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Chapter 944 (END) - The Ten-Year-Long Internet Story in This World (The End – 2/2)

Chapter 944: The Ten-Year-Long Internet Story in This World (The End – 2/2)

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The great war had huge effects on the whole world. Although the golden spiritual rain healed most of the damaged places between the Heavens and Earth and removed all the injuries and diseases from the people who were bathed in it, some people still died. For example, the high holinesses who had come to help Origins Internet Club with their spiritual treasures at Shen Gongbao’s persuasion had been killed before the war by the preventive mechanisms left in the spiritual treasures by the immortal masters.

Due to the backlash of the Head-Nailing Seven Arrows Book, Gu Tingyun reincarnated and returned to Heavenly Academy to cultivate.

Of course, there were beneficiaries.

Even though the realms other than the mortal world received lower benefits, the Valkyrie who was lying in the pool found that her fingertips shook a little.

“I… I can move?!” Sure enough, her arms could move now. Her breath turned shallow as she murmured, “After I recover, I’ll…”

“Wait. It’s 8 PM now! I’ll see what TV Series the shop has tonight!” At this thought, she immediately cast a spell to show the big screen at the lounge area in the shop.

Immediately, she heard the song, “I still can’t part with you… let us stay together in the mortal world and live a dashing life…”

On the big screen were two big words— My Fair Princess!

[TL Note: My Fair Princess, also known as Return of the Pearl Princess or Princess Returning Pearl, is a 1998–1999 television costume drama. It had been rebroadcasted every summer for more than ten years, and everyone in China knows about it.]


“What TV Series is this?!” Immediately, she began watching it, engrossed as she lay in the pool.

As for the previous gods who had entered the Gods’ Investiture List, they were now busy working day and night in the most dangerous fissures in the world. Full of void tribulation thunderbolts, these places couldn’t be reached by the golden spiritual rain, and they worked tirelessly to heal these fissures and contribute to the recovery of the world.

Many years later when they finally purged their sins, they could finally return to the Gods’ Investiture Platform and shoulder the responsibility of protecting this world.

By now, Mr. Fang’s internet café and its games and movies had spread all over the world. Its arcade games and mobile games were popular even in other realms.

Time passed.

Some of the old players worked in the shops. For example, Shen Qingqing became the head of the internet café’s culture and promotion department. Xu Zixin established an association to study gun-fighting techniques and was responsible for part of the security work outside the shop. Dong Qingli, the owner of Wind and Moon Pavilion, had made her business into a chain of stores and offered delicacies in every corner of the world under Mr. Fang’s recommendations.

Some had grown out of their youthful confusion, realized their dreams, and built their careers. Take Song Qingfeng and his two good friends Lin Shao and Xu Luo as examples. Song Qingfeng had joined the expedition into the ruins beyond the sky and explored the secrets of the whole world. Lin Shao had returned to Lingyun Academy, and this former disciple became an instructor. Xu Luo was engaged in the study of the ancient ruins on the continent and had built his own archeology team to research and uncover the long-forgotten ancient history of this continent.

Some people such as Nalan Hongwu had put down the heavy burdens and began to truly enjoy the remaining years of their lives.

Some had become entertainment or technical streamers and brought excellent game guides and happiness to people all over the world.

Even the independent warriors such as Liang Shi and Fatty Wang Tai had their own properties, established families, and lived busy lives.

Of course, Nalan Mingxue must be mentioned. She was now controlling one of the biggest industries in the world – the mobile games industry.

It had become more and more difficult and almost impossible for them to gather together and do over-night raids or discuss game guides for a whole day as in the old days.

Another year-end drew near. Mr. Fang sat on a couch next to the window and lit a cigarette.

The customers thronged in the shop as usual.

“Have you tried the new game, Chicken Dinner? A few young people who were about 13 years walked into the shop. They wore the clothes of the nearby big families with badges of Lingyun Academy pinned on their chests.”

[TL Note: It is the nickname for PUBG in China.]

“League of Legends released limited edition skins. It’s said one of them is Dragon Fist Lee Sin!” In the shop, a young man who was about 16 years said.

“I’m going to buy Jade Dragon Wukong!” another young man said.

“I heard that Instructor Wu of Shengjing Academy is going to take people to the Luke Raid in Dungeon Fighter Online for free today!” A few figures walked in. “Hurry up! There’ll be no spots for us if we’re late!”

At this moment, light snow fell from the sky. Mr. Fang looked up. The smirk face emoji in the shop would still come out draped in a quilt, but the active players in the shop were no longer the same ones.

They were in their youth, and somehow, Mr. Fang saw his younger self in them.

After finishing one cigarette, Mr. Fang gazed at the bustling crowd in the shop, feeling a bit lonesome. Suddenly, it struck him that he had come to this world for more than ten years.

Looking at the young people coming and going, he sometimes missed his youthful self who used to play in the internet café.

At this moment, Su Tianji got off her livestream. Then, she put down the virtual reality headset, bought two mugs of Cappuccino, and walked over from the counter.

Dressed in warrior’s clothes, Lin Shao walked in with ice and snow all over his head. While brushing off snow from his clothes, he chuckled and said, “A student sneaked out to hunt demon beasts and got in danger. It took me some time to find him.”

He looked around. “I hope I’m not late.”

“No, you’re not.” Mr. Fang said with a smile, “You’re the second.”

“Hehe! You guys are early!” An Huwei opened the door and looked toward the lounge area. Then, he glanced around and froze before saying, “Brother Liang, how have you been?”

Liang Shi also walked into the shop. “Well! I’m quite busy since the year-end is here.”

People like Nalan Hongwu, Royal Princess Ji Yu, Xu Zixin, Shen Qingqing, and Half City’s Mo Tianxing and Ning Bi arrived one by one.

They filed in, putting away their umbrellas and bamboo cloaks. Then, they bought a cup of their favorite beverage and sat on the couches in the lounge area, just like they had done in the old days.

“Now, you are all busy.” With a smile, Mr. Fang extinguished the cigarette butt and said, “I booked a private compartment in the Wind and Moon Pavilion. It’s a rare occasion for you to return here, and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so let’s have a New Year’s Eve dinner tonight in advance!”

“Hahaha! Okay!”

“The shop is as busy as usual…”

“It’s busier!”

“Sir, where’s Xiaoyue?” Su Tianji asked.

“I sent her to Wind and Moon Pavilion to order the dishes.”

“Huh? Is everyone here? It seems like we are missing a few.” An Huwei looked around. “Where’s that kid Song Qingfeng?”

“It’s said that he set off yesterday and should be here today.”

When they pushed open the door and looked out of the shop, they saw a young man who was close to 30 years old coming over from the end of the street. Dressed in a military uniform, his previous handsome face had some signs of weather and age with a scar beside one of his eyes. With an experienced and decisive presence, he greeted them with a military salute.

“Young Master… Song!?”

“Hahahaha! Dude! I almost can’t recognize you!”

“Let’s go! We bros have to have a few cups together!”

“No going back unless we all get drunk!”

Mr. Fang laughed, “Today, we’ll all get drunk!”



They disappeared at the end of the street.

When spring came, Mr. Fang entrusted the management of the internet club to the staff and walked to the distance with a simple bag on his shoulders.

Perhaps he would tour this beautiful world as he had promised himself. Perhaps he wanted to find a way to return to his homeworld… who knows?

A figure caught up with him.

In the dusk, breezes brushed her calm face and fluttered her pure-white dress hem. With snowflakes falling on her shoulders, she felt the lightness of setting down a heavy burden. The mild and elegant voice said, “I plan to tour around the world as well. Can I join you?”


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