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Chapter 30 - Cultivation

Chapter 30 - Cultivation

Half of the water pipes in the secure base had been repaired. Actually, the ability user base had running water, but Nie Yi knew that Qi Jingchen would disdain tap water, so he still took a bucket, like before, and went to the military water supply to take water.

Of course, the water supply area for the military also had running water. Even if there weren’t any water ability users supplying water, the people coming to obtain water could still get enough water. But the water ability users still stayed there.

Even though there’s still no one who knew how to cultivate or control their abilities, both the military and ability users themselves felt that using abilities more often ought to be beneficial. The water ability users still persisted on coming to the water supply place every day to supply water.

However, they would still rest. For instance, at noon, everyone would go to the nearby canteen to eat using their work points. When Nie Yi went over to get water, it just happened to be noon.

The water reservoir where the ability users provided water had already emptied out, and there was only a single, young ability user at the side.

“Could you give me some water?” Nie Yi asked.

“I can!” Yu Xuguang replied. Upon seeing Nie Yi carry four big buckets, he was a little apprehensive. “You want this much water?”

“What’s the matter?” Nie Yi asked. The offensive strength of water ability users during the beginning of the apocalypse was very weak, but regardless of their offensive strength, if it was just about providing water, even a first level ability user could let out a lot of water.

Yu Xuguang gritted his teeth, then a small stream of water appeared from his hands. This stream was very small; after a while, it even began to patter…

“…” Nie Yi finally understood why this person’s face had revealed some peculiarity.

Just as Nie Yi was getting anxious, he saw a great beauty coming over while holding a lunchbox.

When Yu Yuehui returned, she saw her brother’s embarrassed appearance and promptly created a water ball and filled a bucket. Soon after, she made three more waterballs in succession and dropped them individually into the other three buckets, filling up Nie Yi’s buckets. After finishing up with that, she passed the lunchbox in her hands over to her little brother.

Yu Xuguang held the lunchbox and went over to the side to eat with a face filled with delight. His ability was really useless; next time, it was better if he didn’t display his shamefulness.

Seeing that all the buckets were full, Nie Yi said a word of thanks and left while carrying the water.

Yu Yuehui waited until he was far away, then kicked her brother. “There’s water at the side. You clearly know that your ability isn’t much, just have him go to the side and take water.”

“He wanted water made by an ability user…” Yu Xuguang shrunk his head back, then continued to spoon rice into his mouth with great gusto. When he dug out a braised egg from his rice, he was pleasantly surprised. “Jie, there’s a chicken egg!”

“Yep, the eggs today were cheap so I got one for you,” Yu Yuehui said.

Jie, what about you?” Yu Xuguang asked.

“Of course I have one as well,” Yu Yuehui said, but didn’t mention that she had been eating the cheapest food these days, then left the work points to exchange for storable food.

Right now, it wasn’t before the apocalypse. Even if the pair of them, the Yueguang siblings, had never been impoverished to the degree that they were starving, now… Who knew what would happen in the future? Although the treatment towards them as ability users wasn’t bad, Yu Yuehui still felt that she should be more prepared.

Nie Yi didn’t hear the sibling’s conversation and didn’t hear that his enemy he was constantly thinking of killing had already met him a few times.

He went to the ability user base while carrying water, then found the room Zhao Chengqi had arranged for him.

He had the method to cultivate abilities, so Zhao Chengqi wouldn’t treat him unfairly. Even if he didn’t give him a position that was too high, because they had to maintain secrecy for the time being, the room arranged for him in this base was still pretty good.

It was a single room and even had its own bathroom. It’s just that there wasn’t a bathtub in the bathroom, so they couldn’t bathe.

“I’ll help pour water?” Nie Yi looked at Qi Jingchen, full of zest.

Qi Jingchen closed the door in his face, then slowly used the water in the bucket to take a shower. The cool water flowed down his body, and the discomfort from his fever weakened a lot&#k2026;

Knowing that he couldn’t benefit, Nie Yi sighed and went out. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Zhang Zihai.

Zhang Zihai had washed his face and applied ointment on the burns on his head, but the image of hair on either side but none in the middle of his head still made him look particularly strange…

“Sorry Nie Yi, I didn’t know that person didn’t have an ability,” Zhang Zihai apologized, then immediately continued, “How did you control the ability just now? Can you teach me?”

“You want to learn?” Nie Yi looked at Zhang Zihai. Right now, he thought that Zhang Zihai was incredibly displeasing to the eyes, but he also recalled some matters about Zhang Zihai.

In their last life, Zhang Zihai was quite famous and was even one of Yu Shuo’s enemies. It’s just that he died a little early…

Seeing that this person was the enemy of his enemy, and had made Qi Jingchen kiss him, Nie Yi felt that he could let him off, but he still needed to torment him. “I can teach you.”

“For real?” Zhang Zihai asked.

“Of course it’s for real. In fact, General Zhao had me come here because he wanted me to teach you guys,” Nie Yi said with a smile.

