Bone Painting Coroner

Chapter 554

Tour the county and take in the sights? Of course they should!

Although Yufu was a poor county, it had beautiful scenery. In modern times, it would definitely be one of the top tourist destinations that can sell more tickets than the Forbidden Palace.

But Zuo Yao thought to himself. It is said that Teacher Ji dedicated himself to investigation and would never delay it. Logically, he should have requested for the case files to be brought out immediately after they reached last night. Instead, when he brought the files to him today, he didn't want to even take a single look.

Could this be a fake Teacher Ji? He didn't understand, but kept a smile on his face. "Teacher Ji had a long and tiring journey and should have a good rest. Yufu has plenty of places with exceptional scenery."

"Then does Lord Zuo have any recommendations?"

"There is an empty field near the eastern city gates that is surrounded by the mountains and a lake, and even has towering trees to provide shade."

Ji Yunshu nodded in satisfaction. "That sounds pretty good. We'll go take a look later."

"Going over later? Then the case…" You're not investigating?

"Leave it for now. I'll investigate when I'm done having fun."

Zuo Yao was unable to say anything in reply. Cold sweat started to form beads on his forehead. This Teacher Ji's way of thinking was strange indeed!

Ji Yunshu walked in front of Jing Rong and took a look at the case files regarding the disaster relief funds. "Your Highness, this one will take a trip out later; you can look at your case files in peace."

Jing Rong wrinkled his brows. "Where are you going?"

"To the place Lord Zuo just mentioned."

Actually, Jing Rong had already felt that something was amiss. He narrowed his eyes and closed the case files in his hands with a snap. "Good timing. This prince is also a little bored. The matter of the disaster relief funds hasn't been solved after all these years of investigation. A little bit more delay won't matter. This prince will accompany Teacher Ji."

"It's not appropriate."

"It's appropriate."

He flung aside the case file in his hands and instructed, "Lord Zuo, the matter of the relief funds will be set aside for now. Have someone bring the documents to this prince's rooms. I will have a good look when I get back."

Zuo Yao was dumbfounded. What's with these two lords? They made the long, arduous journey here from the capital, overcoming countless difficulties. Now that they were here, they actually said that they were temporarily stopping investigations. Is this a joke?

Zuo Yao could only impotently agree to their demands. "Yes, but if Your Highness and Teacher Ji both are going out, then let this official send a few people to protect you."

"No need. This prince has his own people." Everyone around them was surprised.

Zuo Yao's jaw twitched a few times but he didn't continue speaking. He could only look on as Jing Rong went out with Ji Yunshu in tow.

Once they left, Constable Zhou walked over from where he had been silently standing. He glanced outside warily to confirm that they were truly gone before he spoke in a whisper, "Your Magistrate, are that Prince and Teacher Ji really here to investigate? Why then are they still thinking of having fun at this time? Could it be that… we welcomed the wrong people? That person looks pretty dignified and even has a slight heroic air about him, but who is to say if he isn't really a prince?"

Dignified? Interesting!

Constable Zhou had also imagined a little play in his mind; could it be that someone killed the real prince, then came to impersonate him?

Zuo Yao glared at him and sighed. He sat in the same chair Jing Rong was in and picked up the untouched cup of tea and took a sip.

Then, he put it down with a loud thud. "It would be good if we welcomed the wrong people."

He let out another long breath.


After Jing Rong pulled Ji Yunshu outside, he looked around to confirm that nobody was around before questioning her outright. "Out with it. What are you up to?"

"Having fun!" was the exclamation that came out of her.

"What kind of fun?"

"Does Your Highness really want to know?" she lightly raised both brows.

Jing Rong's expression was serious. "Quickly tell me the truth. Otherwise, how can this prince coordinate with you?"

Yes, coordination.

In that case, she also stopped teasing him and smiled. "I believe you heard everything that Magistrate Zuo told me?"


"What he said was full of loopholes and he clearly knew that this was a wrongful ruling on a false accusation. If Madam Xie was right, then the Qiao family certainly bribed the coroner and that Magistrate Zuo to conclude that her daughter's death was due to suicide. In that case, there must be some documentation and I would expect that Lord Zuo would have long made the appropriate preparations. Thus, that case file he had me look over was nothing but a bunch of scrap paper dipped in a bit of ink; it would make no difference whether or not I looked at them. It would be better if I made my own investigations, but for that to happen, I naturally would have to get away from Magistrate Zuo's scrutiny."

Ah, so that was it. Jing Rong nodded. "Where do you intend to start investigations then?"

"I have my own ways of conducting this investigation. The most important matter for Your Highness is to clearly find out about the disaster relief funds," she replied solemnly.

"So much time has already passed; another two days would not make much of a difference. Moreover, I've already told Lord Zuo that I will go out with you to take in the sights and admire the scenery. How could I go back now?"

Well, that was true. Ji Yunshu nodded and blinked. "In that case, it's worth having a good walk around this Yufu County. Your Highness may come with me if you are interested." She turned and started walking.

"Where are we going?"

"The brothel."

Eh? The brothel? Again?!

Fifteen minutes later, the two of them were already outside the yamen and on the streets.

Although Yufu County was poor, the entire street was entirely unlike the previous evening's bleak and gloomy atmosphere. It seemed to have transformed overnight into an exceptionally busy street. Hawkers lined both sides of the street promoting their wares, pedestrians crossed back and forth, with women and children strolling past, and delighted peals of children's laughter ringing in the air.

That long, ancient street now had some resemblance to one in Jinjiang.

The two of them walked in front while Lang Po and a few other guards trailed behind to protect them without disturbing them. At last, they stopped at the doors in front of a brothel.

Two figures, one tall, one short, stood side by side, facing squarely against the front doors.

They almost looked… like children who had entered the city to broaden their horizons for the first time.

Ji Yunshu took a look at the signboard above the brothel's doors. On the board were three words, rendered impressively in gleaming golden strokes, Zhichun Palace.

The gold-gliding skills of the ancient times were undeniably impressive.

Jing Rong had previously been to Chang'an Place with her and even made a show of an 'auction', resulting in him being swindled out of a large chunk of money. Don't tell me we're doing this again?

This time, he doesn't have enough money on him!

"Is this related to the case?" He turned his head and asked.


"Then let's go in." It's not the first time, he knows the drill by now.

Jing Rong impatiently started moving forwards, preparing to go in, but was stopped by a call.

"I didn't say we were going in."

"Then are you preparing to squat by the doors? Helping those ladies pull clients?"

Gosh! Bro, could you speak with some semblance of propriety?

Ji Yunshu pointed at the teahouse opposite the brothel. "We'll go there and have some tea while we wait."

I'm already given up my dignity. [1]You want me to… go drink tea?

Fine. We'll go have tea then. [2]

[1] Phrase used here was 脱了裤子, taken off my pants. Which is likely some slang that i can make no sense of, so...dignity it is.

[2] Inner JR: You don't let me touch you, don't let me smile at other girls... I was ready to sacrifice myself to go to the brothel with you and you deny that even... This tea better be worth it. OTL

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