Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1252 Blood Succubus Lilith Vs Archangel Michael (Part 1)

Chapter 1252 Blood Succubus Lilith Vs Archangel Michael (Part 1)

This time the group of four gave everything they had both individually and as a team to boost their movement speed. 

Knowing that the game of hide-and-seek was over after the death of the Coral Kingdom King's right-hand man, Xuan Yuan, each and every one of them directly activated at least one movement skill and without hesitation dashed into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Three flashes of blood-red light and a flash of silver light shone brightly amidst the cold darkness. They not only advanced in a straight line but also moved downward in the process, making the pressure that Bai Zemin, Shangguan Bing Xue, and Feng Tian Wu felt steadily increase with each passing second.

15 kilometers deep.

20 kilometers deep.

25 kilometers...

30 kilometers...



Approximately about 10 minutes later and now more than 50 thousand meters deep, Bai Zemin could not help but notice that Feng Tian Wu's lovely body next to him shivered slightly. 

Bai Zemin's expression changed slightly and without hesitation he activated Gravity Manipulation around her. 

Feng Tian Wu, in contrast to Shangguan Bing Xue, was a pure mage whose physical body was not particularly strong. After descending more than 50 kilometers she clearly felt the bones in her body begin to creak like children feeling uncomfortable, but she didn't want to embarrass herself and be a problem for that person and therefore she persevered.

It was just that she hadn't expected him to notice even though she had clearly hidden it in an instant.

"Remember we're a team. You're not fighting alone." 

Bai Zemin's serious voice made Feng Tian Wu unconsciously bite her lower lip. She could tell that he was not satisfied with what she had just done.

"Understand... I'm sorry. I won't do it anymore." 

Just like a little girl discovered playing in the mud by her parents, Feng Tian Wu lowered her head in shame and worry.

Although the darkness was devouring, Bai Zemin's eyesight still remained good so he could see everything within 200 meters around him with 70% clarity. When he saw out of the corner of his eye the expression on Feng Tian Wu's face he immediately didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

'Wouldn't those guys from the faction and the army go crazy if they saw this?' he thought to himself.

Probably no soul evolver would believe that Feng Tian Wu whose arrogance and coldness seemed to be even higher than Shangguan Bing Xue's would actually be like a little girl just because he said a few words.

At that moment, Shui Meiying's voice made Bai Zemin dismiss all unnecessary thoughts from his heart, "We are getting there!" 



Bai Zemin immediately became serious and looked at the surroundings in search of something. To his surprise, however, he found nothing at all; there was not even a glimmer of light or structure at all.

"There's nothing here." Shangguan Bing Xue also noticed the problem. She frowned as her feet touched the bottom of the ocean with her guard up as she looked around for something different.

Shui Meiying said nothing but quickly darted toward a particular small stone. The stone had nothing peculiar about it at all and looked like any of the hundreds of thousands of other stones on the seabed.

Surprisingly, the white stone began to light up slightly when she stimulated it with her mana. Different runes began to appear one by one, and it probably wouldn't be long before a magic circle took shape around the entire white stone.

Seeing Shui Meiying setting to work, Bai Zemin and the two beauties next to him immediately formed a triangle with the mermaid princess in the center. The three of them protected her while looking vigilantly at the surroundings.

At this point, all three were very clear about one thing.

If anyone appeared, regardless of who or what they were, they would be attacked.

They had no allies here and any presence other than one of the four of them would immediately be treated as an enemy.

As he scanned the area with cold eyes, Bai Zemin suddenly had a bad feeling. A few seconds later, he quietly whispered, "Lilith, are you there?"


Her answer was quick and simple but it carried a lot.

Bai Zemin asked again, "Fire Sorrow?"

"She stayed in Hero City, do you remember?"

Bai Zemin was silent, finally remembering this point he had overlooked.

In fact, both Kali and Fire Sorrow, as well as Meng Qi, had been working hard for the past few days. 

Actually, Bai Zemin had asked Kali and his sister to help him copy the runes on the walls so that they could draw at least a lower version of them on the walls of the various human bases. 

Now that the level of all life on Earth was steadily increasing, the high walls were no longer of much use. The minimum level of the zombies out there was over 20 and it was easy for them to jump 200 or 300 meters not to mention that First Order zombies were no longer rarities; it could be said that 4 out of 10 existing zombies on Earth had already broken through the first barrier.

Therefore, Bai Zemin wanted to use the invisible protective barrier surrounding Hero City as an example and extend this defensive method to his other bases. Moreover, since he had the technology he got in Eventide World, this process could be done much more easily.

Of course, it would still take a long time and results would not be seen for at least a year. Nonetheless, it was something that had to be done no matter how arduous it would be.


Lilith knew something wasn't right when she heard his odd questions, but seeing his slightly pale face made her heart also start beating hard when she felt that something wasn't good.

If it was someone else, Lilith would ignore it straight away. 

At the end of the day, she was one of the most powerful soul evolvers in the universe. While her level was at the peak of the Sixth Order and on her way to the Seventh, her battle strength was actually more than enough to take on practically any of the commanders of all the factions of Higher Existences.

In Lilith's eyes, the discomfort and unease of a Lower Existences was no different from a joke. One slap from her would be more than enough to completely tear apart what for any Lower Existences could mean certain death.

However, Bai Zemin was not a normal Lower Existence. In fact, Lilith did not even rank him in that group at all since a long time ago.

Therefore, she who knew how powerful he was, and aware of his practically divine sixth sense, she immediately became alert.

Bai Zemin frowned deeply as he did not know where such discomfort was coming from. Worse yet, the fact that he was more than 60.000 meters deep in ice-cold water and surrounded by endless darkness was not only not helping; it was making everything far worse.

However, the strangest thing of all was that from start to finish, they encountered no problems at all.

Approximately two minutes later, Shui Meiying's excited voice sounded from below.



Her words only fell out as the seabed began to tremble fiercely as if a deeply sleeping beast had been released from its everlasting slumber.

* * * * * * *

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