Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 6 - Nie Yi Is Here

Chapter 6 - Nie Yi Is Here

Even though Qi Jingchen was a ‘lying corpse’, he could ‘see’ the outside movements very clearly.

Guan Jiayu’s method did not exceed his expectations, and Qi Yaoyao’s behavior… was also within his expectations.

Guan Jiayu was extremely selfish, and was also able to clearly see what was more beneficial to her. For people like her, usually they would have an easier life in the apocalypse.

But this kind of person was also not someone you should have deep relations with, because she could pamper you at one moment, then the next she could betray you so that she could live a better life.

Qi Jingchen had suffered a loss from her hands in his last life, but of course Guan Jiayu herself hadn’t gotten by well either— While she was still immersed in the dreams of owning numerous supplies and entering a large-scale security base, she had been killed.

How could those people really be willing to give her so much? For them, killing her was the best outcome.

As for his little sister…

Qi Jingchen used to think that his little sister was good no matter what. Due to his gratitude towards his foster parents, due to the fondness he had from watching his little sister grow up, he had been completely submissive to her, and his foster parents had also pampered and spoiled this birth daughter very much… In the end, because of this doting, they had raised Qi Yaoyao into a ‘little princess’ that didn’t know how to do anything at all. Simply called, the princess sickness.

She felt that her family treating her well was a matter of course. When there was something unfavorable to her, she would throw a fit and get angry at her parents and brother. Before, because her parents had said a few words to her, telling her to learn from Qi Jingchen, she vented by being unwilling to eat, insisting on the family coaxing her and coaxing until she showed a smiling face.

She was spoiled into being a bossy and indulged little miss at home, but towards outsiders she was well-behaved, and especially easy to deceive… If she wasn’t like this, then Guan Jiayu, this type of person, wouldn’t have been friends with her.

According to what he had understood from his foster parents, because Qi Yaoyao had sympathized with the Guan Jiayu who had been ‘abused’ by her parents, she gave Guan Jiayu many kinds of things. When she had money, she treated Guan Jiayu to eat this and that at the drop of the hat.

Suffice to say, his little sister was a spoiled little lady.

Qi Jingchen had been disappointed thoroughly by this little sister, but he also knew that his little sister wasn’t a bad person, with no bad intentions. At least he would rather his sister have a princess sickness, and never wished for his sister to be like Guan Jiayu that kind of person.

In other words, if the apocalypse hadn’t come, wait for his sister to grow up a bit more, entering society, perhaps she also wouldn’t be like this anymore… the people who had fallen out with their families when they were around fourteen were a lot, and the reason why his little sister was like that in his past life, also had something to do with his overindulging.

Qi Jingchen gloomily sighed, but still didn’t go talk to Qi Yaoyao.

Qi Yaoyao was currently still at a loss.

She personally watched Guan Jiayu and the fire ability user take away the things at home, but absolutely didn’t dare to stop them.

When Guan Jiayu saw that man using a fireball to kill the zombie, she only felt that the man was very strong, thus wanted to attach herself to that man. But when Qi Yaoyao saw that man using a fireball to kill the zombie, she only felt scared.

Towards the man she was filled with fear, completely unable to reject his demands. Even towards the abruptly tyrannical Guan Jiayu, she also was kind of scared, and also hadn’t returned to her senses, unable to understand why Guan Jiayu suddenly became like this.

Before, when she was together with Guan Jiayu, Qi Yaoyao always felt that she was protecting Guan Jiayu, helping Guan Jiayu, to the extent that she thought that if there wasn’t her, Guan Jiayu’s life would definitely be very miserable. However, up until Guan Jiayu effortlessly hoodwinked the ability user to bringing her along, only then did she realize that the situation was completely different that what she had thought.

Guan Jiayu left without closing the door. Qi Yaoyao looked at the zombie killed at the entrance, and the rim of her eyes became red again. There was a moment, she even thought of dying.

Her parents very possibly aren’t alive, outside was filled with zombies, one careless mistake, and she would be eaten by zombies… Except, her ge was still sick…

Before, when Qi Yaoyao was spoiled by her family, she never thought to, in return, care for her family. But now, there’s no news of her parents, her brother was bedridden, and she actually started to be concerned about her brother.