Nie Yi brought Zhang Zihai to the drill grounds, then in the following period, the drill grounds echoed with Zhang Zihai’s miserable shrieks.

Quite a few ability users here were the same as Zhang Zihai, wholeheartedly wanting to complete their missions and return to show their strength to the newcomer. As a result, when they returned, they saw the newcomer tossing Zhang Zihai about.

If the newcomer had only defeated Zhang Zihai, they might not have accepted him; after all, even if they couldn’t beat Zhang Zihai, they wouldn’t lose to him either. But after seeing Nie Yi and Zhang Zihai’s battle, they were convinced.

Nie Yi’s control over his ability was something beyond their imagination. Moreover, Nie Yi’s ability seemed inexhaustible…

They all worshipped the strong and hoped to become stronger. At this time, they naturally had no intentions of finding trouble with Nie Yi, and only wanted to ask Nie Yi to teach them the usage of abilities.

Because of this mindset, the arrogance on their faces disappeared.

When Qi Jingchen finished showering and came out, he immediately saw the situation on the drill grounds. He laid down on the chair by the side and continued to watch Nie Yi rope those people in.

Zhang Zihai was beaten badly by Nie Yi, but Nie Yi had propriety, so even though Zhang Zihai was in pain and had a few extra bruises on his face, he hadn’t sustained any heavy injuries. Nie Yi had even taught him a few things in the process of instructing, so he didn’t bear grudges against Nie Yi at all. Instead, he was very excited.

So there wasn’t any need to say anything about the others. They had clearly seen Zhang Zihai beaten so miserably, but in order to learn a few more things, they wished that Nie Yi would also beat them up like that.

“Nie Yi, if you teach us how to use abilities, we’ll listen to you from now on!” Here, the leader of the thunder ability user was good friends with the leader of the earth ability user. When they saw Nie Yi finish beating Zhang Zihai up, and Zhang Zihai was sprawled on the ground, unmoving, they promptly walked over.

Nie Yi’s ability was very strong, and his background wasn’t weak either. If they followed Nie Yi in the future, they wouldn’t lose out.

Zhang Zihai didn’t really pay attention to the secure base’s news. They had previously seen the search notice Nie Boyuan had issued, so they could recognize Nie Yi.

“This time, I’m here to teach you guys.” Nie Yi smiled as he said, “Only people with stronger abilities can learn, so General Zhao gave me a list.”

Nie Yi took out a piece of paper with ten names written on it. It was precisely the ten strongest people here, and also the ones Zhao Chengqi believed to have sufficient loyalty.

Because of this, Zhao Chengqi had implored Nie Yi multiple times to be careful, and not allow anything to happen to these ten people.

When the two of them found their names on the list, they immediately revealed a happy expression. Zhang Zihai, who was dead on the ground, stubbornly braced himself and stood up to take a look. After discovering his name on the list, he jubilantly proceeded to fall down, limp.

“You all, go there with me ba.” Nie Yi pointed at a house not far away and indicated for Shao Zhenglan and Jiang Huai to follow along as well.

The place Nie Yi chose was the former gym of this middle school. The gym was very small, and previously, there was only a small basketball court and a few ping pong tables; in passing, it was also used to store all sorts of sports equipment. But now, it had been turned into an indoor fitness place.

After Nie Yi finished speaking, he carried Qi Jingchen and went over there first. The others also hurried to go after him.

“Hey! There’s still me!” Zhang Zihai yelled. He really couldn’t get up anymore.

When a person who could be considered to have a pretty good relationship with Zhang Zihai heard this, he rushed back, then carried Zhang Zihai up.

“The fuck! Surnamed Ding, you don’t want to live anymore! You motherfucker, you actually princess carried me!” Zhang Zihai angrily cursed.

“Why are you saying so much? Isn’t that one nice and obedient?” the man said, indicating for Zhang Zihai to look at Qi Jingchen, who was carried by Nie Yi.

“Fuck!” Zhang Zihai cursed again. That one was a youth with red lips and white teeth, it’s quite good-looking if he’s carried. He himself was a hulking man, could he even be looked at when he’s carried?

Still, no matter how angry Zhang Zihai was, he was still carried over. When everyone arrived, Nie Yi then closed the door— The cultivation method was something that needed to be confidential.

“Abilities really can be cultivated.” After these people were seated, Nie Yi then spoke. Instantly, the ten ability users who followed along became excited, incredibly stirred up.

And Nie Yi didn’t keep them in suspense either, and directly told them the cultivation method.

“We can’t feel our abilities at all.” When Nie Yi finished speaking, someone immediately spoke. They all couldn’t sense it, so how do they cultivate?

“I know. That’s why, if you want to cultivate, you must let my spiritual strength enter your brain, guiding and sorting out the ability in your brain, which may be dangerous,” Nie Yi said.

“How sure are you?” someone immediately asked.

“Seventy percent,” Nie Yi replied.

