Bringing Culture to a Different World

Chapter 11 - Actors

"Your Highness, are you going to break into the prison?"

Zenarth had just gotten the water elemental servant to clean Ynor's body and put him into decent menswear before he faced Joshua. He then learned about Joshua's latest order.

Zenarth did not feel any consternation toward Joshua's seemingly suicidal thoughts. He had been Joshua's Lifeward since the latter's birth and was long used to the prince's random whims.

In the past, the prince had actually come up with a few terrifying and potentially fatal ideas. Breaking into the prison was a relatively mild one. Two years ago, the prince's experiment had nearly blown the entire Royal Castle apart.

"Not a real break-in. It is just a metaphor."

Joshua motioned for Zenarth to clamp down on his expression of eagerness.

It was obviously unwise to challenge the authority of the sentinels at such times.

"I've decided to play the role of a human hunter and rescue those humans who have been imprisoned in the dungeon. Of course, the sentinels will be informed beforehand. Simply put, it is just a show—a show to make the humans think that they have been saved."

"A show... Your Highness, to let these humans go is already a show of kindness in itself."

When Joshua decided to detain the humans, Zenarth assumed that he was going to use them as his test subjects in his experiments.

"Kindness? I am not letting them go out of kindness. Rather, I am hoping that they will cooperate with me on something. Zenarth, how many do you think will submit to me if I were to use force?"

Once again, Joshua threw his most loyal subordinate a question.

"For the most part, humans are too timid."

The moment Zenarth said that, Joshua could sense some downcast emotions within his voice.

As far as a Sin Demon like Zenarth was concerned, the human race was simply too weak, so weak that a single flame breath from Zenarth could turn a living human into coke.

However, Zenarth had to admit that there were special cases among the humans who were powerful. Hence, Zenarth dared not underestimate them even though he was extremely prejudiced against them.

Be that as it may, despite Zenarth's restraint on his flames and his attempts to communicate with a human, the latter's reaction was always to run away in terror.

"In fact, for the most part, the majority would choose to compromise when their lives are at stake, but if you simply try to force them to submit through brute force, what will happen after you leave? They will do everything in their might to escape, and the very moment you are weak, they will try to kill you."

Dominating someone through fear was the most efficient method, but it was also foolish.

In war, this method was utilized to invade and plunder as countries with powerful militaries could easily conquer the lands of a weak country. Yet, the citizens of that country would never yield. They would do everything and anything to fight back.

That was the nature of humans, and even the most cowardly of humans would have this side to them.

"So that is why I have chosen this rather roundabout approach."

Joshua looked at the Sin Demon while the latter was deep in thought but still did not seem to understand the reason for Joshua's actions.

"Zenarth, perhaps one day you will be able to imagine a world where humans are no longer hostile to you, and they will not fear you anymore too. Instead, they will like and even admire you. Some will even travel the distance just to see you, fight for a chance to give you flowers, and maybe get your autograph and a selfie with you as well?"

Zenarth did not understand what an autograph or a selfie was, but... as he glanced down at his hands, he saw that his claws were sharp enough to cut through everything. Faint green flames danced around in his palm.

His terrifying hands were doomed to never be able to pick up something as fragile as a flower.


"My apologies, Your Highness, I... I cannot imagine it."

Zenarth had tried many times before. It was not just humans, even many demons in the Demonic Realm bore a fearful attitude toward the Sin Demons. He could forget about getting close when everyone would scatter at the sight of him in the distance.

"That day will come, trust me Zenarth. You will become a superstar, and human girls will scream for joy when they touch your mane. They will brim with pride when they stand beside you... and all I am doing now is for the arrival of that day."

Joshua then took out a piece of parchment with a map of the prison's interior.

The dungeon was close to the Royal Castle, and unlike Earth, the higher one's status in the Demonic Realm, the stronger they were. They would, of course, not be afraid of mere criminals like that. At the same time, it was a way to strike fear into the prisoners.

Joshua drew a red circle on the interrogation chamber. That was where Joshua planned for the portal to be. He had already submitted the specifics of his plans to Cecily through a letter.

"Zenarth, create a portal there. When I make this hand motion, activate it."

Joshua snapped his fingers without any consideration for the feelings of the prison wardens.

The interrogation chamber was separated by several layers of imprisonment seals, and Joshua had no worries about any other prisoner trying to escape.

"As you command."

While Zenarth did not understand what Joshua meant, he felt an odd sense of anticipation.

After all, aside from Joshua, only other Chaos Demons could speak to him in a calm manner since his birth...

Who did not desire friends? There was no absolutely solitary being in this world. Even tigers had to seek out companionship during the mating season.

Therefore, Zenarth took the parchment and left with Joshua's orders in mind.

The next thing Joshua needed to arrange was the heroine's task in "Beauty and the Demon".

Joshua's gaze was set on Ynor who was standing in the room.

Ynor had already changed into proper men's clothing. It was a simple garb but was way better than the rags he wore earlier.

Joshua could not help but be amazed by the fact that Ynor was indeed a succubus. Even in male clothes, his every movement was enough to arouse the urge to protect in every man. He was like a bunny who shrank into a ball while it held onto its long ears.

"Your Highness, do you need me to do anything? Be it cleaning or accompanying you in bed, I can do it."

The clothes were uncomfortable for Ynor as he needed to retract his wings and tail to fit into the clothes.

The succubi had the ability to change part of their outer appearance. Retracting their wings and tail was something they could do, but Ynor rarely did it.

"I've already told you, I am not hiring you as my slave. Ynor, I need your acting abilities. In other words, I need your ability to deceive others. Are the succubi not the best at this?"

Joshua did not have much time to befriend the succubus, and if there was a need, he would do it during the filming process.

"I will give you your first mission. You will mingle with the imprisoned humans in human form. Your role will be a brave, passionate, and curious lady named Belle."

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