Breakers SS #2 Caitlins Amazing Day

Breakers SS #2 – Caitlin’s Amazing Day

Today was a very special day.


In the early hours of the morning when the sun rose and the birds began to cry, Caitlin’s eyes literally shone as she got up. Her sleep didn’t last very long. It was partly due to the fact that her heart was pounding and she was so excited that she couldn’t sleep.

However, Caitlin boasted the best stamina among the princesses, since the other two were magicians. She had a means to restore her strength despite staying up all night. Caitlin picked up the glass bottle on her bedside table and smiled widely. There was a sweet smell as soon as she opened the lid.

Caitlin swallowed the special elixir made with the blood of the demon king and rose quickly from the bed. Thanks to the elixir, her skin was smooth and her hair was shiny. Caitlin waited for the maids to come, but there was no one after five minutes. It was still far away from the scheduled time.

Caitlin glanced at the clock. She usually wanted to sleep a bit more, but this time it was the exact opposite.


She wanted to call the maids right away by ringing the bell, but noticed that there was too much time until she was supposed to wake up. In the case of the maids, their working hours were long so some of them wouldn’t be ready to start work yet. She felt sorry towards them.

However, she felt like she would die waiting, so Caitlin was conflicted. This wasn’t the same summer day as always. No. It was different. Today was a very special day.

It was Caitlin’s 17th birthday. At the same time, it was the day when 3rd Queen Caitlin would ascend to the throne.


In the end, Caitlin called the maids 30 minutes earlier than usual and prepared for the ceremony after a simple breakfast. The wedding was scheduled for the afternoon, so there was still a lot of time. However, it was a law that there was always a lack of time when doing the bride’s makeup.

Caitlin’s cheeks were light pink as she bathed in various bath salts. Seira had to endure her laughter as she watched Caitlin bathing.

“Do you feel that good?”


Caitlin instantly answered. Seira laughed gently as she rubbed Caitlin’s shoulders and asked again.

“How good?”

The answer hadn’t emerged yet, but the maids in the vicinity bit their lips as they suppressed a laugh. Caitlin’s eyes glowed like lanterns as she smiled widely.


She was like a little child, but the maids sent her warm smiles. Everyone knew why Caitlin was more excited than usual.

1st Queen Anastasia Nekrion’s took place one month after the coronation of the new demon king. 2nd Queen Felicia Doomblade’s wedding was held two months after the weeding of the 1st Queen.

However, Caitlin Moonlight’s wedding ceremony to become the 3rd Queen was only taking place one year after the wedding of 2nd Queen Felicia. The reason was that Caitlin was ‘too young.’

Shutra was only a few months younger than Caitlin, but he was the demon king. Caitlin thought this was unfair and couldn’t stop pouting. In any case, Caitlin had to wait a year and several months. The day had finally come.

‘If she had to wait until 18 years old as first intended… would she be able to wait?’

Seira smiled and devoted herself to washing Caitlin. She would try to make this the best wedding possible. Caitlin closed her eyes at Seira’s familiar touch. There were only a few hours left, causing her heart to pound.


“You are the prettiest in the world.”

The bath was over, the wedding dress was worn and the bride’s makeup finished. Seira laughed as she stood in front of the Caitlin, who was sitting in the waiting room and waited for her wedding ceremony. And a man was standing tearfully next to Caitlin.

“Who is crying now?”

Chris laughed when Silvan cried at Felicia’s wedding, but now he was no different. He wasn’t full on crying like Silvan, but tears were falling from his eyes.

“Kuk, the Caitlin who I raised is getting married…”

Chris gazed into the distance as he recalled the past. Caitlin laughed slightly at the sight and said.

“Oppa, aren’t you only two years older than me?”

It might be different if it was a four or five year age difference, but it was only two years. But Seira shook her head at Caitlin’s rebuttal.

“Princess Caitlin, Prince Chris is correct.”


“You are growing too fast.”

Chris smiled and took out a few things. It was a magic tool to record moments, and Chris played an image of Caitlin as a baby. As the tallest among the children of the demon king, Chris was over two metres tall. When he was two years ago, he was already the size of a child who was one and a half years old.

Caitlin was quiet as the magic images played, while the silent Felicia sighed. She hit the crying Chris and stepped forward.

“Oppa is just a fool.”

Sometimes she thought that Chris was worse than Silvan. Felicia pushed the magic device to the side and concentrated on Caitlin. She didn’t know if it was because Caitlin was 17 or because of the wedding ceremony, but Caitlin looked cute and strong in the white dress.

“So beautiful. I’m slightly jealous.”


Caitlin giggled at Felicia’s wink. She was so cute that Felicia couldn’t help hugging her, making sure not to mess up the makeup. Chris spread open his arms, but Felicia and Caitlin both refused to embrace Chris.


The groom’s waiting room was relatively empty compared to the bride’s full waiting room. It was the main task of the groom to greet the guests, but this was the wedding of the demon king. It was the role of others to go and welcome the guests.

“How is the gossip?”

“It is the same. This is already the third one.”

Carack replied to In-gong’s question. Carack was once a soldier of the Demon King’s Palace, but he was now In-gong’s private secretary. He was the person closest to the demon king. In-gong had no choice but to appoint Carack as the private secretary.


“Is there something bothering you?”

