Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1240 Conquering Sea And Land (Part 2)

Chapter 1240 Conquering Sea And Land (Part 2)

Two months later.

It had been two months since Bai Zemin and his army of just over two hundred soul evolvers left their homes to venture out on one of the wildest and most fanciful goals any human being could ever think of.

Conquer the world!

How great did those words sound when put together in the same sentence? In the mind of a human being, those words were unbeatable in many ways. This was because they only had one world to live in, and if someone could really control it all, there was basically no one who could say no to the most ridiculous of their requests.

The person who conquered the world would have absolute power over everything and everyone. However, this would only be the case if that someone really had overwhelming power to conquer over everyone else.


Sitting on the Throne of Creation, Bai Zemin let his head tilt slightly to the right while using his right fist to hold it up.

Below the seven stairs leading up to the throne, a total of ten people were standing looking up at him. Nine of these ten were silent while only one of them reported.

"Russia finally became part of our territory and faction. As you ordered, we sent Sir Wu Keqian to temporarily become the King of the new territory until someone better qualified or more rightful to such a position comes along. Lady Wu Yijun said that although she wanted to come to the front to support you, she will wait a little longer with her father to explain his new role. On the other hand, Lady Shangguan Bing Xue is on her way here and should not be long in arriving."

Bai Zemin waited a few seconds, and when the person who was giving him the report stopped speaking he nodded, "Next."

"Regarding the United States." A new person advanced with a tablet in her hand, and after sliding her fingers over the screen a couple of times she began, "We received a report from young miss Luo Ning. According to her descriptions, Sir Angelo is performing his position as King perfectly in America. After two months of work, not only have the overall survivors reached an average level of 10, but the main team of America has already firmly set foot on territory that previously belonged to Mexico. According to Sir Angelo and Young Miss Luo Ning's estimation, within another 6 months half of Mexico will be reclaimed by the United States."

Bai Zemin nodded in satisfaction after hearing that Angelo had not disappointed him. He really wasn't wrong after all: "Next."


A new person stepped forward. She was Sun Ling, Wu Yijun's mother.

She looked at the tablet in her hand with a faint smile at the corner of her lips, and after a long time slowly raised her head to look at Bai Zemin. Her beautiful eyes sparkled as if thousands of stars shone for an instant in her pupils.

"We're done."

"Ah?" Bai Zemin subconsciously straightened his posture. His heartbeat began to quicken as he asked with wider eyes, "What do you mean?"

Sun Ling looked again at the tablet in her hands and, in a voice somewhat trembling with emotion, read, "United States, Russia, China, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Vietnam..."

After saying the names of approximately 16 countries one after another, the tremor in Sun Ling's voice added to her now trembling hands as she stared at Bai Zemin: "A-All countries with notable human population and bases are within our control now."

Bai Zemin stared at Sun Ling but in reality his eyes were not looking at her. His mind went blank for several seconds and only awoke after hearing a series of gasps coming from the people below.


All the countries with humans standing had finally united?

Bai Zemin did not notice but slowly stood up from the throne while staring at a fixed point of no particular importance.

During the past two months, everyone had given their best and there were two level 143 soul evolvers who lost their lives to four giant mutant beasts whose levels exceeded 190.

They were attacked by more than 2 million mutant beasts when they arrived at the Amazon River in Brazil, and many of those mutant beasts turned out to be poisonous so that for 3 days half of the army was unconscious even after they were injected with antidotes and magic was used on their bodies.

When Hero City arrived in Germany, what greeted them were two nuclear missiles that required personal care and attention by Bai Zemin and when they arrived in Vietnam they found a King who not only didn't care about those under him but literally enslaved and ate whoever he wanted when he wanted.

It was not easy. It was not easy at all.

But no one complained out loud... They all had the possibility to refuse to come on this mission because they were given the freedom to choose. Even then, everyone who decided to follow Bai Zemin to Hero City to venture on a mission that many would consider suicidal knew what they were getting into.

So, even though it was hard and rough, no one complained.

And yet, without anyone noticing the passage of time or how many difficulties they had crossed so far, they had finally reached the finish line.

Bai Zemin had a blank look on his face as he recalled the past.

In the beginning, all he wanted was to meet his family. He was just a young man looking out for the safety of his parents and sister, nothing more than that.

However, to achieve his first goal it was imperative to build a faction and a powerful army. This was because the Bai Zemin of that time was not nearly half as strong as the current one, and therefore, he had no way to cross such distances and fight against millions of enemies alone without tiring himself to death.

To achieve his first and foremost goal, Bai Zemin could only oppose the government. This would eventually lead him to conquer his country of birth.

Then came Russia's interferences, the forced trip to another world, the dimensional rift that dragged Bai Zemin to America instead of China... And, of course, the ultimate mission of the Soul Record.

All of the above came together in a colossal ball that forced Bai Zemin to become the total and unique authority on Earth. In addition, the appearance of the Higher Existences who arrogantly believed they could take over everyone and everything pushed Bai Zemin even further, thus increasing his determination.

Looking back, Bai Zemin felt that he was truly incredible.

His story was incredible in itself.

A young man from an ordinary family suddenly becoming the most powerful human of all, ruling humanity with absolute supremacy... A story that only happened in light novels, indeed.

It was at that moment that the doors to the throne room opened from the outside, and a light chuckle followed by a series of cotton-smooth footsteps brought Bai Zemin out of his inner world.

"My dear brother Emperor, congratulations on your new title and posicion."

Bai Zemin raised his head and saw Meng Qi and his mother Ye Linger with Bai Shilin walking in the center.

Meng Qi had a proud smile on her face not at all surprised. It was as if she had always known that this was how everything would turn out, even before the apocalypse.

On the other hand, Ye Linger looked at her son with the same pride that Meng Qi had in her gaze but there was also some pain and sadness. As a mother, knowing that her son walked on lava and sharp rocks to the point where the skin on his feet was forced to transform into an armor was not particularly pleasant but hurt infinitely.

Only the sweet and beautiful Bai Shilin was smiling nonchalantly. In her eyes, her father had always been an emperor so nothing had really changed.

Precisely, it was the word Emperor that woke Bai Zemin up completely.

"Emperor..." He looked at his records and, not to his surprise, there was no change in his status window, "No... Not yet."

Bai Zemin's expression slowly turned cold, causing Sun Ling and everyone else to look at him somewhat apprehensive that they didn't know what was going on.

He slowly returned to his seat and, after taking a deep breath once, gave what would be his last order as King.

"Once Shangguan Bing Xue arrives in Hero City we will head straight for the East Sea... We will join Queen Xian Mei'er to conquer the oceans."

And that was the last great war fought in the Earth's atmosphere.

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