Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy

Chapter 553 - Eager to try

Chapter 553 Eager to try

Gu Yan asked Mo Yichen to pull over to the roadside, because it would take more time to drive to the parking lot and might make her late. Mo Yichen did as she said, because he knew she didn’t want to face the situation of being late for work.

Mo Yichen made the turn signal and parked by the roadside.

“See you.” Gu Yan simply said goodbye to Mo Yichen. Mo Yichen nodded and signaled that she could go to work. Then she took a deep breath and turned round to open the car door.

Mo Yichen silently looked at her back. Suddenly, Gu Yan turned around and looked back, seeing that he was still there. Then she waved her hand to let him leave soon. He nodded but did not start the car. So, she got to know what he meant and smiled resignedly. Then she waved goodbye, turned around and sped up her pace.

Mo Yichen kept watching Gu Yan leave, till she was no longer in his sight. He lowered his head to start the car and then drove away.

Although Gu Yan knew that Li Qian who she was in contact with yesterday was easygoing, she only contacted one person. She thought she did not have the ability to judge of Hercules from the foot, so she was cautious and bucked her idea up to deal with today’s people and things.

Gu Yan walked into the office and found that Li Qian had arrived. She was a little surprised. She had already arrived twenty minutes earlier. Unexpectedly, Li Qian came earlier than her. It seemed that Li Qian was really something to stay in this position.

“Assistant Li, good morning!” Gu Yan stopped thinking about it, and greeted Li Qian sweetly.

As the saying went that no one would hit a smiley people. When Li Qian saw Gu Yan smiled to her, she also smiled to Gu Yan naturally. After all, she quietly liked Gu Yan’s personality.

“This is the job that President Wang has just assigned. You can see if you can complete it.” Li Qian divided half of the files and handed to Gu Yan. This was also the idea of Wang Sha. She added some workload to Gu Yan today intentionally so that she could observe Gu Yan’s ability. Also, she let Li Qian pay attention to Gu Yan. Li Qian did it certainly.

Gu Yan took the files and then browsed it briefly. Although she felt that the number of the files was greater, she still kept calm on the surface.

“Does President Wang come so early every day?” Although Gu Yan wanted to refrain from asking, curiosity prevailed in the end. She thought the bosses of big companies all had flexible working hours, just like Mo Yichen.

“Well, because President Wang leaves work early, some work has to be handled in advance in the morning.” Li Qian didn’t tell Gu Yan too much. As for why Wang Sha leaved work early every day, Gu Yan was unknown. Of course, Gu Yan couldn’t ask any more questions, which were about Wang Sha’s private life. She shouldn’t ask these questions.

So, Gu Yan stopped asking questions. She sat down and started to deal with today’s work.

Li Qian made two cups of coffee for herself and Gu Yan, and placed it gently beside Gu Yan. Of course, Gu Yan, who was already engaged in work, did not notice Li Qian’s kind act.

Li Qian didn’t intend to let Gu Yan see it to avoid acting deliberately. It pleased her that Gu Yan did not find it. So, she went back to her desk and started to work quietly.

A room, or even the entire floor, was quiet. There was no such hurry and flurried in the morning hour. But everyone was really busy.

“Gu Yan! Come in!” Wang Sha shouted Gu Yan’s name inside. Gu Yan put down her work and walked in hurriedly.

From the first day Gu Yan came to Auslet, Wang Sha didn’t engage in usual pleasantries with her specifically, but directly assigned work to her. Certainly, Gu Yan did her work seriously.

Of course, it was not to greet for Wang Sha telling Gu Yan to come in this time. When Gu Yan came in, she motioned Gu Yan to sit down opposite her, and then pushed the documents in front of Gu Yan, signaling to her to take a look.

Gu Yan didn’t shy away from it. She opened the documents and began to take a look carefully. She knew it was a hot open bidding in Annan City before as soon as she saw the title, which was about the interior design of a large shopping mall. Her own studio even didn’t have the qualification to bid, but Auslet won the bid. Of course, it was taken for granted.

Gu Yan took a closer look at the documents. She knew that Wang Sha wanted to know her opinion. She carefully considered it in her mind and then said, “I think the shopping mall, as a whole, should be designed in a consistent style. But it was impossible to be completely unified, because each store has its own style. Therefore, stores with same type could adopt same style.”

“After that, we will make a slow transition. We can communicate with Party A about the arrangement of stores and so on, and then we can design according to this. And the whole building was designed in European style, so the interior decoration should also follow the style. Otherwise, it would look neither fish or fowl. What do you think?”

Gu Yan did not give a very detailed scheme, but simply mentioned her own idea. It was not mature yet, just a simple idea, so she also asked Wang Sha’s opinion.

Wang Sha nodded, acquiescing in Gu Yan’s statement.

Gu Yan’s words really hit what Wang Sha thought in her heart, so she admired Gu Yan even more. Gu Yan, a thoughtful girl, was not afraid in front of her, and just said what she wanted.

“You can participate in the design. Take this file and take a good look. Go ahead to work.” Wang Sha signaled that Gu Yan could leave. Gu Yan nodded, and then walked out with the file.

After Gu Yan walked out of the room, Li Qian didn’t ask her what happened. Li Qian’s main job was to arrange Wang Sha’s work. Although she also dabbled in design, she was not very proficient.

Gu Yan temporarily put aside all the work that could be stopped at her hand, and then began to think about the design carefully. How to do it ingeniously?

Gu Yan thought about it for a long time, and roughly had a systematic idea in her mind. So, she wrote down her thoughts briefly and planned to make it concrete after getting off work. Now it was better to deal with work matters first, so she put the aside the file, and intend to look it when she went home.

The work Wang Sha assigned to Gu Yan was more difficult and challenging. Although Gu Yan knew it was tricky, she was also eager to try. She was inspired to fight. Her small body was contained tremendous energy. Her enthusiasm for work was immeasurable.

Mo Yichen, because of traffic jams, arrived at the studio a few minutes late. Jiang Jingcheng was not late today. When he saw that Mo Yichen was late, how could he be indifferent!

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