Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Chapter 1057-1062

Chapter 1057 – Response of the Neutral Alliance

Now that Zhao Hai had dealt with the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, taking care of the other Undead would be easy. And just like Zhao Hai thought, since the Dark Temple has been razed, battles ended with no suspense.

The status of the Dark Temple had been too high. The undead regarded the Dark Temple as the place of their Dark God. And under the instruction of their god, they were invincible, nobody can block their army.

But now, they suddenly discovered that their omnipotent god was unexpectedly been defeated. The Divine Palace was also razed to the ground. The attack of these events to their morale was beyond comparison.

On the other hand, the morale of Zhao Hai's army was at sky high. With the Dark Temple's undead having very low morale and without no leader, winning the war was simple.

In fact, these days, Lizzy and Megan didn't command the Undead. Instead, the control was handed over to Addison and the others. The two would just give instructions when it comes to formations during marches.

Zhao Hai began to relax. The Dark Temple's territory had already been captured by them. While watching the increasing number of his Undead, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel numb.

Nobody could blame Zhao Hai. He wasn't expecting the number of his Undead to jump by hundreds of millions every day. It was as if the numbers had been injected with dog's blood, it was frantically increasing.

Although the Dark Temple's territory was slowly being absorbed, Zhao Hai wasn't anxious in searching for treasures. He wanted to wait until he had dealt with the Neutral Alliance before he begins his search.

The Neutral Alliance was weaker than the Dark Temple, and they seem to not have a person they worship. However, Zhao Hai was still worried. What if the Neutral Alliance had a high-level person controlling them from behind? If Zhao Hai revealed too many secrets in his body, then the people from the Cultivation Realm might do whatever they can to deal with him. And even if they couldn't kill him, Zhao Hai would still have to run for his life, hiding inside the Space. Zhao Hai didn't want that kind of life. He wanted to explore the world and see its wonders.

Besides dealing with the Dark Temple's Undead, Zhao Hai was also mapping the Neutral Alliance's territory in the past few days. At the same time, he was also monitoring the Alliance's various cities.

Zhao Hai did these things because, one, he wanted to prepare to deal with the Alliance, and two, Zhao Hai was very clear that if the Neutral Alliance gets any news of the Dark Temple being eliminated, then they would certainly be on guard. Because of this, Zhao Hai monitored the Alliance's cities in order to see their response.

Sure enough, there was a reaction from the Neutral Alliance. The people from the Alliance didn't expect the Resistance Army to completely pressure the Dark Temple. They were even able to assault the Dark Temple and kill their Dark God. This event was beyond their imaginations.

The Neutral Alliance was an existence that placed itself between the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple. They also used their power to maintain this delicate balance. This was in order to maintain the business they had on both sides.

And this balance was very easily achieved. The Undead wanted to get stronger. And in order to do so, they would need plants and high-ranked fiery souls. The Neutral Alliance would use their business in order to control the strength of both sides. For example, if they sell high-ranked fiery souls to the Dark Temple, they would also sell similarly ranked fiery souls to the Resistance Army. The same was true for plants. This way, the power balance of the Underworld would remain as it was. 

But now, this balance was broken by the Resistance Army. Now that they had usurped the Dark Temple, this meant that the two sides had become one. In this case, would the Resistance Army leave the Neutral Alliance alone?

Naturally, the answer was no. Even low-ranked Undead would be able to give this answer. Because of this, if the Neutral Alliance didn't react, then it would be strange.

From what Zhao Hai can see, the Neutral Alliance was a very loose organization. Moreover, the alliance was mostly dominated by businessmen. In this case, they should be actively seeking the Resistance Army and rely on them to survive. This was in line with a businessman's mindset.

However, Zhao Hai didn't expect that after gaining news, the Alliance didn't contact the Resistance Army. Instead, they used their accumulated resources over the years in order to promote their subordinates. This allowed the Alliance to produce massive amounts of experts in a short time. It seems like they were prepared to deal with Zhao Hai's group.

Zhao Hai looked at this outcome and knew that the Alliance wasn't planning on being friendly. Since this was the case, then Zhao Hai could only make a move. He wasn't a kindhearted person, so after seeing this reaction, he couldn’t just let them go free. Fighting them was the way to go.

However, one must recognize that the Alliance was worthy of being called the Underworld's merchants. They were very rich. They were able to make large quantities of experts in a short span of time. This was something that Zhao Hai didn't expect. But Zhao Hai also had a card he could play. He didn't use it before, it was time to take it out now.

Previously, Zhao Hai was able to buy a small beast skeleton from the Alliance. This beast skeleton could turn into bone armor. Moreover, these bones armors could be turned into seeds. Zhao Hai handed the armors over to Gimreden to take care of. Now, the bone skeleton seeds had been planted, and Zhao Hai already had a battalion’s worth of bone armor.

The undead in this bone armor battalion weren't just ordinary undead. They were Undead who followed Zhao Hai for a long time, the ones most familiar with army formations. Moreover, Zhao Hai had increased their strength using fiery souls. At this point, this group had reached King-level strength.

This king-level strength was still worse than a peak King-level character. However, the battalion numbered 10 thousand strong. Ten thousand King-level Undead wearing bone armor, moreover, they were trained to use army formations, an army of this strength was enough to fully sweep the entire Underworld.

This group had the same training as the Devil Legion. They were made in preparation for Zhao Hai's ascension to the Cultivation Realm. They were only taken out right now because the Neutral Alliance's response had annoyed Zhao Hai.

The Neutral Alliance could produce experts in a short time. If Zhao Hai couldn't stop this trend, then he would be losing a lot of Undead in the future. Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to use the bone armored Undead to deal with them.

But before dealing with the Neutral Alliance, Zhao Hai needed to completely extinguish the Dark Temple's influence. This way, they could safely deal with the Alliance.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn't just lower his guard against the Alliance during this period of time. The Alliance produced a lot of Experts, this defined their position in this struggle. One couldn’t say what moves the Alliance would do. Zhao Hai couldn't just allow them to perform a sneak attack on him. 

Because of this, Zhao Hai made some preparations. He concentrated a lot of Blood Spirit Beasts on a portion of the Blood River closest to the Alliance. At the same time, he also used magic in order to make several branches to the Blood River. These branches would surround the Alliance, shackling them in place. If the Alliance wanted to make a move, then they would need to remove these shackles first.

With the Blood Spirit Beasts facing the Alliance, Zhao Hai began to feel relieved. At the same time, he assigned Cai'er to monitor the Alliance's actions. If the Alliance decided to move their experts, then Cai'er was to send the Bone Armor Legion.

Regarding the fight against the Dark Temple, Zhao Hai didn't really care too much, there was no need to do so. Although there were still some forces that were resisting, they were just grasshoppers after autumn, they only had a few jumps left. What he needed to do was to clean these guys up. It would be annoying if these people came out during the fight against the Alliance.

