fall dead at that trap? We all tried everything we could but couldn’t even obtain one! Look at her, when she fell into that trap, her teammate saved her, and she got the gun!”

“If we get that weapon along with the owner’s Magnum, I think we’ll be able to survive later on in the game as well.”

“I think so too… That gun isn’t unattainable.” Song Qingfeng rubbed his chin as sparks of wisdom appeared in his eyes. “I thought it was just a trap, waiting for us to step into. But now it seems like… Jill overcame that trap because she was saved… We can somehow defeat that trap too, right?”

They continued talking amongst themselves. They used to discuss martial arts before, but somehow, all they talked about was Resident Evil now.

Back at the internet café, Fang Qi quickly cleaned the place up thanks to the help of Wang Tai.

“Qi, will I be able to get the shotgun as well?” After cleaning up, Wang Tai thought of the gun again and decided to ask since everyone else was gone.

“Of course,” Fang Qi said. “Playing as Jill is slightly easier, but the difference isn’t that big.”

He didn’t want to spoil the plot, but he was in a good mood and decided to give the fatty some pointers.

Upon hearing what he said, Wang Tai’s eyes lit up in delight. “I got it! You’re saying that if I find a broken shotgun in the mansion and replace it with the good one, I won’t trigger the trap?”

He clapped and commented, “It is such a good idea! How did you think of it?”

“I didn’t,” Fang Qi smiled and replied. “Something called a ‘Walkthrough’ did.”

“Walkthrough?” Wang Tai was confused.

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