Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 473 - Two Attacks: Fourth Order Thannath Vs First Order Bai Zemin (Part 4/4)

Chapter 473 - Two Attacks: Fourth Order Thannath Vs First Order Bai Zemin (Part 4/4)

Emperor Thannath's face changed abruptly when he noticed the changes and the attack he was preparing to launch was interrupted by himself.

The man who had been ruling the Oblon world for several millennia and the greatest talent of the last 5000 years belonging to the asura race ignored the pain he felt in his soul when he abruptly interrupted such a powerful skill and as he looked up at the sky his pupils contracted to the size of a needle.

Rumble... RUMBLE....RUMBLE.....

Like a mythological creature approaching towards the world with the intention of destroying it, the blood trident surrounded by the flames of the Endless Blue Lotus Flame pierced through space as if it was teleporting.

Space twisted in such a way that dark cracks began to appear in the form of small black lightning flashes similar to giant snakes that continuously writhed in the skies.

Reddish clouds burst one after another and firestorms began to rain down on cities that were even more than 500 kilometers away, bringing chaos upon those weaker asuras.

Only a second had passed since Bai Zemin had decided to stop trying to negotiate with the emperor of this world after realizing that all his efforts would end up being fruitless because the other party was too arrogant and blinded by anger. Only a second had passed since the skill Crimson Blood Judgment was fully released and yet there were already thousands of lives that had been lost without the true power of the giant trident being revealed.

The red sky that was like a layer of blood surrounding the Oblon world darkened almost completely; it was as if the true night had finally decided to appear above their heads.

There were only two sources of light in the distant sky; the artificial object that seemed to function as the world's sun, and finally a faint but deep-sea blue light that released a dim glow over the surroundings.

It was only for an instant but the eyes of all living beings more than 2000 kilometers away from the place where the Cosmos Gate was located looked towards the same point in the sky. Some wondered what was going on, others were anxious to see if there was any treasure, while others more crazed simply darted off into the distance in search of answers.

But all this lasted only two or three seconds at most as beyond that time the once desired but the then hated answer finally revealed itself.

Emperor Thannath raised his magic staff and howled towards the sky:

"Massacre Barrier!!!"


Magical power and mana burst from the emperor's body outward and the Third Order Soul Stone that adorned the top of his magic staff lit up brilliantly. A magical circle that could only be described as colossal floated 500 meters high followed immediately by a powerful bright red glow that seemed to envelop the entire world.

A split second later, the giant blood trident enveloped by the flames of the Endless Lotus Blue Flame plus the momentum of the world's gravity multiplied x15 times followed by the Blast Magic effect of the Mystic Earring met the magical barrier erected by the emperor of this world.

The skies that had previously been dyed completely deep black slowly began to acquire a bright blue light mixed with shades of crimson red.

Rumble... Rumble... Rumble...

The barrier began to shake fiercely and even the ground half a kilometer below rumbled accompanying the cries of the sky. But this was just the beginning of the chaos.





Emperor Thannath was truly worthy of being a Fourth Order existence whose level was unknown so far. However, even with his high magical power and even with his vast amount of Mana, Bai Zemin's most powerful attack was not as simple to stop as it seemed.

Because it was not only the blood trident that was receiving 15 times normal gravity boost but the terrifying Crimson Thunder Dragon's Last Words that weighed over 6 tons normally as well!

The greatsword weighed over 6000 kilograms, but its number 1 option increased the weapon's weight by another 50% every time it faced obstruction. So, when Crimson Thunder Dragon's Last Words which was located at the central tip of the trident encountered Emperor Thannath's defensive barrier, that weight immediately increased to 9000 kilograms!

9000 kilograms normal gravity multiplied by 15 times plus Bai Zemin's magic power boosted by 2 times and the power of the Second Order's Blood Manipulation skill as well as the terrifying power of the Third Order's Endless Lotus Flame, plus the momentum of falling from over 10 kilometers high at catastrophic speeds... How can such an attack be stopped so easily!

Crack.... Crack.... Crack...

Finally, the magic barrier began to give way.

The cracking sound was extremely faint and in normal times no one would notice it. However, the entire world seemed to be in total silence and even as the magic trident and magic barrier collided with each other there were only lights charged with magic and mana flying everywhere but without any extravagant sounds.

"Impossible!!!" Emperor Thannath roared as under his disbelieving gaze the Massacre Barrier began to crack more and more.

Massacre Barrier was an extremely powerful magical barrier that the asura emperor had so far only used to imprison his enemies to prevent them from fleeing so that he could slaughter them all. This was possibly the first time in the more than 5000 years of Thannath's life that he used this magical technique to defend and not as a means of attack.

This was the most powerful barrier Emperor Thannath knew and added to the fact that he was the one using it, the defensive power was simply incommensurable! Even if several Third Order existences completely broke loose they would definitely not be able to crack it in such a short time as the fire trident was doing right now!

Bai Zemin and Shangguan Bing Xue watched the skies with eyes filled with shock.

Black lightning flashes representing countless small spatial cracks opened up everywhere and although it was impossible to analyze the distance a quick estimate of a few thousand kilometers affected would not be too wild an estimate by any means.

Black, blue, and crimson red flashes filled the vault of the sky creating a beautiful but at the same time terrifying image.

"Bing Xue, take advantage now and go back." Bai Zemin jumped back and stopped right next to her before saying in a serious voice, "This effect turned out better than I expected. The emperor can't move as he needs to focus entirely on defense as he can't afford to lose that glowing thing in the sky. You stand down and when the attack finally breaks out and wipes out everything in its path I'll come after you."

"What? Why don't you come now?" she asked hurriedly as she looked at him anxiously.

