Bringing Culture to a Different World

Chapter 984

Chapter 984: Chapter 1005, roll over

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Black-tail had five ‘Little Overlord’protocrystals in his pocket, and he was very nervous.

Even though he had tried this magical protocrystal, black-tail admitted that this protocrystal really made him happy, and he even found the simplest and pure happiness that he had in his childhood when he did not need the joy mixture.


However, black tail was not sure if other joy mixture drinkers would like this thing.

With this uncertainty, black tail first eliminated the violent elements in the city and chose some relatively easy to communicate with customers.

At the same time, he also needed the kind that could provide him with a large number of primary crystals.

Black tail bypassed the patrols and came to the residence near the alchemy factory.

This was the safest place in the city. These alchemy factories were under the management of the city governor, so the people living nearby were also relatively well-behaved.

Black tail came to the door of a clinic and knocked on it. A secret compartment appeared on the door, and a pair of eyes in the secret compartment sized up black tail before the back door slowly opened.

It walked through the door and a slender man walked towards it.

“Black tail, I thought you had forgotten about me.”

The man wanted to give black tail a hug, but black tail directly turned sideways to avoid the hug.

“I don’t have time to talk nonsense.”

Black tail looked left and right. This was a clinic, and business was quite good.

People often got injured in the alchemy factory, so this was also a place to treat them.

“Did you bring what I asked for?”

The doctor led black tail deeper into the clinic. Black tail showed his pocket symbolically.

The two of them walked until they reached an empty office.

The homemade merriment mixture was also illegal in this city. However, the inspectors turned a blind eye to such cases. If it was too conspicuous, it would still be captured by the inspectors.

“Take it out and let me see how it looks.”

It was not the first time the doctor had made a deal with black tail. He took out a bag of coins from under the desk and placed it on the table. Black tail could tell how much money was in the bag just by listening to the sound.

“The things this time are different.”

Black tail took out two raw crystals that were emitting a dim light from his pocket.

There were many pharmacists in this city who made the laughing mixture privately. The mixture they made was also different, but the doctor had never seen the laughing mixture that looked like a stone.

“What is this thing?”

The Doctor picked up a raw crystal that black tail placed on the table. He also put on the surface of the raw crystal that was used by the monocle researcher.

However, in his eyes, this thing had no other use other than to emit light.

“The new potion is called… Little Overlord. It’s very effective.”Black tail did not know how to introduce this crystal until this point. Also, the name that Jose gave it was a little too strange.

When the doctor heard Black Tail’s answer, a sneer appeared on his face.

“Black tail, I originally thought that you were the most professional pharmacist in this neighborhood, but why did you play such a little trick? I only want the laughter mixture.”

The Doctor threw the crystal in his hand directly to black tail. Black tail caught the crystal and was silent for a moment.

“You can try this now. Those damn idiots from the sewing gang messed up my alchemy room. The new laughter mixture will take some time.”

The Doctor suddenly became silent when black tail said this. His eyes were looking behind black tail. Black tail suddenly turned around and saw a tall figure… who knew when it had appeared behind it.

Its neck was suddenly strangled, and its entire body was once again violently pushed against the wall.

“Kid! Repeat what you said just now?”

Black-tailed recognized the guy who strangled its neck. He was the number two figure of the sewing gang, death-ray. He directly used both hands to push black-tailed against the wall.

“If you continue to cause trouble in my clinic, the inspection team will come.”The doctor looked at this scene and appeared very calm. He stared at death-ray and said in a threatening tone.

Death line snorted and threw black tail back to the ground.

“Doctor, don’t believe this kid. The laughter mixture he made is just a bottle of water. It’s worse than the black water made by the Quest Society,”Death Line said coldly.

“The Quest Society? What those guys made is poison! You Idiot… The more you drink, the faster you’ll die!”

Black tail couldn’t stand the fact that his own laughter mixture technology was being denigrated. He laughed loudly at the brains of the sewing gang.

“What About You? Are you trying to trick people with two stones? A liar doesn’t have the right to live in this city.”Death line seemed to know how to mock black tail. It could pierce his pride like a blade.

“You don’t know the power of this thing, idiot!”Black tail gritted his teeth and said, “Its effect is much more effective than laughter mixture!”

When death row heard Black Tail’s words, his heart slightly moved. He was not stupid… The Doctor was the supplier of raw materials for the laughing mixture. Not many people in the city dared to provoke him.

Since black tail dared to sell this thing to the doctor, it meant that he was indeed confident in this thing.

“Use one for me to see first.”Death Row threw one of the primary crystals that black tail placed on the table to it.

Black tail crushed the crystal directly, and a large amount of runes rushed into its body. Black Tail’s breathing became rapid and then calmed down again, and its eyes became a little brighter.

Death line followed black tail’s usage and crushed the crystal in his hand. A large amount of runes quickly rushed into his body, but he… could not feel anything.

“You lied to me again!”Death line suddenly grabbed black tail’s chin. He had not drunk the joy mixture for too long, so he was in a manic state.

“Death line,”the doctor called his name coldly from the side.

“Don’t worry… I Won’t kill it here.”Death line grabbed black tail’s collar and tried to drag it out of the clinic.

But black tail was already prepared. It picked up the knife hidden behind its back and stabbed death ray in the arm.

Death Ray let out a wail and released black tail. Black tail immediately ran out of the clinic.

“Catch that Kid!”Death Ray’s angry voice echoed throughout the entire clinic corridor.

Two men from the sewing gang caught up with black tail, but black tail still pushed open the back door of the clinic and came to the Dirty Alley behind the clinic.

It had only run a few steps when another member of the sewing gang rushed out from the other side of the alley.

A dead end!

Black tail glanced at the two sewing gang members who were slowly walking toward it. The Man in front of it was holding a wooden stick.

“Damn it…”black tail held the dagger in his hand tightly and was ready to fight to the death.

The man in front of black tail raised the wooden stick in his hand and swung it directly at black tail. Black tail wanted to use the dagger in his hand to block, but in the next second, an orange figure descended from the sky.

It was the Orange Cat!

It nimbly landed on the man’s shoulder. Its sharp claws were imbued with some magic, forming a sharp blade. The blade directly sliced through the man’s neck, fresh blood spurted out in all directions and splashed onto Black Tail’s face.

Black tail stared blankly at the “Corpse”on the ground and the orange cat that was stepping on the corpse’s back… There were some words in his mouth that he wanted to say, but he could not say them at all.

“Thousand faces, you’re going to kill me just like that?”

“It’s my professional instinct. I held back, this guy isn’t dead yet.”

Once again, the voices of a man and a woman came out from the Orange Cat’s body. Black tail felt that his head was in a mess.

“Where is it!”

But behind it… a group of sewing gang members appeared. There were about seven of them.

Black tail could not be bothered to think too much. It wanted to escape immediately.

“This time, it’s my turn!”

Another girl’s voice came from the Orange Cat’s body. One second ago, the orange cat was still exuding the aura of a cold-blooded killer. The next second, it was holding a wooden stick that was not proportional to its body.

It should not be said that it was holding… the surface of the wooden stick was attached with an inscription of order. The orange cat floated it in mid-air.

“Sigh… forget it, that someone… stand back for a moment.”Jose’s helpless voice came from the Orange Cat.

Black Tail’s body stiffened as it took a few steps back. It was already prepared to turn around and escape at any time. In the end, the orange cat let out a shrill cat cry and directly rushed into the crowd.

The next second, the entire alley echoed with the wails of humans.

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