Hurriedly getting up to close the door, Qi Yaoyao started to push back the things that had been blocking the door. After doing this, she started making an inventory of what could be eaten at home.

Their home had two sacks of rice, one was already opened, one wasn’t. Guan Jiayu had taken away the one that wasn’t opened, so there was only the opened one left.

There was still water, in these few days they had used some, just now the fire ability user had taken some, but all the same, there was still some remaining. This little water was definitely not enough to shower, use the restroom and such, but if it was just used to drink, it actually could last for a period of time.

It’s just that, regardless, they were just sitting and eating, and this could deplete even a mountain of wealth… Qi Yaoyao started to lowly sob again.

When Guan Jiayu was here, she didn’t bother to care about food and water at all. At this time, she couldn’t avoid caring. It was also at this time, when she finally realized her snacks had lessened very quickly over the past few days.

They clearly had to save up some food, but Guan Jiayu kept eating like her life depended on it&#k2026;

The apartment was quiet, and Qi Yaoyao couldn’t help thinking about a lot of past matters.

When she was younger, her relationship with Qi Jingchen had always been good. The Qi parents had to work, so on weekends, summer or winter vacation, it was always Qi Jingchen who had raised and cared for her. She had also always thought that having an older brother was an honor. For a time, when opening and closing her mouth it was always ‘my gege’, and because of this, when Qi Jingchen went to college, she was incredibly sad.

It was also at this time, she met Guan Jiayu.

Guan Jiayu’s parents treated Guan Jiayu very badly, only caring for Guan Jiayu’s little brother. She had even seen Guan Jiayu’s parents hitting her… This made her feel that Guan Jiayu was exceedingly pitiful and was more and more concerned over Guan Jiayu.

After that, Guan Jiayu had told her many things. Such as, her parents adopting her older brother, was to let her brother care for them when they were old, and when that time comes, her as a daughter would definitely be unable to gain anything. Another example was to tell her her brother surely wasn’t sincere towards her, treating her well was just for appearance’s sake, and so on.

Of course, she wouldn’t believe it, just thinking that Guan Jiayu was just saying things to scare people, as it happened, her parents always used her brother to educate her…

When her ge was young he would never recklessly spend money, her ge used to have good results, her ge was the most obedient and helped the family to do things…

The more she heard the more unhappy she felt, and she started making things difficult. If her ge had come to coax her at that time then it would be nothing, but in the end her ge said he had to work, and could only come back during Chinese New Year, and the duration he stayed wasn’t long…

Qi Yaoyao sat in the living room for a long time, and eventually stood up, she should probably feed her brother something to eat.

But the last milk had been snatched by Guan Jiayu, so what could she feed her ge? Besides that, her brother always drinking water and milk, his body also would be unable to endure.

Qi Yaoyao thought and thought, in the end she grabbed some rice and put it on the chopping board, used the back of the handle of the knife to pulverize it with great effort, then she soaked the fragmented rice in water.

As soon as the fragmented rice was washed with water, the water became white water that was used to rinse water. Qi Yaoyao held the water with both hands, hurriedly going to feed it to Qi Jingchen.

Tap water that wasn’t boiled with soaked uncooked rice, for Qi Jingchen it really wasn’t anything good to eat, so much that it was quite disgusting… He finally opened his eyes.

“Ge! You’re awake!” Qi Yaoyao was nearly crying tears of joy.

“En.” Qi Jingchen looked at his sister, in the end he still drank the water that had rinsed rice. Even though he didn’t want to die, but to die here, Qi Yaoyao would definitely not continue living… During the apocalypse, there were a lot of people who were like Qi Yaoyao, completely inexperienced in everything, ultimately they couldn’t endure the despair day after day, and ended up committing suicide.

There really wasn’t much to say about water used to rinse rice, but at least it wasn’t contaminated, and there wasn’t a lot of messy additives. Even if the water quality wasn’t good and made Qi Jingchen nauseous, fortunately he didn’t really vomit it out.