However, Zhao Hai handed this matter over to Addison to take care of. Zhao Hai was beginning to groom Addison to be the person who would manage the underworld in the future.

During this period of time, Addison wasn't only learning army formations from Lizzy. He was also studying how to manage the underworld under Laura.

It was fine if Addison learned only some of Lizzy's army formations. After all, wars would be very rare in the Underworld in the future. Also, if they clash against the Cultivation Realm, depending on the Underworld's strength was already impossible. Because of this, learning basic formations was already fine.

As for managing the Underworld, it was also quite simple. Zhao Hai could just arrange the same system that he established inside the Space. He would install churches at key places, allowing the Underworld's undead to exchange for goods. There was no need for Addison to manage this.

But in the end, the Underworld wasn't inside Zhao Hai's Space. Someone like the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor could still appear here in the future. Because of this, some management was still needed, and Addison was a fitting candidate for this spot.

Chapter 1058 – Does the Neutral Alliance Have Cards to Play?

The Dark Temple's territory has been settled. The lands of the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple now belonged to Zhao Hai, the only one remaining was the Neutral Alliance.

Completely out of Zhao Hai's expectation was the Neutral Alliance doing nothing as Zhao Hai continues to swallow the Dark Temple's territory. Instead, they just defended their lands. It seems like they're planning on holding on to it for a long time.

Zhao Hai couldn't understand the Alliance's decision. The Alliance went all out in making experts, putting out a message that they would desperately go against the Resistance Army. So why were they quiet now? This caused Zhao Hai to be puzzled.

But now that the Dark Temple has been taken over, the damages caused by the war needed to be repaired. There were many things that needed to be restored, and the Undead needed to be restructured. Only after completely consolidating the territory could Zhao Hai's group begin to deal with the Neutral Alliance.

Zhao Hai was now quite relaxed. He has handed almost all of the management problems to Addison to take care of. 

The same was true for Lizzy and Megan. After they dealt with the Dark Temple, the two returned to the processing machine to resume their research. Zhao Hai didn't prevent the two from going. To be honest, the processing machine was still a mystery to them. This machine needed to be completely understood in order to unleash its true capabilities. Zhao Hai's understanding of the machine was still very small. He had been too busy to give time to this matter. And now that Laura and the others were interested in studying the machine, he just let them continue doing so.

It took five days for the Dark Temple's influence to be fully eliminated. In these five days, Addison and the others were rebuilding the site where the Dark Temple used to be. This wasn't an easy task because they weren't just rebuilding the structure, they were also expanding it.

Zhao Hai knew about the perils of the Underworld; the acid rain, the winds, and so on. And whenever these disasters occur, a lot of low-level Undead were killed. Zhao Hai decided to expand the cities in order to provide shelter to the Undead who lacked the strength to survive on their own.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that this was a long-term project, it cannot be achieved in a short time even with his current strength. Because of this, he wasn't too anxious about its completion. Also, this reconstruction was just a form of disguise. What Zhao Hai wanted to do in the meantime was to study the Neutral Alliance!

The only lands that didn't belong to Zhao Hai were the ones that were under the Neutral Alliance. Moreover, Zhao Hai began to feel that the Alliance was hiding a secret. How could these Undead do business so smoothly? Thinking about it, it was too strange. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn't immediately make a move and instead decided to take some time to investigate the Alliance.

Zhao Hai was currently sitting in his study, contemplating. At the same time, he was also scouring through the Heart Defending Clan's inheritance inside his mind. Zhao Hai has to recognize how good the clan's inheritance was. It can be said that he profited a lot. 

Then all of a sudden, he felt that Addison was calling for him. Zhao Hai stared, he had given Addison an order to not disturb him unless it was an important matter. Addison wasn't someone who would disobey instructions. Now that Addison was asking for his attention, it seems like this wasn't an ordinary matter. After he thought about this, Zhao Hai immediately contacted Addison using his mind.

Addison was akin to Zhao Hai's contracted creature. Therefore, Zhao Hai could contact the vampire using their connection. Addison could also use this method to call Zhao Hai.

After getting Zhao Hai's response, Addison immediately said, "Young Master, someone from the Alliance just approached me. He says he wanted to meet you." Zhao Hai stared, he gently knit his eyebrows and said, "Someone wants to see me? How did they know about my existence? Did you tell them?"

Upon hearing that Zhao Hai was somewhat unhappy, Addison quickly replied, "We didn't. They discovered it on their own. Its possible that they were able to remember our transaction from last time. Because of that, they asked for your presence. Young Master, how do you want me to respond?"

Zhao Hai gave a nod. He also believed that Addison wouldn't talk irresponsibly. The man was perfectly discreet, he wouldn't do such a foolish thing.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and then said, "They want to see me? Good, then I will meet them. Tell them I agree. I also want to know why they came."

Addison complied, then there were no other news. Zhao Hai waved his hand as a monitor appeared in front of him, showing the place where Addison was currently in.

Addison was currently in the Divine City. In place of the destroyed Dark Temple, Zhao Hai constructed a church. Zhao Hai didn't choose to make the church according to Chinese customs, instead, he used European design, making the structure look extraordinary and full of artistry.

The reason Zhao Hai used European architecture instead of Chinese was because he wanted to distance himself from the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. He wanted the people from the Underworld to understand that he was different from the Ghost Emperor.

Not only can this church be used to exchange goods, it was also a dwelling place. Addison was currently living inside the church.

Zhao Hai couldn't help but find it interesting that a vampire was living inside a church. At this moment, Addison was inside the reception hall meeting with a Lich.

Zhao Hai carefully inspected the Lich and discovered that it was Yuri, the City Lord of Dry Bone City. It was the merchant that Zhao Hai once bought goods from.

When Addison returned to the hall, he sat down and said, "May I ask why City Lord Yuri wants to meet with the Young Master?"

In any case, it seems like Yuri had guessed Zhao Hai's status, so he didn't bother hiding anything and just called Zhao Hai 'Young Master'. When Yuri heard Addison, his eyes shone for a moment before he quickly concealed it, "I came because the high-ranks of the Alliance wanted to meet with Mister Zhao Hai to discuss a matter of alliance."

Addison looked at Yuri and said, "May I know what this alliance means?"

Yuri smiled faintly and said, "The Neutral Alliance always believed in freedom, naturally we are hoping that we could maintain our autonomy. We're hoping that Mister would agree to this request."

Addison coldly snorted and said, "City Lord Yuri should know your current state, and you still think we can agree to this request?"

When Zhao Hai heard Addison's words, he couldn't help but praise the Vampire King in his mind. The Resistance Army had the absolute advantage, so how could they give up the prospect of unifying the entire Underworld? Addison's question was very good.