"If I go now, I'm not sure I'll be able to get my sword back. My current self has no confidence in being able to forge a weapon of quality as good as that since even its options turned out to be to my liking." He said hurriedly before saying in a deep voice, "When you return to Earth, take with you as many weapons and Soul Stones as you can using whatever means. Go!"

Shangguan Bing Xue hesitated for a brief second before gritting her pearly teeth and nodding resolutely. She knew that at this point one had to adapt to the situation and even though she was truly unwilling, she knew that staying behind would do no good and might even end up dragging Bai Zemin down; after all, the current situation was different from the previous one where she stubbornly insisted on coming to the Oblon world.

This was a Fourth Order enemy!

She focused all the Mana she had saved as Bai Zemin had asked her to erect a defense and instead created hundreds of huge ice hands.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!....

The giant ice hands moved as Shangguan Bing Xue swung her hands and as if she was the conductor of an opera orchestra each hand moved to the perfection. The palms opened and clutched large handfuls of earth at the same time raising hundreds and hundreds of swords, spears, maces, knives, axes, machetes, and many other melee weapons.

In addition, there were many other ice hands that caught thousands of Soul Stones among which there were some of First Order while most were Unclassified. As for the Second Order ones; Shangguan Bing Xue and Bai Zemin had already taken them all with them so there were none on the ground.

Shangguan Bing Xue charged towards the Cosmos Gate but just before she took one more step to head towards Earth, she turned around and shouted:

"Make sure you get back soon! We're only one step away from finding your family so make sure you get back no matter what!"

Bai Zemin looked over his shoulder at her and a small smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He didn't say a word, and instead, he raised his thumb towards her to signal that he would see her shortly.

Shangguan Bing Xue looked deep into his eyes before briefly gazing at the emperor with cold eyes and without another word launched himself towards the Cosmos Gate.

"GET BACK!" Thannath roared with bloodshot eyes as he watched helplessly as one of the enemies that had caused so much disaster in his world retreated without a hitch.


The nearby mountains began to explode as if there were tons of dynamite hidden inside and even though the Massacre Barrier was resisting the real power of Bai Zemin's Crimson Blood Judgment the resulting vibrations alone were enough to cause the earth to split and the mountains to rumble before finally collapsing like dominoes.

A city approximately 700 kilometers distant was completely destroyed and its residents were killed by the natural disasters as countless cracks appeared in the ground that swallowed the asuras like a terrifying monster that had finally broken free from its bonds.

Dormant volcanoes suddenly began to go wild and eruptions of fire and lava brought more and more chaos to cities more than 2000 kilometers away from the Cosmos Gate.

All this without the trident actually touching the ground....

Bai Zemin was truly shocked by all this. However, he was not a man to pass up the opportunities that life presented to him so regardless of how surprised or stupefied and terrified he might be by his own magical attack, he was clear that what he had before him was the opportunity of a lifetime.

"Your Majesty, now you regret not agreeing to my peace deal?" Bai Zemin sneered as he charged forward at lightning speed.

Emperor Thannath's eyes were like those of a wild beast about to go mad. This was because not only did the enemy's magic attack catch him off guard as he did not expect Bai Zemin to launch his attack right after launching the idea of both parties retreating in peace, not only because the power of the magic attack was countless times beyond what the emperor estimated, but it was also because the current emperor could not move!

Thannath was confident that even if he suffered mortal injuries he could survive the enemy attack. But the problem was that much of the world would be turned into a pile of dust! Worse yet, the artificial mana controller that hovered high in the sky would be destroyed by the power of the magical explosion!

That's right; that artificial sun that illuminated the world was actually similar to a mana generator!

The Soul Record was the absolute ruler of the energy called mana, so how could the Soul Record allow the asura race to use mana? The previous generations of asuras were forced to use the mana of the worlds they had conquered after destroying the races that inhabited them before and then use a kind of generator to slightly modify that mana and transport it to the Oblon world using the connections they had with those worlds through the other asuras that were there.

Only because of that could the asura race still continue battling and Emperor Thannath could not allow that object to be destroyed or he would become the greatest sinner in the history of his race!

"Bai Zemin! Go to hell!!" Emperor Thannath barked and activated a second magic spell.

Bai Zemin's Danger Sense skill was activated to the maximum extent possible warning him of mortal danger. But even though his face turned pale, he continued and in an instant, he was only 20 meters away from the emperor.

Just then, four giant magic circles appeared around his body and before Bai Zemin could react the magic was activated.


Flames, lightning, frost, wind, and even metal.

Countless attacks of different elements exploded from the magic circles hitting the place where Bai Zemin was standing.

Everything 1000 meters around had completely disappeared and the map changed before the magical power of the emperor; who thanks to his magic robe managed to remain standing unharmed.

Just when he thought it was impossible for his enemy to evade it, Bai Zemin came out of the dense cloud of dust, and before the emperor could say anything, he found himself face to face with two eyes as black as the night that were staring at him coldly.

Bai Zemin was scared to death by what had just happened. If it wasn't for the Anti-Magic Necklace he was wearing that allowed him to block one magical attack that exceeded his power completely, then he would be more than dead right now and he hadn't even left a corpse behind! There was no way he could survive such a thing!

He, who had escaped from the clutches of death, became even more furious and under the emperor's shocked eyes activated his Void Fist skill.

One, two, three.... One hundred strikes.

In one second, Bai Zemin punched with all his Strength one hundred times at lightning speed. Each punch connected firmly in the same spot right on the chest of the mighty emperor of the Fourth Order who immediately gained a face as pale as a sheet.

After all, what was the scariest thing that could happen to a mage? That a melee warrior could get close to him!


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