Qi Yaoyao saw that Qi Jingchen was eating, and was unbearably happy. “Ge, if this rice is steeped a little longer then it’ll become soft, I’ll go and soak some for a day, and let you eat!”

“…” Qi Jingchen sighed heavily, feeling like the headache he had for many days aching even more. “It’ll sour.” Soaking rice continuously in this sort of weather… If they didn’t change out the water, then in the end it’ll soak out sour water.

If the water is changed out… Now, how could they so extravagantly use water?

Qi Yaoyao immediately turned red. She was only fourteen, never making rice before, to this kind of thing she was still completely ignorant… she used to feel that there was nothing wrong with it, but now she suddenly called to mind, when her brother was in junior high school, he used to run home every day to cook for her.

When her parents gave birth to her, they weren’t young anymore. Her grandmother was already seventy years old. Seventy year old elderly’s cooking weren’t really good to eat, so she didn’t want to eat her grandmother’s cooking, instead making a noise about wanting Qi Jingchen to come home after school to cook for her.

“Ge, you’ll definitely get better.” Qi Yaoyao wiped away her tears, her expression unexpectedly rather resolute.

When Guan Jiayu was here, Qi Yaoyao spent most of her time together with Guan Jiayu, after all, two people talking together would feel at ease, but now Guan Jiayu wasn’t here…

Qi Yaoyao spread the woven mat from her bed in Qi Jingchen’s room, shifting all the rice and water in, then stayed in this room.

“Ge, the frozen dumplings are all spoiled, all because I’m too stupid…”

“Ge, you say, why did the world become like this?”

“Ge, do you think mom and dad are okay?”


On this night, Qi Yaoyao talked endlessly for a long time before she finally laid down to sleep.

Qi Jingchen woke up in the middle of the night from the pain, looked at the girl lying below his bed for a long while, then closed his eyes.

The next day, the group of people stationed at this neighborhood last night started to move things into their car early in the morning, preparing to leave.

Last night they had cleared out a lot of zombies in the area, and broken down a few doors and collected a lot of supplies, so the things they had to move were quite a lot. At the same time, a few people who dared to come out because they had cleared out the zombies last night, also started assembling downstairs, each one sorting out things.

When the troops left, those inhabitants that had gone downstairs followed after in their car.

Qi Yaoyao kept standing by the stairs watching, but finally didn’t run down.

This community was a closed community, last night the people from the troops used a truck and a few boxes to block the entrance, then the outside zombies couldn’t come in. But today they opened the entrance and rushed out, and now even more zombies swayed into the neighborhood.

Within the community, a few people hadn’t left. A few didn’t leave because they had no car, a few were afraid to contact the outside world, and a few wanted to wait for the nation to come assist. No matter the reason that made them choose to stay behind, before when they saw the neighborhood was empty they all sighed a breath of relief, but now, there were zombies coming again…

Someone, maybe because they had broken down, began to loudly scream, then those zombies that had originally been aimlessly lingering around, suddenly began walking towards where the sounds were originating from.

Qi Yaoyao covered her mouth, not even daring to move. It was only at this moment that she realized certain things she had done before were so stupid, thinking that if it wasn’t for the fact that the number of people screaming were too many, they would’ve probably been surrounded by zombies a long time ago.

For the next few days, Qi Yaoyao and Qi Jingchen only ate rice that had been soaked in water for two or three hours. The flavor of this kind of thing was really rotten, Qi Yaoyao was so hungry she still could eat, but Qi Jingchen felt that the water was increasingly harder to drink, and he was unable to help wanting to puke.

On the tenth day of the apocalypse, both Qi Yaoyao and Qi Jingchen’s body started to smell bad. Qi Jingchen was lying all the time, every day eating very little, his entire body had thinned down a lot, but Qi Yaoyao’s change was a lot more drastic.

Originally, even though Qi Yaoyao wasn’t fat she was a little ample, but now the baby fat on her face had disappeared without a trace, on her face were some deep dark circles, the hair she hadn’t cared for was a hideous mess, compared to before, it was like she was a different person.