Yuri seems to expect Addison's response, so he smiled faintly and said, "This is why we wanted to invite Mister Zhao Hai. If Mister visits the Alliance, then he would surely change his mind."

Addison didn’t know what the Neutral Alliance was planning. Therefore, he couldn't help but hesitate to answering Yuri. At this time, Addison heard Zhao Hai's voice in his mind, "Tell him that making a lot of high-ranked Undead in a short time is useless against us."

When he heard Zhao Hai, Addison's eyes shone. He looked at Yuri and said, "City Lord Yuri, you just used your stockpiled resources to make a lot of high-rank Undead. Are you thinking of using them to deal with us? Let me tell you that it's useless. If you're planning to do that, then I would suggest that you should stop."

Yuri gawked when he heard Addison. His expression changed as he looked at Addison and said, "I didn't expect Mister Addison to know this despite being very busy. But the Neutral Alliance didn't only do that, we also have another thing prepared. I'd bet Mister Zhao Hai would be interested in it."

Not only Addison, even Zhao Hai was moved by Yuri's words. What does Zhao Hai need to see in the Alliance? Do they still have another card to play?

After thinking of this, Zhao Hai told Addison, "Tell him I'll go. Let him set a time and place. I will personally go there for a discussion."

Addison complied, then he looked at Yuri and said, "City Lord Yuri, I have nothing else to ask. Please set the date and time. The Young Master said that he will go."

Yuri stared at Addison who accepted the request. In the Underworld, it was rare for someone to be unaware about contracts. And as long as a contract was made, the master and his subordinates would be able to mentally communicate. Yuri looked at Addison, it seems like he was communicating with Zhao Hai, could it be?

Addison's reputation in the Underworld was quite resounding. Not only because of his formidable strength, it was also because he was an unruly fellow. In Yuri's eyes, people like Addison would rather die than enter into a contract. Therefore, Yuri was surprised when he saw that Addison seems to be in a contractual relationship.

However, Yuri didn't dwell on it too long. He quickly replied, "That would be best. We're inviting Mister to visit Holy Bone City in three days. Is that fine?"

Addison received Zhao Hai's confirmation, naturally he nodded and said, "Alright, then three days later the Young Master will visit Holy Bone City."

Yuri nodded, then he stood up and gave Addison a bow before saying, "Then I will say my goodbyes. I will be waiting for Mister Zhao Hai three days later in Holy Bone City."

Addison also stood up and said, "Alright, City Lord Yuri can go. I won't be escorting you out."

Yuri nodded, then he fluttered towards the exit. Addison looked at Yuri's back and coldly snorted. In his mind, he told Zhao Hai, "Young Master, we should teach him a lesson. This guy is too impolite."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "No need. I'll see what they plan to do in three days. You will remain here." Addison complied.

Chapter 1059 – Backer from the Cultivation Realm

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside Guli's bone carriage. Holy Bone City was now quite close. Naturally, he was using his spiritual force to scan the city. Holy Bone City was just like any other city in the Underworld. It was unlike the Dark Temple that had the ability to keep the Dark Mist away.

Holy Bone City's outer image didn't differ too much from Dry Bone City, it was just slightly larger. However, Zhao Hai noticed that while city walls were made out of ordinary stone besides the gates, one shouldn't discount the gates, they seem to be made out of the huge jade-white bones that Zhao Hai had taken into the Space. Although the city was low-key in its other aspects, this door shows how extraordinary the city was.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, he knew that this was hidden arrogance. It was like back on Earth where there were rich people who loved to act low-key. Things such as riding a bicycle, wearing normal looking clothes, without people knowing that the watch they were wearing was actually a limited edition luxury item. The watch would be so expensive that it would be enough to scare people. 

Zhao Hai didn't have too many following him, only Guli and Jiang Zheng. They were one of the first people who followed him when he arrived in the Underworld. Naturally, his feelings towards them were more than normal. After they dealt with the Dark Temple, the two followed Zhao Hai.

Normally, the two would be inside the Hell Space practicing, they wouldn't always follow Zhao Hai. But when they do, they would be in their human-form. They don't appear as a zombie or skeleton in front of Zhao Hai.

This time, Zhao Hai took the two with him to see Holy Bone City and the Neutral Alliance. Naturally, the two would be in their zombie and skeleton form.

The bone carriage slowly went closer towards the city. When the carriage arrived outside the gates, a bang was heard before it opened. What met Zhao Hai's eyes were two lines of skeletons wearing armor. However, their armor wasn't the same as the bone armor that Zhao Hai had inside the Space. Instead they were just armor made out of ordinary bones. Nevertheless, these skeletons still looked quite majestic.

The weapons of these skeletons were also the same in the form of a long spear. Each Undead stood still, showing majesty and power.

After that, more Undead walked out of the city. These Undead were in all forms, skeletons, zombies, vampires, and many more. What was common between these Undead was the fact that they were all King-level experts.

Zhao Hai made the bone carriage stop. Then he walked out of the carriage followed by Guli and Jiang Zheng. The three proceeded to walk towards the Undead.

In front of this group was a zombie. It had black skin and its muscles had completely withered. With his dark and thin arms, he looked like an old tree root.

However, this shrivelled looking zombie actually made Zhao Hai's eyes shrink. This was because he can feel a dangerous aura on this Zombie.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai felt the same energy on this zombie on the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor's beast skeletons. This was what caught Zhao Hai's attention.

Also, Yuri was following behind this zombie, showing that it held a high position inside the Alliance.

While Zhao Hai was sizing up the zombie, the zombie stepped forward to greet Zhao Hai. He laughed and gave a bow before saying, "Tiande has seen Mister ZHao Hai. Mister's presence is a great pleasure." Zhao Hai gave a smile as he replied, "Mister is too polite. Just call me Zhao Hai."

The other Undead also gave Zhao Hai a salute. Even though these Undead had a hint of hostility, Zhao Hai didn't care and just returned their greeting.

After the two sides exchanged greetings, Tiande gestured towards Zhao Hai and said, "Mister, please." Then he led Zhao Hai towards the city. Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn't too polite. He took Guli and Jiang Zheng as he followed beside Tiande in heading towards the city. 

Holy Bone City had five towers, of which Zhao Hai was taken to the top floor of the middle one. The room was cleanly arranged and had a lot of chairs inside. These chairs were made out of bones and were covered with animal leather. There was a magic formation inside the room to keep the Dark Mist out. There was also another formation on the ceiling, providing the place with a soft light.

After everyone has been settled, Tiande didn't wait any longer as he began to talk, "We invited Mister over in order to discuss a future alliance. Mister destroyed the Dark Temple, fully intending to unify the Underworld. Although the Alliance had the same aspiration, we still hoped to see peace in the Underworld. We don't want too many conflicts to occur in the Underworld. Because of this, we shall recognize Mister's rule of the plane." After he spoke those words, Tiande stopped and looked at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai's face was covered, therefore nobody could see any of his expressions. Zhao Hai didn't answer immediately, he knew that the other party still had more to say, so he waited.

