Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1091 Heaven And Hell Are Just One Step Away

Early in the morning, when the first ray of sunlight shone on the distant horizon and little by little the normal survivors opened their eyes to start their new day, Bai Zemin in the company of Kang Lan went to meet Angelo under the guidance of Eleanora.

The beautiful woman who greeted them at the gate of her villa was a maid who worked there. She respectfully guided them to the main hall where Angelo was waiting for them with a faint smile.

"Looks like you didn't bring your beautiful second in command with you. That's weird."

In addition to Angelo, Jack was also present.

Bai Zemin and Kang Lan walked to the opposite couch, and after sitting together he asked curiously, "How do you know it's not Bing Xue?"

Angelo was powerful without a doubt, strong enough to defeat a powerful Fourth Order dragon in only 2-3 hours despite being one Order below.

However, Shangguan Bing Xue was on another level after evolving to the Third Order. She was definitely more powerful than Angelo, so it was impossible for him to sense her aura.

Sure, he could identify her by looking at her... but Angelo was still blind!

"Your second in command has an unforgettable scent." Angelo chuckled before patting the shoulder of his right hand man and best friend, "Besides, my good friend here seems to have fallen prey to her charms."

Jack rolled his eyes but said nothing to deny the truth. He glanced at Bai Zemin expecting to see his reaction, but was disappointed not to notice anything unusual.

Bai Zemin was not surprised at all.

Jack was undoubtedly an outstanding man, he had seen his power in full combat after all. However, Shangguan Bing Xue was practically the perfect woman; beauty, bravery, talent, personality, aura... she was literally the perfect female when the search range was limited to Lower Existences.

"Angelo, regarding what we agreed upon." Bai Zemin got straight to the point.

Jack's feelings were of no interest to him, and he naturally wasn't bored or an immature brat to rub it in the man's face that the woman he wanted was in love with him. Bai Zemin hated playing with people's feelings as he knew how it felt having experienced it first hand.

Hearing Bai Zemin heading to the main topic, Angelo sat up straight and his expression became serious. After a moment's silence, he nodded: "... Naturally, I remember. I won't go back on my word, I'm not that stupid. However, could you take away some doubts I have?"

Bai Zemin had shown himself to be quite kind and intelligent in not wanting to take things from the United States of America faction by force even though he had the ability to do so. He was treating Angelo as his equal even though he was much more powerful, and helped him out of a big trouble; there was no way Angelo would pay him back with lies knowing all this.

Bai Zemin nodded, knowing what America's Leader's doubts were, "Go ahead."

"Those beings that appeared yesterday... Who or what are they?" Angelo frowned sharply and added, "The aura of each of them is something I never felt. Nothing even remotely close."

He could still feel his helplessness and weakness even though none of those unknown beings were speaking to him or addressing him. Angelo could only try to imagine how powerful they were and how much pressure was being put on Bai Zemin who was the focus of them all.

"Higher Existences." Bai Zemin replied calmly.

"Higher Existences?" Angelo repeated in amazement, "What is that?"

Bai Zemin looked silently at the two maidservants who were waiting for orders, and seeing this Jack assured him, "Don't worry about them. They're both trustworthy."

Realizing what was going on, Angelo explained while clearing his throat, "They are my concubines."

"... Your concubines." Bai Zemin looked at him with strange eyes before shaking his head, "Forget it then."

Every man had his weakness, and apparently Angelo was not at all immune to beautiful women. The good thing was that all the women around him seemed to admire and follow him wholeheartedly, so Bai Zemin didn't care if he had 1 wife and 300 concubines.

"Higher Existences are..."

For the next 40 minutes, Bai Zemin gave Angelo a rather detailed summary of everything he knew about the Higher Existences.

Number of factions, names, characteristics, and he even talked about the seemingly impossible to overcome difficulty between level 400 and level 401; a single level that separated the Fourth Order from the Fifth Order, Lower Existences from Higher Existences.

"... To think that God and the Devil really exist." Angelo sucked in a breath of cold air and commented in shock, "What's more, they are both soul evolvers which means that at some point in history they were level 0 beings like us."

Angels and demons; both beings were the most legendary among humans. Leaders of light and leaders of darkness, supreme existences that humans could only pray to and fear.

"Doesn't that mean that we too can become as strong as them?" Jack pointed out with blazing eyes.

He had grown up hearing about the bible, angels, and demons. Less than 2 years ago, Jack could only admire such existences but now that he knew that they too had gone through what he was going through his viewpoint began to change.

Even the two maidservants who happened to be Angelo's concubines were in awe as they listened to the conversation without daring to interrupt at all. Although they were soul evolvers, their levels were low and Angelo had helped them to enhance their beauty and extend their life expectancy; things like Gods and Demons were remote and distant so the knowledge that they might one day become the wives of a God certainly excited them greatly.

"Bai Zemin, can I ask you a slightly more personal question?" Angelo said suddenly.

Bai Zemin narrowed his eyes and nodded slightly, "Ask."

"... You seemed to know one of those Higher Existences, Jack described her as a perfectly beautiful woman with purple hair and purple clothes. Besides, you clearly know things that in theory you shouldn't know." Angelo said in confusion before launching into his question, "Could you tell me how you came into contact with such great secrets?"

After a moment's thought, Bai Zemin felt there were more advantages than disadvantages to revealing the truth, so he explained, "My fiancée is an important member of the Demonic Army led by Lucifer."

Jack began to cough fiercely after choking on a gulp of hot coffee, spraying all over the table as he looked at Bai Zemin with wide eyes.

"... Your fiancée is a demon?" Angelo for some reason wasn't that surprised. He forced a smile and leaned back as he shook his head, "If I didn't know the truth now I would say that God has his chosen ones."

Demon or Angel, none of it mattered. Jack had described all the female Higher Existences who had appeared yesterday as "dazzling beyond every star in the sky," so it was to be expected that Bai Zemin's fiancée would be beautiful beyond all sense.

Little did Angelo know that Lilith was not only beautiful beyond all sense but could easily compete for the title of the most beautiful in the cosmos!

After chatting for several more minutes, Bai Zemin finally asked a crucial question that could mark a before and after in their relationship with the United States of America.

"Angelo, what will you do from now on? Earth is destined to become the stage for the most powerful beings in the universe now that they have come this far."

Although Higher Existences could not directly intervene in the destiny of Lower Existences, there were many ways in which they could obstruct them beyond description in indirect ways. Thanks to Bai Zemin, Angelo was aware of this information.

Upon hearing his question, Angelo fell into deep contemplation instead of answering immediately. He was smart, he knew that Bai Zemin's question was not simple and he also understood what he was referring to based on his conversation with those Higher Existences yesterday.

Bai Zemin seemed to be destined to be the enemy of most of the Leaders of the universe, and thus all those who got involved with him would end up being dragged into the whirlwind that was quickly beginning to take shape and turn fatal.

Something Angelo did not understand, however, was that although Bai Zemin's fiancée was an important member of the Demonic Army, it did not seem that their Leader, Lucifer, had any intention of allying with him.

Be that as it may, Angelo knew he needed to make a decision, and that decision was about the future of all America and its inhabitants.

Choose right and you rise to heaven with a single step... Choose wrong and you will be plunged into the deepest level of hell.

* * * * * * *

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