It was also this day, Qi Yaoyao, who had never opened the entrance to the apartment nor spoke loudly in these few days, wore quite a few of Qi Jingchen’s winter and thick clothes, changed into thick shoes, then opened their apartment door and very quickly scuttled into the opposite apartment.

The zombies from this family had already been killed, that male owner had also left. The things left in this house was quite a lot, and when Qi Yaoyao returned her face was full of excitement. In her hands were two cans of powdered milk, a can of rice flour, and she also carried some canned auxiliary canned food for babies in a plastic bag, such as pea paste, noodles for babies to grind their teeth… These were all good things!

Qi Jingchen opened his eyes again.

“Ge, their house had a bucket of water, almost more than half was left, I’ll go move it over.” Qi Yaoyao put down the things in her hands, excitedly speaking.

Qi Jingchen smiled for the first time since his rebirth. With Qi Yaoyao’s previous behaviour, even if she went to a secured base, she would be unable to live on, but now… If her luck was good, Qi Yaoyao probably could live for a few years.

Qi Yaoyao brought back the half bucket of water, and when she wanted to go out again, she realized she couldn’t.

The movements that had happened here had attracted a zombie. And now, their home has a zombie blocking their door again, the ‘dong dong dong’ sound once again coming out.

“If we’re economic with eating, we can eat this food for a month!” Qi Yaoyao lifted the corner of her lip, wanting to comfort Qi Jingchen, but finally couldn’t resist crying again.

Time passed day by day, because the house couldn’t be cleaned and the toilet couldn’t be flushed, the apartment started to have a strange odor filling the air, but this time, Qi Yaoyao who had been called mysophobic in the past, didn’t say a single word of complaint.

It was needless to say for Qi Jingchen, even though he felt that this was all pretty disgusting, but before he had come across more disgusting things, and he could absolutely endure it.

In a blink, it’s already the tenth day of the apocalypse.

Qi Jingchen’s prediction of the army arriving to the next door hospital to take medicine and medical supplies still hadn’t come. Instead, the zombies outside were increasing. At their door there wasn’t only one zombie, but two.

Just the day before, someone from their community had jumped down from the stairs, in the end, he fell into a meat paste to become the zombies’ plate of food.

Qi Yaoyao’s words have increased, almost constantly talking in front of Qi Jingchen. When sleeping at night she would always wake with a start, then would go touch Qi Jingchen.

Instead, it was Qi Jingchen who still spent most of his time asleep.

This afternoon, Qi Yaoyao scooped out two ladle worth of rice flour mixed with water, then carried it to Qi Jingchen, feeding it to him.

Actually, in Qi Yaoyao’s opinion, the milk powder was more nutritious, but unfortunately Qi Jingchen ate a mouthful of milk powder then unexpectedly vomited again, instead it was the rice flour that he could force himself to eat.

While they were eating, outside suddenly had a chaotic noise.

Qi Yaoyao was a little curious, then suddenly their entrance had a violent pounding sound.

“Ge, zombies…” Qi Yaoyao’s complexion whitened.

Zombies of this time hadn’t evolved yet… Qi Jingchen frowned and was about to stand up, but suddenly heard a familiar voice from outside. “Is there anyone inside?! Qi Jingchen! Are you inside?!”

Qi Jingchen’s face blanked out for a moment, then he relaxed and laid back down. At this time, Qi Yaoyao had already excitedly run to the entrance. “Here! We’re here!” She yelled a few times, then involuntarily started crying bitterly, then hurriedly started moving away the things at the door.

However, the person outside the door shouted again. “The person inside, get out of the way!”

“Ah?” Qi Yaoyao almost unconsciously stepped aside. Then, she watched the door that had helped her block out zombies for many days, had its lock suddenly burnt into a hole. Immediately after, it was kicked open along with the horizontally laid refrigerator.

A young man wearing a black sports shirt, height surpassing 180 cm, entered with the speed of light. He didn’t even give Qi Yaoyao a single glance, dashing to the door of Qi Jingchen’s room.

And then, when this man saw Qi Jingchen who didn’t bathe for almost half a month, his entire body smelling of perspiration, he unexpectedly exposed a stunned expression.

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