After seeing that Zhao Hai didn't respond, Tiande added, "The others and I would submit to Mister. However, we hope that we would be able to obtain freedom, maintaining our present life. Mister, what do you think?"

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande. He completely understood what Tiande wants, he wanted to be an autonomous state inside Zhao Hai's rule. They would surrender to him, giving him reputation. However, with this set-up, Zhao Hai wouldn't have much power inside the Neutral Alliance.

Zhao Hai was puzzled at Tiande. What gave this Zombie confidence to discuss terms with him? 

Although the Alliance had amassed a lot of Experts in these past few days, they still fall short compared to the Dark Temple. And after Zhao Hai conquered the Dark Temple, the resources in his hands had steadily increased. In normal conditions, the Alliance simply didn't have the strength to discuss anything with him. However, the Alliance actually did, and with huge confidence at that. Zhao Hai couldn't help but be confused.

This time, Tiande looked at Zhao Hai, worry completely absent from his face. He just sat there and watched Zhao Hai, looking like a piece of black-colored bamboo.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and said, "I need a reason. Why would I grant you this treatment?"

Tiande seems to expect Zhao Hai's question. He smiled and Zhao Hai and said, "Mister you should have already seen the strength of the Alliance. We aren't that weak. If we fight, then Mister's losses would be huge."

After he said this, Tiande stopped. Then Zhao Hai responded, "This isn't a good reason. You and I both know that death doesn't mean anything in the Underworld."

Tiande nodded and said, "Mister is correct, in the Underworld, death doesn't mean anything. But Mister, how much do you know about the Dark God?"

Tiande's words made Zhao Hai's eyes shrink. The Dark God that Tiande meant was naturally the Yin Wind ghost Emperor. But it seems like Tiande wasn't talking about the Ghost Emperor's incarnation, but the Ghost Emperor himself!

Zhao Hai was surprised because he was certain that the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was from the Cultivation Realm. Judging by Tiande's words, it seems like he knew about the ghost Emperor. Was Tiande also connected to the Cultivation Realm?

At the thought of this, Zhao Hai couldn't help but probe Tiande. He nodded and said, "I know something. The Dark God used several mystical spells while fighting me. He also said that he was a Ghost Emperor, was he the Emperor of the Plane? But even if he was the Emperor, I still wasn't afraid. If I can defeat him once, then I could defeat him twice."

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, a smile couldn't help but bloom on Tiande's face. He looked at Zhao Hai and shook his head, "Mister, you don't know much about the Dark God. He calls himself the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. And he isn't the Emperor of the plane. Instead, he is an Expert from a higher realm."

Zhao Hai pretended to be shocked, "Higher realm? There's a plane higher than the Underworld? That's impossible. I have been amassing subordinates ever since I was born. All of them might come from different planes big and small, but none of them described a plane higher than the Underworld!"

Looking at Zhao Hai's reaction, Tiande couldn't help but sneer a little. He said, "Then Mister has misunderstood. The Underworld isn't the highest-level plane. There is a plane much higher, it is a plane called the Immortal Realm!"

"Immortal Realm?" Zhao Hai was startled, he expected Tiande to mention the Cultivation Realm. He didn't think that Tiande would say Immortal Realm, is it a plane higher than the Cultivation Realm?

Tiande looked at Zhao Hai and nodded, "Right, the Immortal Realm. The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor is from that plane. And he isn't an Emperor of that plane, but merely an ordinary expert. In the Immortal Realm, there are a lot more Experts like the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. Also, what Mister fought before isn't the realm Ghost Emperor, but merely his projection. And that projection only had 1% of the real Yin Wind Ghost Emperor's strength."

When he heard this, Zhao Hai could affirm that the Immortal Realm that Tiande was talking about was actually the Cultivation Realm, it was just another name to make it sound imposing. Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and said, "How did Mister know about these matters? How can I be sure that you're not lying to me?"

Tiande looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, "Mister doesn't have to suspect my words. The Neutral Alliance has a backer from the Immortal Realm. It is because of this backer that the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor didn't dare to be ruthless against us."

Although Zhao Hai had already guessed this result, he could still say that he was surprised upon hearing Tiande. Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and said ,"Is that really true?"

Tiande nodded and said, "Of course its true. Our backer is different from the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. While the Ghost Emperor is just an ordinary expert, our backer belongs to a huge group in the Immortal Realm. However, our backer's group isn’t an overbearing influence, but instead a group that focuses on business. The Neutral Alliance is no more than an acquisition point that our backer placed in the Underworld. We aren't even considered a branch. Ninety-nine percent of the things in our hands is useless in the Immortal Realm, this goes to show how little we are in comparison."

Upon hearing Tiande, Zhao Hai knew that this so-called backer was someone from a trading company or something like that. However, the fact that they were able to penetrate the Underworld while having the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor ignore them means that their group is not small in the Cultivation Realm.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and said, "Mister, I don't know how any of these things could be useful to me. Is it because of your backer that I would have to give you face? Mister Tiande, don't forget, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor only gave the Neutral Alliance face because he is from the Immortal Realm. He is afraid that your backer would retaliate against him. However, I'm not from the Immortal Realm. Any person from the Immortal Realm couldn't come here. Even if they are strong, how could they eliminate me? If they really had the ability, then you wouldn't have invited me over. Instead, your backer could just send someone to eliminate me."

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Tiande stared. Zhao Hai's words were on point. Those from the Cultivation Realm couldn't come to the Underworld. If they were able to mobilize the power of the Cultivation Realm, then there wouldn't have any discussion with Zhao Hai, they would have already came and occupied the plane.

Also, Tiande wasn't telling the truth. The Underworld had a lot of things that were valuable to the Cultivation Realm. Otherwise, the forces behind Tiande wouldn’t have risked offending someone like the Ghost Emperor. Even if it was dangerous, they still went forward and made an acquisition point in the plane.

Despite his expression changing, Tiande still said, "Mister, think about the Underworld, this plane is poor in resources. Even if Mister becomes the plane's ruler, what could you gain? Mister will just look at the Dark Mist and Blood Ponds all day. But as long as Mister establishes an alliance with us, then Mister would be able to trade and enjoy the unique items from the Immortal Realm. Mister can eat immortal fruit and drink immortal wine. That is a life a king should live, isn't it?"

Zhao Hai pretended to be distracted, he looked at Tiande and said, "Can I have the good fortune of knowing the name of your backer?"

When Tiande heard Zhao Hai, he couldn't help but feel awkward. He wouldn't dare say the name of their backer. He hesitated for a moment before he finally shook his head, "I'll have to be unfair to mister. I cannot just mention the name of our backers. But Mister can rest assured, every transaction you do will surely be completed."