“No, I was just thinking.”

This was the third wedding ceremony and the three queens were his half sisters. Royalty married their siblings for reasons such as strengthening power or maintaining assets, but it wasn’t common or recommended. This was why the draconians strongly recommended that Leticia should be the 1st Queen instead of the 4th.

Of course, the truth was a little different. In-gong wasn’t the child of the demon king. He wasn’t related to any of his three brides. But even so, he couldn’t reveal the truth. It would clearly be an unprecedented scandal.

‘The secret of Caitlin’s birth.’

In-gong shared almost all secrets with Felicia, but he kept Caitlin’s birth secret to himself. Felicia sincerely loved the demon king so she might not do anything when learning the truth, but he wasn’t sure about Elaine.

As In-gong thought about this, Carack laughed.

“Prince, don’t you know that you are the hero of the story?”


In-gong slowly stood up. Anyway, it was nice. Everybody was happy. In-gong glanced at the clock. The time for his wedding was approaching.


Many guests were gathered at the outdoor wedding venue.

If this was an ordinary wedding, most of the guests would be gathered to celebrate the marriage between bride and groom, but the wedding of the demon king was different. Just like the court gathering, the wedding ceremony was a space where many interests intersected.

Felicia, who was sitting next to 1st Queen Anastasia, frowned slightly as she looked at one side of the wedding venue. There was a particularly heavy atmosphere around where King Zanskal of the draconians was sitting. He might be an elderly man by the standards of the draconians, but he still had a strong energy flowing from his body. Leticia Ragnaros, the one nominated as the 4th Queen was sitting next to him.

“The atmosphere is heavy.”

Felicia muttered as she covered her face with a fan, while Anastasia looked at another place and replied.

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.”

Five rebellions had taken place in the one year and several months since In-gong had been crowned the demon king. As Anastasia had worried in the past, there were many people who couldn’t understand In-gong’s power.

But Anastasia didn’t think of the five rebellions as a bad thing. It was the proper place to show off In-gong’s power. Of course, it was funny that a queen was excited about a rebellion, but this was needed to show the power of the new demon king.

The Demon World wasn’t the Human World. It had its own system, but it was a world where the strong dominated everything. There might be some who laughed at peace through force, but that was originally the pace of the Demon World. It was because the demon king was such an absolute leader that an unprecedented peace could occur.

Anastasia’s calm voice made Felicia brighten up.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, so just look at Caitlin. There is no need to worry.”

Felicia followed Anastasia’s gaze towards where Caitlin had entered. As Anastasia said, it was a bright face with no worries.

“Is it possible?”

It was clearly good. There was no reason for Felicia to hate Caitlin’s bright figure. Now Caitlin was also a queen of the Demon King’s Palace. The location, environment, individual roles and responsibilities were all different.

Anastasia looked at Felicia’s worried face and laughed elegantly.

“Caitlin can do it. It is the same for you as well. Why do you think I became the 1st Queen?”

Felicia hid her face with her fan at Anastasia’s question. Then she replied playfully, “Is it for the sake of power? To reveal your face?”

Anastasia slightly frowned and poked Felicia’s side, causing her to swallow back a scream. Then Carack, who watched the queens playing, spoke in a loud voice.

“Queens, it is starting.”

It wasn’t simply to stop them. Anastasia and Felicia looked at the front as a horn sounded to announce the beginning of the wedding.


The wedding finished with great success. Time passed rapidly and night arrived. Caitlin sat on the bed and looked down at her hands. The ring that Amita made sparkled.

In-gong sat down next to Caitlin with a slightly awkward expression. A few minutes later. Caitlin laughed as she looked at the still awkward In-gong.



In-gong turned and saw Caitlin staring shyly at his lips.

“Truly delicious.”

They had already kissed a few times already. Caitlin muttered with red cheeks, and took a deep breath before suddenly standing up. She licked her lips slightly and said.

“So… today I will taste you properly.”


The moment that In-gong blinked. Taste him properly? The surprise didn’t end there. In-gong felt the Moonlight Core react. The power of Conquest rose and Caitlin became the Apostle of Conquest. The power of wilderness rose inside Caitlin.



Caitlin instantly answered. Now they were husband and wife. Caitlin’s eyes were even brighter today. But somehow, there was a dangerous light mixed in it.


Caitlin didn’t stop, despite In-gong’s hurried words. She had already learned the theory from Seira. Caitlin took one step closer, causing In-gong to gulp and swiftly awaken his divinity.


The next morning.

Caitlin slowly woke up, after sleeping much longer than usual. He looked towards the source of a pleasant warmth, and saw In-gong sleeping. She hugged him before going back to sleep. Then Seira opened the door, as if she knew the right time. She came to wake up In-gong and Caitlin, but they didn’t wake up despite Seira waiting a long time.

Time passed again, and it was almost afternoon when In-gong and Caitlin woke up from their deep sleep. Caitlin woke up but she didn’t want to leave the bed, so they ate the prepared breakfast and lunch on it. In-gong gulped as he looked at Caitlin’s side profile and asked in a coy voice.

“How was it?”

Caitlin blinked and her cheeks turned red. She laughed like she always did.

“Shutra is amazing.”

As always, a special day began. It was the day the of the 8th Princess, no 3rd Queen Caitlin Moonlight.

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