“I’ll try!” Zhang Zihai laid on the ground and extended a hand upwards.

Nie Yi ignored him, choosing to look at Shao Zhenglan. “Shao Zhenglan, do you want to try?”

Even though Nie Yi said he was only seventy percent sure, Shao Zhenglan had been through many things before, and had immense trust in Nie Yi. She promptly said, “I want to try!”

Shao Zhenglan sat in what she felt was the most comfortable position on the ground, then Nie Yi pressed on her head, his spiritual strength slowly entering her brain.

The earth ability in Shao Zhenglan’s mind was very strong, not weak at all, but it was just roaming about chaotically. Nie Yi began to carefully gather them, and finally had them form a whirlpool…

After the whirlpool was formed, he didn’t have to continue doing anything. The ability would automatically begin to spin.

“Done.” Nie Yi opened his eyes and sighed in relief.

“I don’t feel anything,” Shao Zhenglan said.

“You can go to the side to try it out. See if your ability restoration rate got any faster,” Nie Yi said.

When Shao Zhenglan got to the side, she began to test out her ability. These days, she was often instructed by Nie Yi to use her ability, so she knew her powers very well. Therefore, when she used them now, she discovered that her ability restoration rate really became a lot faster. She immediately became delighted.

When the others saw Shao Zhenglan effortlessly make several earthen walls in succession, they knew that Nie Yi, this son of the secure base’s chief, didn’t necessarily lie to them, and they all became eager to give it a try.

“My spiritual strength is very little; today, I can only help sort out two more people. Jiang Huai came with me, so he’s definitely one, and the other… Let it be Qian Mingfeng ba. He didn’t do any missions today, so his ability is abundant,” Nie Yi said.

Jiang Huai had always been used to standing at the back, but this didn’t mean he didn’t want to become stronger. When he heard what Nie Yi said, his face revealed some happiness on the spot, while the others were extremely disappointed.

However, even if they were disappointed, they weren’t dissatisfied. After all, they’ll all have a chance later on, so it didn’t matter if it was a few days later.

In fact, after Nie Yi helped sort out Shao Zhenglan, he wasn’t tired at all, but in order to make these people be even more grateful, he took a rest for a while then helped Jiang Huai sort out his ability. And he didn’t waste this period of time either, mentioning some techniques to use abilities.

Even though the current ability users’ spiritual strength was very weak, that didn’t mean they didn’t have spiritual strength at all. If they concentrated on what their abilities will become, then it was entirely possible that it could succeed.

After helping the ability in Jiang Huai’s mind form a whirlpool, Nie Yi said, “If wind ability users use it well, it’s an ability that has extremely powerful destructiveness. You can try making your abilities smaller when using them, producing a wind blade instead of a gust of wind.”

When Jiang Huai heard this, he immediately tried it out. Qian Mingfeng was even happier, ‘blowing’ several winds towards the earth wall Shao Zhenglan had created.

However, both of them did their best, but no wind blades appeared. Qian Mingfeng finally gave up and was about to take a rest, but suddenly discovered that, at some unknown time, the earth wall before him had a patch of earth ruined, and a scratch appeared!

It was a wind blade! Even though Qian Mingfeng didn’t know when that wind blade was produced, or how it was produced, and didn’t even know whether it was him or Jiang Huai who produced it, he was still excited.

They, the wind ability users, had always been useless in the base. Now, they can finally show their worth!

Qian Mingfeng was excited to the point he wanted to jump, wanting to test it out some more. But recalling that Nie Yi said he had to make sure his ability was abundant, he didn’t dare to move anymore.

Qian Mingfeng didn’t dare to practice anymore, but it didn’t matter to the rest. Initially, several fire ability users were trying to make their fireball bigger. At this time, they began to learn from Nie Yi and started to compress their fireballs. As expected, they discovered that if the fireball was smaller, the force was stronger.

But their control over abilities wasn’t as good as Nie Yi. If the fireball was small, it was easy to miss the target. That is to say, it was still more useful if the fireball was larger…

Everyone was practicing with high spirits, but Qi Jingchen suddenly said, “I’m hungry.”

“I have some cans here.” Qian Mingfeng immediately took out a few canned meat. These were all collected by him, and if it wasn’t because he was too happy at the moment, he definitely wouldn’t have taken it out.

Qi Jingchen’s face was filled with distaste. Nie Yi coughed, then asked, “Are there any fresh vegetables or fruits? Or any fresh meat?” They had brought some when they came to the secure base, but now it was mostly finished… He couldn’t always let Qi Jingchen eat congee and rice ba?

“Our kitchens here might have some. I’ll go get some right away,” someone immediately said.

“And a pot as well,” Nie Yi added.

Not long after, that person brought over a few vegetables and a small piece of fresh pig meat. Of course, there were tons of pots.

Then, these people saw Nie Yi request water from the water ability users present, and started cooking with a pot.

This… seemed a bit wrong?

“You can practice control over your ability by using your fire ability to cook,” Nie Yi deadpanned.

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