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and laughed, "Tiande, are you that naive? If I kill you, then what stops your backers from talking to me? Why would they need the Neutral Alliance?"

Chapter 1060 – Tiande's Instruction

When Tiande heard Zhao Hai, he couldn't help but gawk. He looked strangely at Zhao Hai, he didn't expect him to turn ruthless this quickly. The other Under also looked at Zhao Hai with strange expressions, it seems like they were watching a good show.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn't really intend to replace Tiande's position. The reason he acted this way was because he wanted to force Tiande's last hand. Only then would he make a move.

Tiande looked at Zhao Hai, then he suddenly smiled, "Mister Zhao Hai is truly realistic, thinking about this too quickly. However, I would have to disappoint you. Our backers fully support me and would only work with me. Besides me, they wouldn't work with other people. So if Mister really wants to trade with the Immortal realm, then it would be incorrect to dispose of me."

At this time, everyone turned to look at Zhao Hai to see what his next move would be. Zhao Hai looked at these people and smiled, "So you're saying that your backer wanted you to monopolize the transactions in the Underworld?"

Tiande looked at Zhao Hai, his two eyes flashed a cold glint as he replied, "Correct, that is what I am saying." He wanted to give Zhao Hai a lesson. He wanted to let Zhao Hai understand that if Zhao Hao wanted to live a better life in the Underworld, then he would have to rely on the Alliance.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande's expression. He gently sighed as he waved towards Guli and said, "Guli, tell him. We've been playing for some time now, I've run out of patience."

Guli just received Zhao Hai's message mentally, naturally he knows how to respond. He nodded to Zhao Hai and said, "Yes, Young Master." Then he turned to Tiande, "Tiande, the person behind you is too greedy. Also, your understanding of the Young Master is too little. Do you really think that the Young Master is unaware that your Immortal Realm is just the Cultivation Realm? Do you really think that the Young Master is clueless about the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor? The Young Master initially wanted to find out who your backer is, but since you won't tell, the Young Master has lost interest. To be honest, the Young Master's presence in the Underworld is also because of a Cultivator. Our backer is in control of the Divine Realm, the Demon Realm, the Ark Continent, and other big and small planes. Or do you really think that the Young Master reached his current position by relying on his own ability? You want to monopolize the plane's resources? Stop dreaming. The Young Master is here to take the entire Underworld. As for our backer, I have to apologize but I can't tell you. Now, are you ready to die?"

If Lu Wei heard these words, then he would be mad to the point of spitting blood. Zhao Hai just pointed two powerful enemies his way, and these were people who shouldn't be provoked.

Of course, Guli said all these things because Zhao Hai told him to. Zhao Hai was going to put out an arrogant demeanor, showing that someone from the Cultivation Realm was truly behind him. This will prompt Tiande's backers to look into it and bring trouble to Lu Wei.

Now that things had reached this point, even if Lu Wei wanted to explain himself, he wouldn't be able to. From what Zhao Hai can see, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor as well as Tiande's backers weren't pushovers. They wouldn't give Lu Wei any opportunity to explain.

Lu Wei was Zhao Hai's greatest worry. After Zhao Hai enters the Cultivation Realm, Lu Wei would be his greatest threat. After all, Lu Wei had already lost too much face by dealing with Zhao Hai. As long as Zhao Hai ascends, Lu Wei would certainly chase him down.

Because of this, Zhao Hai would take every opportunity to splash filthy water towards Lu wei. If the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor or Tiande's backer kills Lu Wei, then Zhao Hai's greatest threat would be eliminated.

As soon as Tiande and the others heard Guli, they were shocked. Then their expressions changed, they didn't expect Guli to say this.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande's expression and smiled faintly, "Tiande, the Underworld belongs to us. Wanting autonomy is just courting death. In any case, I can't blame you. I will be taking my leave. The next time we meet will be in the battlefield." After saying that, Zhao Hai waved his hand, making a spatial rift appear. The rift took Zhao Hai, Guli, and Jiang Zheng in before vanishing.

Seeing Zhao Hai vanish, Tiande's face turned dark. He can affirm that Zhao Hai was playing with them. The Neutral Alliance had just been played.

Tiande looked at the Undead around him, then he sighed and said, "Everyone, we've been played by Zhao Hai. There's no need to ponder over it, you all go back and prepare. There is going to be a fight. In the meantime, I will relay this matter to the Exalted Immortal. Let's hope that the Exalted Immortal would help us."

The Undead complied before they turned around and left. After seeing that everyone had left, Tiande flew towards the ceiling and knocked on several spots. The ceiling immediately opened up, allowing entry. Tiande proceeded to fly in.

Inside the opening wasn't a large space, just a normal room inside a building. Only a few people knew about this place. But on the floor of the room was a formation. The formation was made out of glowing, glittering stones. With the sparkling light that they were emitting, they looked more attractive than gemstones.

This was a unique stone to the Cultivation Realm called the spirit stone. This formation actually needed spirit stones to function. Besides the formation, there was also a table with a beast skin and bone pen on top.

Tiande went towards the table and then wrote on the beast skin, "My lord, we've found out that Zhao Hai has been sent by someone from the Cultivation Realm. His master has control over the Divine Realm, the Demon Realm, and the Ark Continent that is near the Underworld. As for who the person was, Zhao Hai didn't give any other clue. At this time, Zhao Hai has decided to fight against us. I ask my Lord for guidance."

After he finished writing, Tiande curled the beast skin and then placed it on the formation on the ground. Then he injected his own energy into the formation. After the formation flashed a few times, the curled beast skin disappeared.

Seeing the curled beast skin disappeared, Tiande sighed and said, "This transmission formation is really good. It's a pity that the formation isn't powerful or else I would have returned to the Cultivation Realm. Meanwhile, they could send an expert to deal with Zhao Hai. Leaving us with great resources to sell."

Right, what Tiande just used was a transmission formation. It was a paired formation, specifically used for transport. As long as an energy was provided, the transmission formation would send things towards the formation it was paired with. It would arrive almost instantaneously, it was very convenient.

However, this transmission formation has a weak point, it cannot transport life nor could it send things with spirituality. It can only send 'dead' items. Even if the item had intellect, as long as it possessed spirit, it would be broken by the formation, losing its soul in the process.

Actually, there were transmission formations in the Cultivation Realm that allowed the transport of people. However, this type of formation also had its own weakness, it cannot transport people across planes. Just like in the Underworld, one couldn't send people from the Cultivation Realm  across a transmission formation. It was precisely because of this that Tiande could only send inanimate objects through the formation.

But even if one removes the limitations of the formation, Tiande's hope of sending Experts to deal with Zhao Hai was still impossible; the laws of the plane just wouldn't allow it. One must know that the stronger a person is, the more the plane would want to reject them. Just like travelling from the Divine Realm to the Ark Continent. If a God-rank went to the Ark Continent, they would definitely be repelled by the plane, they wouldn't be able to stay too long in the continent.

This rule would affect the people from the Cultivation Realm more. The difference in strength between the Cultivators and the God-ranks was very huge. Because of this, it was practically impossible for them to step foot in the Underworld. At the same time, if they came, then their strength would have to be reduced to the point where they would be as strong as the Underworld's residents. In this case, nobody from the Cultivation Realm would want to do it. Not only would they be punished by the plane, they would also be taking a risk on their lives.

The reason why the people from the Cultivation Realm only sent incarnations to the lower realms was because these incarnations weren't too strong and wouldn't be punished by the plane.

As for Tiande's existence, it was an expensive matter. Since the transmission formation couldn't transport spiritual beings, the force behind Tiande had to refine his Zombie body first and had it sent to the Underworld. After that, they used a special artifact to send Tiande's soul over. And using the magical connection between the body and soul, Tiande was able to recover his body. This made it possible for Tiande to exist.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor used the same method to send his beast skeletons. This process didn't need transmission formations. Instead, they would use techniques in order to find weak points in the firmament. Then they penetrate these weak points in order to send things through. This method consumed too much resources, therefore not a lot of people could do it.

Chapter 1061 – Response from the Cultivation Realm

Establishing an acquisition point in the Underworld caused Tiande's backer to spend a lot of resources. However, they still had to do it. This was because the Underworld had plenty of treasures that the Cultivation Realm needed.

Normally, lower realms wouldn't have much treasures that Cultivators would fancy. This was because the environment of the Cultivation Realm and lower realms were fundamentally different. Therefore, treasures normally wouldn't appear in the lower realms.

However, the Underworld was different. This was a plane that was bordering pure yin. Such a place could give birth to valuable yin attribute treasures. These treasures has  huge uses in the Cultivation Realm.

Tiande's identity in the Cultivation Realm was a mere battle corpse. However, his backer painstakingly made him go to the Underworld. He was selected because he was fairly weak. And after he was refined to strengthen him a bit, he was sent to the Underworld in order to obtain the plane's treasures.

Tiande's actions in the Underworld were controlled by the person behind him. It was precisely because of this that Tiande was able to direct the Neutral Alliance to do business as well as keep the plane's power balance. His backers were good at this aspect.

However, everything changed with Zhao Hai's arrival. Zhao Hai's strength and the number of his Undead was beyond their imagination. He was able to become a supreme power in the Underworld in a short time. Within that short time, Zhao Hai completely destroyed the calculations that Tiande made. The situation that they had maintained for many years have been completely destroyed.

It was for this reason that they wanted to have a discussion with Zhao Hai, hoping that Zhao Hai would give them autonomy. They thought that Zhao Hai wouldn't have any connections with the Cultivation Realm.

But to their dismay, not only was Zhao Hai connected to the Cultivation Realm, he was also unafraid of gaining more enemies. They didn't think that Zhao Hai would actually dare to be so bold against people from the Cultivation Realm. He was even planning to go against them and contend for the ownership of the Underworld.

Before long, the transmission formation flashed with brilliant lights. A rolled beast skin appeared in the middle of the formation. Tiande immediately took the beast skin and read its contents: "You must protect our position in the Underworld. In a while we would be passing a few weapons to you. Use these weapons to defend against Zhao Hai. It would be best if you could kill him and completely control the Underworld."

At this moment, the formation flashed once more. This time, a pile of weapons appeared. The weapons numbered several hundred. They weren't big, there were swords that were at the size of a hairpin.

However, Tiande knew that these were weapons from an upper realm, and they were very strong. The weapons of the Underworld wouldn't be able to contend against these.

Tiande immediately took the weapons from the formation. After that, the formation flashed once more, another pile of weapons was seen. Before long, Tiande had taken out about 3000 weapons from the formation.

When the transmission formation stopped shining, Tiande took another beast skin and wrote, "My Lord can feel relieved. This subordinate will surely kill Zhao Hai and protect the Underworld."

After sending the beast skin, Tiande took the weapons to the hall below. Then he called over his subordinates and told them about the uses of the weapons. After that, Tiande had the stronger Undead pick the weapons for themselves

Naturally, the Undead wouldn't be polite and picked the weapons they most liked. Although these weapons looked small, they would enlarge as soon as energy was injected to them. Moreover, the Undead didn't need to use their hands to wield the weapons. The weapons could fly in the air and attack enemies from several li(0.5km) away

It can be said that if one's spiritual force was strong enough, then they would be able to send their weapons hundreds of li to kill their enemy. Naturally, the spiritual force needed to control these weapons was quite huge, and the requirements to make it fly was even bigger. Even if these Undead had great weapons, the most they could control the weapons would be several li ahead. Also, they can launch their weapons no more than five times. If they attacked more than that, then the weapon might not be able to return.

But despite these limitations, the weapons still improved their strengths by at least threefold. This was enough to tip the scales of a war.

However, what they didn't know was the fact that everything that just happened had fallen into Zhao Hai's eyes. After vanishing and returning to the Space, Zhao Hai opened the monitor to see what Tiande and the others would do. Zhao Hai believed that after Guli said those words, Tiande would immediately ask for instructions from his backers. And it seems like he guessed correctly. After asking for guidance, Tiande was able to gain a lot of weapons from the Cultivation Realm.

When Zhao Hai saw these weapons, his expression turned dark as he coldly snorted and said, "You want to kill me using those weapons? Continue dreaming."

Laura and the others weren't by Zhao Hai's side, they were still busy with the Processing Machine. However, Zhao Hai didn't care about it. He waved his hand, then a map appeared on the monitor. On this map were small points. These dots were places that Zhao Hai wanted to scour, the places under the Dark Temple where the Heart Defending Clan buried their treasure rooms.

From the inheritance he gained from the giant heart, there were many treasures hidden in the Dark Temple's territory. Some of these treasures were ores while some were plant essences. These things were prepared by the Heart Defending Clan, therefore they wouldn't expire after a long time.

And besides these things, there were five treasure rooms that had magic artifacts inside. However, even if the artifacts were refined to an advanced level, they had yet to undergo the last step, so they were still incomplete.

Zhao Hai also learned the Heart Defending Clan's refinement process. From the clan's records, refining treasures was divided into four stages. These stages were: Smelting, Tempering, Forming, and Spirit Attachment.

Smelting and Tempering were the simplest steps. As long as one had the material, then one could smelt it with the appropriate flame. The length of smelting affected the quality of the weapon.

As for tempering, there were plenty of methods to do so. The simplest way was to use a hammer to temper the metal. But generally, this method could only be applied when making low-level equipment. As for high-level items, one generally used the spiritual force in addition to their own strength in order to temper the materials. Materials hammered using this method would become stronger.

The third step wasn't so simple. If one wanted to make a personalized weapon, then Forming was very important. The weapons used by each person were different. Even if two identical blades were handed to two people, the way they use it would be different. In the end, after numerous uses, the blades would wear in accordance to their user's habits.

If one wanted to make a weapon for himself, then they would need to be careful in the forming process. One must make a weapon that one was accustomed to. This way, one would not need to take a long time to use the weapon to their full potential.

The last step, Spirit Attachment, was the most difficult part in refining weapons. The spirit attached to the weapon would determine its level. Low-level items, categorized as 1st – 3rd level artifacts, couldn’t be attached with spirits. These weapons were limited by their materials. Because of this, artifacts up to the 3rd level were called low-level magic artifacts. The Heart Defending Clan deemed these artifacts as Inferior-grade artifacts.

But starting from the 4th-6th level, artifacts would be able to hold spirits. As for these weapons, only low level spirit souls could be attached. These souls would act just like puppets, listening to any instructions but couldn't think for themselves. Such artifacts were called Intermediate-grade artifacts.

Artifacts on the 7th-9th level were called Advanced-grade artifacts. These artifacts can be attached with high-ranked souls. After Spirit Attachment, these artifacts would have autonomy and would be able to absorb energy from the surroundings. Aside from helping their masters attack, they could also aid their masters in their cultivation. These weapons were very formidable.

Above 7th-9th artifacts were items that were called Great Treasures. These treasures also had spirits inside them. Moreover, the wisdom of these spirits was very high. Great treasures were items that choose their masters instead of the other way around. They were leagues better than 9th-level artifacts. After being made, these treasures would then be able to freely choose their masters. Naturally, creating these Great Treasures needed world-shaking materials as well as difficult manufacturing methods. After years upon years of effort, the Heart Defending Clan managed to make five of these treasures. However, of these five, four of them were destroyed in the great war while the last treasure received great damage. That treasure was the cauldron that was now in Zhao Hai's hands. And since the artifact's spirit was seriously damaged, it can be said that it was an incomplete Great Treasure.

The magic artifacts that the Heart Defending Clan had in their treasure rooms were 7th-9th level artifacts. However, these artifacts didn't have spirits. But once these items undergoes Spirit Attachment, they would then be able to demonstrate the strength of Advanced-grade Artifacts.

From what Tiande told his subordinates, Zhao Hai was able to tell that the weapons sent through transmission formations didn't have spirits inside. In other words, Intermediate-grade and Advanced-grade weapons couldn't be transported. This means that Tiande only had Inferior-grade artifacts in his hands.

Chapter 1062 – A Sigh

The weapons that Tiande acquired were 1st-3rd level artifacts, inferior-grade goods. But despite so, these weapons were still formidable when used in the Underworld.

The materials used by the weapons were different than what Zhao Hai had seen in the Ark Continent or in the Divine Realm. These inferior-grade weapons used very advanced materials, some of which weren't present in the Ark Continent and the Divine Realm.

Despite being inferior-grade weapons, these weapons were sharper than those found in the Ark Continent or the Divine Realm. It can be said that these items were very powerful.

However, Zhao Hai wasn't worried about them. Although the buried treasures of the Heart Defending Clan weren't complete, they were supposedly advanced-grade artifacts. Even if they were semi-finished, this didn't mean that they couldn't be used.

In fact, 1st-3rd level items only underwent the first three methods, there didn't go through the last step. These advanced-grade weapons, although they had no spirit, were still much stronger than their inferior-grade counterparts.

The reason why Zhao Hai decided to take the Heart Defending Clan's buried treasures was because he wanted to completely destroy Tiande.

Originally, Zhao Hai wanted to find these weapons after the Neutral Alliance had been dealt with. But now it seems like this matter needed to be taken care of immediately. Time was running out and Zhao Hai couldn't wait, so he could only use the weapons now.

Although Zhao Hai had the Bone Armor Legion, he was still unsure if the bone armors were capable of blocking these inferior-grade weapons.

Zhao Hai was very clear about Tiande and the others' strength. If it was only them, then he wouldn't have been worried. However, now that these inferior-grade weapons had appeared, Zhao Hai began to feel a headache.

It was obvious that Tiande intended to hand the weapons over to the powerful undead. A team formed by these Undead was a force that shouldn't be underestimated. The purpose of this team was the same as Zhao Hai's Bone Armor Legion. To deal with this group, only something like the Bone Armor Legion would suffice.

However, Zhao Hai doesn't know the attacking prowess of these inferior-grade weapons. If the Bone Legion couldn't stop them, then the Bone Legion would lose a lot. This wasn't what Zhao Hai wanted to see. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to take out the weapons made by the Heart Defending Clan. Magic weapons needed to be dealt with using magic weapons, otherwise Tiande's team would become Zhao Hai's biggest challenger in unifying the Underworld.

Zhao Hai wanted to use the magic weapons to kill Tiande, deal with the Neutral Alliance, and destroy the transmission formation as soon as possible.

For Zhao Hai, the biggest threat wasn't just Tiande. He was afraid of Tiande's backers as well as the transmission formation. If Tiande fails to kill Zhao Hai, then he might send another message to the Cultivation Realm. In turn, this would cause more and more of these inferior-grade weapons to be sent over.

In a battle for attrition, Zhao Hai would certainly suffer a loss. After all, compared to the Cultivation Realm, the things in his hands still fall short. Because of this, Zhao Hai needed to end this matter quickly!

Only after dealing with Tiande and the transmission formation would Zhao Hai be able to break the Cultivation Realm's connection with the Underworld. Only then could the Underworld be his.

Since Zhao Hai was now in complete control of the Dark Temple's domain, he naturally wouldn't be discreet in his search. He dug in the open since the Undead in his domain wouldn't be able to betray him. 

However, this bold and open digging was also still something Zhao Hai had to personally do. This was because the dots on the map didn't represent a position, instead it showed regions of land. If Zhao Hai wanted to find these treasure rooms, then he would have to scour the area himself.

Extracting the treasure wasn't a very difficult matter. The Heart Defending Clan's treasure rooms were prepared for people on their own side. Because of this, there were no mechanisms nor traps on the path to the rooms.

While Zhao Hai went to pick up the treasures himself, he had Addison mobilize the army and station themselves on the border of the Neutral Alliance. Five days later, after Zhao Hai gained the treasures, the army had completely encircled the Alliance.

Zhao Hai's harvest wasn't small. The ores and plant essences that he took from the treasure rooms were all high quality goods. Not only did Zhao Hai gain these things, the Space had also levelled up to 120, it was a huge harvest.

Besides these, Zhao Hai also obtained 10 thousand advanced-grade artifacts. These artifacts were still incomplete, but in the meantime, they were still enough for Zhao Hai to use.

Zhao Hai prepared to hand these magic artifacts over to the Bone Armor Legion. With these weapons, as well as the bone armors, dealing with Tiande's 3000 Undead would be no problem.

Tiande had been in the Underworld for many years. And during this time, he was not worried at all. He knew that although his weapons weren't advanced-grade goods, they were still very useful in the Underworld.

The reason for this strong confidence was the fact that he had been a battle corpse back in the Cultivation Realm. After he was carefully refined, he was still able to maintain his memories. He was clear that magic artifacts were impossible to appear in the lower realms. Because of this, he knew that even 1st-level artifacts were extraordinary treasures in the Underworld. Now that he had 3000 of these artifacts, how could he be afraid of Zhao Hai?

Although Zhao Hai had already surrounded them, Tiande wasn't too worried. Along with his high-ranked Undead, he just continued to look at the army outside the city. Both sides had a lot of undead, enough to blot out the skies. They were now ready to clash.

At this time, Zhao Hai's bone carriage arrived just in front of Dry Bone City. He looked at Tiande on the city wall, he smiled faintly and said, "Tiande, I advise you to surrender. Or else you will surely die." Tiande looked at Zhao Hai with disdain as he coldly snorted and said, "Zhao Hai, stop joking around. You should do the right thing and surrender to the Immortals. Or else, I will make sure that your soul will be crushed."

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and smiled, "Good, good. Let's see who’s souls gets crushed first." After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand and beckoned towards Dry Bone City.

Tiande also waved his hand, making the army behind him charge. Wars of the Undead have always been like this. They rarely did other preparations, everyone just goes into a huge melee. If you lose, you lose. If you win, then you win. The more experience you gained, then the more advantages you would have.

Zhao Hai didn't command the army, this matter has already been handed over to Lizzy and Megan. He was just paying attention to Tiande.

On Tiande's side were several high-ranked Undead. These were the Undead who were armed with the Cultivation Realm weapons. Zhao Hai wanted to wait for them to move, or else they would become a hindrance. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn't anxious to move. He wanted to see when Tiande would begin sending his people, and that would be the time that he would move as well.

Zhao Hai's subordinates were very fierce. Moreover, although the army looked chaotic, with Lizzy and Megan as their commanders, the army was actually very well coordinated. This was very different compared to Tiande's unsupervised Undead.

One side was coordinated while another was disorganized. With both sides having the same strength, victory and defeat could already be seen.

When Tiande saw that his Undead were being pressed by Zhao Hai's, he couldn't sit still anymore. He waved his hand as the 3,000 people team rushed out of the city. Each Undead in this team held magic weapons in their hands. Zhao Hai knew that Tiande's final ace had appeared. It seems like he was planning on using this team to reverse the situation of the war.

As the team rushed out, Zhao Hai waved his hand. Then in front of Tiande's Undead team, the Bone Armor Legion appeared, each one also having magic weapons in their hands. All in all, the legion numbered ten thousand people.

Tiande was anticipating to see his Undead kill in four directions. But now, a team of bone armored soldiers appeared. Tiande stared, especially at the weapons in the hands of the Undead. He couldn't help but feel dizzy.

Tiande didn't expect that, besides him, there was also another person who could obtain magic artifacts. Zhao Hai had artifacts! Moreover, he had more than him!

Tiande suddenly thought about Zhao Hai's background. When he was reminded of this, he couldn't help but feel annoyed. He was too proud to remember this matter.

Besides being annoyed, Tiande was also startled. His backer wasn't just any small power in the Cultivation Realm, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to scare the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, making him keep his hands from the Neutral Alliance. But despite this, they were only able to send 3000 magic artifacts. Such endeavor wasn't cheap. 

And now, Tiande was actually facing a battalion of ten thousand undead, each carrying a magic artifact. Ten thousand magic artifacts, more than three times as many as Tiande's. Who or what was Zhao Hai's backer in the Cultivation Realm? Were they extremely terrifying beings?

At the thought of this, Tiande suddenly lost the mood to stand on the city wall. He had his men defend the wall before he hurriedly left Dry Bone City.

Tiande was now planning to return to Holy Bone City and pass the information over to his backers. However, he didn't know that Zhao Hai noticed him leaving. Although the battle was very lively, Zhao Hai didn't make a move. He focused all of his attention to Tainde. Now that Tiande was planning to depart, Zhao Hai's figure also disappeared from sight.

Tiande was currently flying, burning with impatience. He knew that he would certainly suffer defeat, and it would be a disastrous one. After seeing the enemy take out 10 thousand magic artifacts, he knew that he would have no chance to change the situation.

At this time, Tiande was hoping that Zhao Hai's attention would be placed on the battlefield. This way, he would be able to reach Holy Bone City smoothly and relay the news to his backers.

Holy Bone City wasn't that far from Dry Bone City. In order to cope with Zhao Hai, the alliance had concentrated their military force. At this time, the Neutral Alliance only had 10 cities under their control. These cities formed a circular defense system with Holy Bone City in the middle.

Because of this, it wouldn't take long for one to reach Holy Bone City using flight. Upon seeing Holy Bone City's walls, Tiande couldn't help but relax a bit.

But at this time, Tiande suddenly heard a sigh. His heart contracted, he listened and noticed that this sigh belonged to Zhao Hai. Then along with this sigh, a spatial rift appeared a hundred meters away. Zhao Hai's figure was seen walking out from the spatial rift.

After seeing Zhao Hai, Tiande's heart sank. He pulled his own sword out and pointed it towards Zhao Hai, "Zhao Hai, do you really want us to fight?"

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and smiled, "Tiande, do you really think that I would give you an opportunity to report? You and I should know that we are just pawns, the real fight isn't between us. Since my lord wants me to unify the Underworld, then I naturally wouldn't want to make any mistakes. Otherwise, I would have a hard time explaining. I wouldn't just let you report back to your superiors or else it might bring trouble to my lord. Because of this, you need to die today!"

Tiande's heart sank deeply. He knew that today was his end. But then, he noticed that Zhao Hai was alone. As long as he can kill Zhao Hai, then everything else would be easy to do.

After thinking of this, Tiande sneered and said, "Zhao Hai, you really overestimate yourself, you even pursued me alone. Let me tell you this, I am from the Cultivation Realm. My body has been refined by my master, so I am far from an ordinary undead. It is you who will die today!"

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande with curiosity, "Really? Then prove it."

Zhao Hai's figure moved and proceeded to charge Tiande.

At the same time, Tiande gave out a grunt before throwing out his own sword. Despite seeing this, Zhao Hai didn't stop. Instead, Zhao Hai's body was suddenly wrapped by a layer of bones!

Clang! A loud sound was heard as Tiande's flying sword hit Zhao Hai's bone armor. But to Tiande's surprise, the bone armor was actually able to successfully defend. The flying sword unexpectedly wasn't able to puncture through the bone armor!

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